Monday, June 30, 2014

Anthill Defenders

An anthill is everything for its inhabitants. They will fight for it till their last breath. Anthill Defenders is an addictive and colorful Tower Defense game with great animations and challenging difficulty.


Worker and Light Soldier - simple but very dedicated protectors Heavy Soldier - two-handed warrior Spitter - spits on three enemies simultaneously Ranger - flying and attacking enemies continuously Wizard - uses Ice, Fire and Poison damage depending on an enemy's resistance Queen - attacks every enemy simultaneously The game starts with two defenders and unlocks others after finishing the level.

Each defender can be enhanced twice . You can sell a defender at any time and buy another one. At the end of each level you will have to defeat a powerful boss to unlock next level.

Anthill Defenders is a must have game for Tower Defense fans! Tower Defense game from a tiny game studio made with passion.

Football Run - Brazil 2014

Welcome to the fastest football game for Android smartphones and tablets.
Run with the ball and pass all opponents who want to tackle you.
Feel the excitement!
Every step is a step closer to the final match.
Are you fast enough?
Try to become the best and reach the top of worldwide leader boards!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tennis Scout PRO Score Keeper

Are you fond of playing tennis games? Then it is assured that you would love to install it on over your cell phone as well.
The craze for playing tennis is seen quite commonly among females or youngsters, who wish to enjoy this game in school during their free time.
It is quite an interesting game, which mainly requires two or more players. If played physically, it is actually an indoor game requires well-designed sturdy court with an excellent pair of rackets and ball.


Dog Fight

If you are fond of action packed games, then you cannot resist downloading Dog Fight that challenges the players to great online battle experience.
The exclusive game can be played either alone or with a group of multiple-players who give them an exciting platform to pass their free time happily. The game is easily available for download on android and iOS compatible devices.
 The games begin with the concept of fighter plan juggling to overcome different training levels from the basic to advanced level.


Kids Connect the Dots

If you are looking for a set of educational games for your children, Kids Connect-the-dots turns out to be a blessing in disguise for you.
An exclusive collection of dotted images gives children a great platform to test their learning abilities at large. Its free to download version for android games contains a set of 25 images includes alphabets, numbers, and letters with user-friendly and subtle functions.
Every child who enters playschool should get a chance to interact and learn many things that he virtually tries to share with their family and friends. Kids Connect-the-dots is an enticing game loved by all children falling within the age group of 2 to 7 years.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It is majorly suitable for electronic or digital gadgets of iOS 7.0 series. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod, the TimePlace has proven to be a customer-friendly application resolving a high number of research queries for users. The respective application provides easy browsing and navigation to the real world of place and time. The application provides access to over one million events browsing to choose from. Whether you want to make an exclusive search of festival dates, meetings, workshops, fitness activities, restaurants and more, Timeplace becomes the best researching tool to facilitate easy and direct navigation to the prospective research. It is an excellent application to share with friends, ticket buying or addition into the calendar to yield better search results. It is a free application.

Digging Deep

 If you are fond of playing, block games, then Digging Deep is the ideal game for you. It is an exclusive mobile game application, which is Android and iPhone compatible, giving the user an adventurous experience to have a gala time with friends and family. Theapplication is simple to install and swift navigation process help anyone to enjoy the game.It is an infinite block digging game enjoyed by many fast trappers and crazy diggers.
A proper understanding of these characters is needed to understand the series of game and to easily play it. Eva, the sister of Guidance is specially gifted with Decoy with which she fights the enemy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Criss Cross Puzzle

Fit numbers or pictures into the game grid. A fun puzzle game with easy rules. It means you can start playing immediately. Use your skill to find the correct place for each sequence of numbers or pictures.
• Play an unlimited number of different puzzles!!
• Choose from a selection of different images (digits, safari, pets etc. See the screen shots).
• Two easy ways to fill in the grid, drag-and-drop or "swipe and select".
• Multiple difficulty options. Start with easier puzzles. Then change the settings to play more challenging puzzles.
• Game contains achievements integrated into Google Play's "Game Services".
• Designed for fun games from the smallest mobile phones up to the largest tablets.
You can configure:
1) Grid size
Specify exactly how many columns and rows to use (from 3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 10x13) are possible.
2) Screen layout
Choose how much screen space for the grid and how much for the word list, using our unique movable split bar.
3) Difficulty Settings
Change the difficulty of the puzzles, from easy to very difficult.
4) Themes
Choose the images used in the game, or the app itself can choose a random theme for each game.
5) Orientation


Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is a delightful all-ages squirrel game about a cheerful little flying squirrel – aptly named “Squirly” – who lives in a magical and happy forest with his other squirrel friends.
One day, he’s suddenly swooped up by an angry bird. Bravely, Squirly manages to fight himself loose –

except that instead of falling back into his forest home, he’s plunged into an unfamiliar jungle full of snakes and monkeys! Your task is to help Squirly dodge the snakes, monkeys and big tree branches, so that he can escape the jungle and make his way back to the magical and happy forest -- where he’ll be reunited with his squirrel friends and other squirrels.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All-in Poker Pro

Welcome to All-in Poker Pro! Based on Texas hold 'em, this is a variation of the standard card game of poker. Texas hold 'em consists of two cards (hole cards) being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face-up by the dealer—a series of three ("the flop") then an additional single card ("the turn" or "fourth") and another additional card ("the river" or "fifth street")—with players having the option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal. In all betting structures, each player has three to four options: fold, check (not always an option), call, or bet/raise.


Twenty One Pro Game

TwentyOne Pro has no ad banners and never any cost to buy more chips! TwentyOne Pro offers additional features over the Lite version including Hi-Opt I & Hi-Opt II Counting systems, Advice, and Splits.

TwentyOne Pro helps you learn card counting techniques for Blackjack using 2-6 decks and multiple simulated players. Basic card counting assigns a positive, negative, or zero value to each card value available. When a card of that value is dealt, the count is adjusted by that card's counting value. Low cards increase the count as they increase the percentage of high cards in the remaining shoe, while high cards decrease it for the opposite reason.

TwentyOne Pro features 3 card Counting systems including a multi-level advanced system. TwentyOne Pro allows you to show or hide the card count at the touch of a button to test how well you are learning the systems.

Download here

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jam City Basketball

uring my life, I observed that there are two most popular sports for children in schools, football and basketball. Almost all urban schools that I have encountered at least definitely has a basketball court that is coupled with a mini football pitch. Well because football themed mobile game has been frequently discussed, now turn the basketball branch I get a chance to discuss. 

Download the Game     

Highway Rider

f you like to play racing game, perhaps you need to try this awesome game named Highway Rider. Highway Rider is an okay and exceedingly dynamic hustling runner diversion for Android where you will need to turn into a handy rash biker who will be driving about the highways and city roads and doing tricks or getting away from police.

Download the Game 

Masters of Solitaire

Who doesn’t love a fun solitaire game?
There was a time way back than in the period of Windows 95 and 98, when Solitaire was one of the most played PC games. It was so popular because it was free with Windows. However, people started to enjoy this game and played even at work to relax a bit. As a classic card game that we’re all in love with, the “just one more try” game of solitaire has always been difficult to avoid.
At the start of the game, first you need to login or register to play the game. Steps to register are simple, just fill in your player name and password and you are ready to start.
Download the Masters of Solitaire   

God Toys Game

Have you ever thought about how God did create the world, human being and other animals, light, sun and sky? According to the Bible, he created them all in 7 days with real love and temptation.
Anuloid games has made a great game giving you a chance to create the world from tiny atom to a giant sun, Niagara falls, mountain Ararat, Amazon and more. First of all before starting the game it would be grateful if you could make love with all the things around you and think how much they are blessed to you.