Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cut My Apps HD

Maybe you have been frustrated the way that your app drawer for iPad apps is constantly getting filled up, causing you to need to delete a bunch of free apps that you had installed. Cut My Apps HD Download
This is all fine and good, however, if you want to delete those free apps from your iPad storage, you must delete those one by one.
This can be rather annoying for some of us, and it definitely was so for the author of a new game for the iPad called "Cut My Apps HD".
As the author of the app has described, he made the app as a way of releasing frustration over the fact that there was no easy way, to delete apps in bulk on iOS. So he did the next best thing, and that was to make a game that you could cut up apps for points, fun and glory. Cut My Apps HD Review

Kung Food Fighter

If you have played the genre of the game available on the iTunes store such as Ninja Fruit, then you are familiar with the slash and score format. Kung Food Fighter Download
Usually in these kinds of games, you are expected to slice the fruit up while at the same time avoiding the dreaded bomb which will prematurely end your game.
Now there is a new game available on the iTunes store called Kung Food Fighter, and it takes a familiar game style and shoots it into overdrive with a simple game playing mode, which is to score as many points as possible by slicing fruit without having to worry about the bomb factor.
Playing this game, you will not have to worry about your game round ending prematurely, which many find to be irritating. With Kung Food Fighter, all you need to do is to slice as many fruits as possible within 89 seconds. Kung Food Fighter Review

FaceMash Celebrity Edition

So do you think you know your favourite celebrities? Are you spending a lot of time reading about celebrities? Can you not get enough celebrity information? FaceMash Celebrity Edition Download
Well now it is time to put what you know about celebrities to the test, with a unique and interesting game available on the iTunes store called Celebrity FaceMash.
Celebrity FaceMash at it's core, is a "match the face to a celebrity" style of game, but here is the twist: All of the celebrity faces in this game are a combination different celebrity faces mashed together. You need to guess each of the celebrities correctly to progress in the game.
When you first start the game, you are prompted with some nice looking graphics to either start playing by tapping the Play button, or to go to the Shop. The Shop contains links to in-app purchases including 20 hint, 50 hint, 100 hint and "unlock all levels" items. If you want to start playing, and start guessing celebrities, then you tap the Play button to start. There are a whopping 240 celebrities to guess, so this is a good time killer app also. FaceMash Celebrity Edition Review

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Clips HD - YouTube Music TV

With Android mobile devices becoming so sophisticated these days, they actually are replacing the traditional iPod or MP3 players. Clips HD - YouTube Music TV Download
With a 32 GB memory card, you can store many thousands of songs downloaded from the Internet, and then listen to those tunes over and over again to your hearts content. So the question is, what could make this music listening paradise even better?
The answer just might be Clips from BoomFox. Clips is a revolutionary new application for the Android mobile operating system and is compatible with many different Android mobile phones and tablets.
Clips, allows you to listen to the music that is stored on your mobile phone or mobile device and then it searches YouTube automatically and allows you to watch music videos, so you don't have to go out and search for similar songs based on your musical tastes, now this process is automated for you. Clips HD - YouTube Music TV Review

Buzz Launcher Beta

Now that, you have that nice, fancy new android telephone, you might, want to spice up your telephone by changing the home screen, but you don't want to go through all of the complicated settings involved in changing out the look, the background image etc. Buzz Launcher Beta Download
Now you can change your phones appearance in only a few steps, and you can choose from thousands of home screens that have been shared by others in the android community.
Regarding the home screens, there is a super huge variety to choose from. There is over 10,000 different home screens that you can browse on the included Homepack Buzz Service. Installation is dead simple, simply by selecting the home screen that you want to implement to your device, and within five seconds, the home screen is downloaded and installed to your device automatically. Buzz Launcher Beta Review

a Bot Adventure

Do you like bot and mech games? Do you have an Android smartphone and want to spend a little time (or a lot of time) marching a bot around and tackle adventurous worlds, where only a well played bot can survive? If you want to experience a good game that has a bot theme and style of play, then I suggest you check out a new game for Android devices 2.1 and up. a Bot Adventure Download
The game is called "A Bots Adventure - The first three chapters" and it is basically a game of bot building, where you first are expected to build a bot and then guide that bot through some adventure worlds, smashing up everything that comes your way. a Bot Adventure Review

Shiny Pearls

New to the iPhone gaming scene is a wonderful new entry: Shiny Pearls. Shiny Pearls is a well thought out game of color matching and strategy, where the player must achieve color star combinations to score points and progress through levels of gameplay. Shiny Pearls Download
The game is set as you might expect, in the ocean, where you are surrounded by a sea of pearls, and your object is to shoot up rows of brightly colored stars to create multiple combinations of colors. You might think something of a Galaga style game play where your character, a friendly looking octopus shoots bubbles upwards towards the stars to make them change color. In addition, the rows of stars which advance are also containing friends of the little octopus. Shiny Pearls Review

iScare Pranks

If you like to play pranks on your friends or relatives, then I have a new app to tell you about, designed for the iPhone and iPad, that is available on the iTunes Store as a free download. iScare Pranks Download
The app name is called iScare Prank, and it is one of the best prank style games I have seen yet.
When you first start the game, you are prompted with an information display that warns you not to let or other individuals who may have a real weakness for these kinds of prank games.
The reason why, perhaps, is that these prank games are designed to scare the unsuspecting and make them jump in their pants (or something else). iScare Prank is no exception, and the primary purpose of the game, is to scare someone after they have been looking closely at a puzzle for a while. iScare Pranks Review

Friday, May 24, 2013

Crystal Balls

After the success obtained in Nokia and Blackberry platforms, Crystal balls finally comes to Android. Crystal Balls Download
Crystal Balls is a simple and addictive match 3 puzzle game where you will find lots of fun and challenges. If you like matching games, we recommend this fantastic game! Matching three balls of the same color is the basis of the game, while matching four or more balls makes you earn bonus points.
When you start the game you will see a ball moving from side to side, the goal is to make this ball lands on top of other balls, combining three or more balls of the same color makes the balls explode.
You make the ball fall by tapping on the screen, but the moving ball can also drop if you do not tap on the screen before traveling two times from side to side. Every time you combine three or more balls you will see a progress on the right bar, you will complete the level when this bar fills. This game is great, so try it and have some fun! Crystal Balls Review

Sunday, May 19, 2013


For some time now, I have been a fan of Netflix, with its massive library of my favourite television shows and movies, all within a tap or two on my iPad. Readr App Download
I think that Netflix was revolutionary for this style of instant, online media consumption on demand and that is why I am surprised that the idea has taken so long to arrive for other kinds of media, specifically news and print media, such as online newspapers and magazines. 
This has all changed, however, with the introduction of a new application called Readr, which is available now for the iPad and is a free download in the Apple iTunes store. So what is Readr? Readr is an app that allows you to browse hundreds of magazines, just as you might browse magazines in a large department store or bookshop. Readr Review

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Janken Game

I think everyone has played the game "Paper – Rock – Scissors", but a new app available for iPhone and iPad takes this timeless Japanese game and brings it into the modern world with real punch. Janken Game Download
Normally in this kind of reviews I like to describe how the game is played, but of course, if you have ever played "Paper – Rock – Scissors", then you know how to play this game already.
There is the basic mode (the original) which has you matched up against the computer CPU, and your objective is to win four rounds so that you can start to unlock achievements within the game. The gameplay is pretty basic, when you start the game, you have the option to choose either paper, rock or scissor, and then the computer will make its choice, and the winner will be decided at random. Janken Game Review

Monday, May 13, 2013

Eyes - the horror game

I have always been a fan of horror games, the latest port of the indie game "Eyes the Horror Game" is no exception.
This game is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and it blends intuitive game controls, with a vast sound effects lineup and fun gameplay. Let's take a look and see how to play the game. Eyes - the horror game Download
When you first begin the game, you are giving instruction to collect money bags, which have been placed, throughout a haunted house. In the first level, you must collect all 20 bags before you are allowed to proceed to the next level. The bags are placed inside of cabinets, chests and other objects, so you must investigate all objects that you encounter in your path. Eyes - the horror game Review

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orion Attack pocket

If you are looking for a full 3d - graphically appealing - "fast and blast" tower defence game, "Orion Attack" can give you many hours of pure fun with meticulously built levels, stunning audio tracks and strategic and challenging gameplay. Orion Attack pocket Download
Alien invaders have come to steal all our gold and you, commander, are one of the few survivors who can stop them.
Prevent the steal of the ingots to win the match and unlock the next level and new features. Hundreds of waves.
Thousands of ufos / ground troops / mystic aliens will flood your iPad Screen and only quick thinking and fast tapping will help. Player can adjust level of difficulty on the way, by reducing or increasing the game speed or changing the frequency of the waves arrival during the match. Orion Attack Review

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Foosball Classic

Foosball Classic is fast-action foosball game with 3D physics and a unique control mode that allows you to roll your device just as you were rolling the table's real handle. Foosball Classic Download
The gameplay is hard to master, but it's quite fun once you get use to its logic.
For those who found it too difficult to control, there's also an option for traditional touch operation, sliding up and down to move the players, and left-right to perform shoots and passes.
There's also an hybrid combination where you can slide up and down to move the players, and quickly roll the device for wild shooting. The game is played following the rules of a real foosball table, so once the match starts, you and your opponent count with a limited number of balls (3, 5 or 7), that you must get into the opponent's goal line before he scores on yours. Foosball Classic Review

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fight Trainer

Fight Trainer is pretty small but very addictive arcade game. Fight Trainer Download
It is more like a tool to train your reaction and agility. These properties could be useful in other games too. The game has dojo style with different additional mechanical tools and trainers that allow making exercises much more tough and dangerous. Game has vivid graphics.
In-game menus try to create martial arts atmosphere and get you in the fighting mood. There are three training modes. The first is Storm of Blades. Fight Trainer Review

Starblaze Confront

Set in a distant future where man has forsaken the shattered earth in favor of new planets, Starblaze Confront from RelicPlay is an old-school 2D-style shooter with a musical score composed exclusively for the game by Shannon Mason. Starblaze Confront Download
You assume the role of a lone bounty hunter, engaging in intense scenarios as you trek the star system. The game offers a wide variety of missions.
While in the common missions you find yourself face-to-face with an enemy ship that needs to be battled, other missions have you chase missiles, taking down fortresses, or racing through asteroid belts.
Briefings and cut-scenes in-between missions move the story forward. This is also where you may upgrade or repair your ship during the course of the game. Currency is obtained by completing certain key missions. Starblaze Confront Review

Car Park Control

Car Park Control puts you in control of a variety of very cute cars by simply drawing a path for them to follow to their destination parking spot outside of an indicated shop. Car Park Control Download
After the driver has entered and left the shop, it will be time for the car to leave the area. Now you will draw your path to an exit indicated by a nice green arrow. Sounds simple right? And it is... very simple to play in fact.
But it does get challenging and quickly too. Your brain will soon be ticking over at a frantic pace as you try to keep track of the all the cars comings and goings and of course where there might be a collision, so you can try to avoid the disaster and shame of it all. Car Park Control Review

Alien Space Train

Alien Space Train is a highly challenging puzzle/arcade game for Android, from new company Burningood Ltd. Alien Space Train Download
The underlying concept is a sliding block puzzle with the objective to build the track and guide one or more trains safely to exits. If that was all there was to offer it would be much the same as various games from the past, present, and almost certainly the future.
With Alien Space Train, this is where any such similarity ends. Built on top of the basic puzzle element much more gaming is on offer, starting with turntables and directional points that the player can switch between different states. Trains must pick up passengers who provide keys to unlock the exits. Alien Space Train Review

4x4 Adventures

4x4 Adventures takes a fresh look look at the world of offroad racing. 4x4 Adventures Download game
Created by an off-road enthusiast, this game draws a lot of inspiration from the fun, challenges, frustration and finally the euphoric sense of achievement and satisfaction of overcoming seemingly impassable trails in an offroad vehicle.
Out in the wilderness, there are no stars to collect and you can't travel at 100mph, it's all about getting home in one piece.
Starting with an old 2wd car, the player enters trails with the goal of achieving medals and trophies to earn cash to buy new, more capable vehicles and upgraded parts to tackle more and more treacherous terrain. 4x4 Adventures Game Review

Galactic Invasion

You’re on solo deep space patrol in the Zeta quadrant when you encounter the first lone scout of a galactic invasion force. Galactic Invasion Download
Backup is light years away and only you stand between this invading menace and the destruction of the galaxy. Inspired by arcade legends Space Invaders and Galaga, Galactic Invasion brings a classic arcade experience to the Android platform.
In Galactic Invasion you control a futuristic space fighter, facing wave after wave of enemy invaders. The invasion begins slowly as you encounter solo scout fighters and small sorties. Galactic Invasion Game Review

Hanuman Game

Hanuman Mission Sanjeevani is based on Indian mythological character of Hanuman a monkey god. Hanuman Game Download
Hanuman is supposed to be a strong warrior who is pure at heart and is a devote of Rama. Hanuman helps Rama in the war of Lanka to secure release of Sita from the clutches of the evil Rakshasa called Ravana. In the war of Lanka, Rama’s brother Lakshmana is grievously injured.
The physicians advise Rama that only Sanjeevini herb in Himalayas can save Lakshmana. Hanuman is summoned by Rama to help save his brother Lakshmana by bringing the herbs from Himalayas. Hanuman Game Review

Bees Gone Bonkers Full

Bees Gone Bonkers is a physics-based game with an incredibly simple goal and increasingly challenging levels. Bees Gone Bonkers Full Download
It's a perplexing cross between arcade and puzzle, a game where the player excels either through opportunistic patience and strategy, or with a quick finger and reflexes. The beauty of its gameplay lies in how it accommodates different play styles, making it suitable for gamers of many tastes and ages.
The game controls are quite intuitive: touching and holding the screen spawns a circle that keeps growing at a steady rate while you hold it. Bees Gone Bonkers Full Review

Word Hunt - Word Search

Looking for a fun game that is entertaining and exercises the mind? Word Hunt Word Search Download
If so, here is one that you will enjoy. Word Hunt – Word Search is a word puzzle game created by Learning Gems. The game offers a fresh look to the classic word search games. This app features a cool steam punk graphic theme with great sound effects. The game play has three difficulty levels of word search puzzles ranging from easy, medium and hard.
The level of difficulty that you choose will determine if the amount of tiles in the grid. All of the levels are timed and letter tiles in the grid are 8 x 8 for easy, medium is 10 x 10 and hard is 12 x 12. Word Hunt Word Search Review

D Crypt Pro Word Game

D Crypt Word Game brings you the experience of puzzle magazine cryptogram solving fun to your tablet or phone without the ugly pencil erasure marks! D Crypt Pro Word Game Download
The game allows you to choose to solve a cryptogram quote or a cryptogram word list. If you select a cryptogram quote, you then can select the author of the quote. There are quotes from funny people like Will Rogers, Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Bob Hope.
If you select a word list you then can decide if you want the list of words to be associated with a Person, Place or Thing. All sorts of subjects and people to choose from. Once you have selected what type of cryptogram you want to solve, the game displays the quote or word list along with a "letter board". D Crypt Pro Word Game Review

Friday, May 3, 2013


Preferans is a highly intellectual trick taking card game. Preferans Download
While there are many known variations of Preferans our application supports three most popular flavours. The game is played by 3 players with 32-card traditional deck from sevens to aces. Player scores are kept on a score board called the pool. The game purpose is to maximize your own score leaving the other 2 player scores as low as possible.
A number of sets played during one game depend on the game flavour and the pool limit. At the beginning of a set, players are dealt 10 cards each by the dealer, who changes clockwise in the next set. Preferans Review


This truly unique app is best described as an integrated synthesis between arcade-quality gameplay and scientific encyclopedia, with the intention of inspiring a fascination with insects and their relationship to a variety of life science subjects. This full version has the levels available depending upon completion. Isopod Download App
Playing the game is instant access to fun: The Isopod rolls up into ball and is then controlled by accelerometer-based "tilt-physics" that transforms the android into a game controller. As the user rolls and bumps their way through levels, new environments filled with indigenous creatures appear. Isopod Review

Happy Chick Adventures

Happy Chick Adventures is a classic left to right Platform game designed to cater for all ages. Happy Chick Adventures Game Download
The overall strategy, design and crisp graphics will most certainly appeal to children & adults. The primary focus is on sheer ‘playability’ and not to too much by way of story lines providing an arcade style, much like the old classics.
The scenario for the first world is set in an Arctic environment providing snow, ice and water hazards and including a cute array of enemies ranging from animated penguins to snowball throwing polar bears and slippery artic snakes to frozen bees.
Happy Chick will also embark on two additional worlds, soon to be released which consist of a Hillside world and a Desert world. In the new worlds Happy Chick has a new outfit suited to the theme of the each world. Happy Chick Adventures Review

Artist's Eye

Drawing is a form of visual expression and is one of the major forms within the visual arts. Artists Eye Download App
Artists Eye is one of ten finalists for being most innovative app of the year at BestAppEverAwards http://www.bestappever.com/android/v/iapp
There are several categories of drawing, including figure drawing, cartooning, doodling and shading. There are also many drawing methods, such as line drawing, stippling, shading and tracing (drawing on a translucent paper, such as tracing paper, around the outline of pre-existing shapes that show through the paper).
Learning to draw develops observational skills, hand-eye coordination and patience. It gives a person an immediate way to see accomplishment for hard work. It shows that improvement will come with dedicated practice. Artists Eye Review

Travel journals and Travel photos

Travel journals & Travel photos is the app you need to keep tracks of your journey and to share it with your friends, family or with everyone. During your trip you will be able to create your travel journal, add text and photos. Travel Journals and Travel Photos Download App
Photos and places are automatically geolocalized if your device has a GPS and if you allow the app to use it. Otherwise you will have to localize your events by entering an address.
Geolocalization functionality is very useful to display your trip on a map. If you just want to add and share photos of your trip, you can simply create a photo album. Invite your friends and relatives to follow you during your trip and to add comments. Travel Journals and Travel Photos Review

Learn Spanish by Video Free

A person's capacity to absorb information is greatest from a real life visual way. Learn Spanish by Video Download App
So the best way to learn a language is to see and hear via videos. There are over 200 high quality videos sourced from YouTube by professional Spanish language teachers and structured into themes and level.
For example the chapter on food and drink will have a video on food vocabulary, a video on drink vocabulary, a video on quantities (e. g. a can of, some), a video to express likes/dislikes, a video on ordering at restaurants and commands. With each video being done by different native speakers the student is exposed to different accents, styles and cultures. Learn Spanish by Video Review

Words Builder

Words Builder is a logical game for those who likes puzzles with words searching and games like Jewels at the same time. Words Builder Game Download
The game is played on a 6x7 board of letter tiles. The goal of the game is to build a maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals, in a certain time. Unlike others word-finding puzzles each step of this game consists of two stages.
At the first stage you can swap (up to three times) letters that are adjacent horizontally or vertically. At the second one you can build words from available letters. Words Builder Game Review

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jackpot Words

Jackpot Words a unique blend of a classic word game and a slot machine. Jackpot Words Game Download
Your goal is to create as many words as possible in 5 minutes. Each letter is associated with a symbol from a slot machine. Get three cherries and win extra coins. Get four diamonds and you hit the jackpot! Every time you start a new game, a random board is created.
Each board has a unique set of words and symbols. As you play, you can advance in levels. The higher the level, the bigger the payouts.
The best thing about Jackpot Words is that it ads a whole new dimension to playing word games. You really have to think in order to create the right combos and win Jackpots. If you create long words, using more than 5 letters, you get an additional long-word bonus. Jackpot Words Game Review


Lexigo is a head-to-head word game for iOS and Android made by Canadian developer Wiggles 3D Games.
It is a competitive word puzzle game where players compete to lay down the longest words they can. A player wins by laying down all of the tiles from their bank of letters. Lexigo Game Download
Players spell words by tracing a path through a honeycomb grid of letters As players lay down more of the hexagon-shaped letter tiles the grid expands and there are more paths and possibilities to spell words.
There is a twist -- as you wind your way through the grid, the last letter of your word will be the first letter of the word you spell on your next turn! Watch the video for Lexigo if you want to get a good sense of the gameplay, look of the game and different features of Lexigo. Lexigo Game Review

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jump Shot

Jump Shot is a platforming game that uses your device’s accelerometer to control the direction of your character. Jump Shot Download
In Jump Shot you will begin at a start point near the bottom of the screen and you’ll need to keep jumping from platform to platform to stay above the bottom of the screen which the level will progressively move towards. If you’ve played Doodle Jump then you’ll notice the similarities right away.
Jump Shot does have its difference though, and unlike Doodle Jump, Jump Shot has a free lite version with ads. Jump Shot is split into three different game modes; campaign, freeplay and survival. Jump Shot Review

Kick it out

The Multiplayer Online Football Manager for Smartphones Since May 2012, Kick it out!, the successful multiplayer online football manager for smartphones, is also available on iPhone and iPad. Kick it Out Download
As a cross platform game, Kick it out! now can be played for free on all important smartphone platforms. The game itself is designed to be played immediately.
Managers can start playing friendlies by touching simple menu icons, or join different ty pes of tournaments (they can create their own tournaments) or one of the leagues.
Playing with friends is easy using the built-in buddy list. Kick it out! (founded in 2010) is one of the most successful sports game apps on Google Play and was ranked first place by 24android. The game is localized to several languages like english, german, spanish and Italian. Kick it Out Review