Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Quadratum is a fast paced puzzle game.
The goal of this game is to collect the highest number of squares in your color. To do that you have to select a color which is next to your current set of blocks. At the end of the game the person with the largest number of squares wins. 
Download app here!
This is a puzzle game, so you have to pay close attention and choose the right color to maximize the number of squares you occupy.
If you choose wrong, then your rivals can move in and take the squares for themselves. You can choose to play Quadratum with two or four players depending on how fast you want the game to go.
Two player games progress very rapidly since there are fewer players to wait on to take their turn. At the start of the game all of the players are given one square with a flag on it, and the object is to connect that square to other squares.
The game board is a mixture of different color squares and at each turn players choose a color and if there are squares of the color next to their current collection of squares, their lot changes colors and expands to include the new squares. The gameplay is very fast paced, so players can play through multiple levels in a short period of time. After a few rounds, this game becomes very addictive and it is hard to quit playing. There is always a section of black squares in the middle of the board that players have to work around because they cannot be combined with your section of squares. Quadratum Game Review


Stringnote is an app designed to help people remember important things. To use this app you have to create an Evernote account online to save your notes to. The Stringnote app keeps up with how many “strings you have tied” and tells you the date and time of when your last note or reminder was saved.
Download app here!
To save a note all you have to do is press the power button on your phone twice and then click save, and it will automatically send your reminder to your Evernote account.
You also have the option to take a picture through the app and record fifteen seconds of audio which will both be sent to your Evernote account along with your note. You can easily access all of your notes on your phone or computer.
If you snap pictures on Stringnote you can later save them to your computer from your Evernote account which is great for creating memory albums. Remembering important things has never been easier thanks to Stringnote. Stringnote Review

Friday, July 20, 2012

UniScan by

Uni Scan is a revolutionary app, available on many different platforms (Lite version is free from the Apple App Store, paid version available on the App Store and Play Store for Android), that scans any and all forms of ID.
Download app here!
Just open your app, wait for it to load (only takes a few seconds), then aim the 2-D code on the back of your ID towards the device’s camera. Click on scan and you’re done! Uni Scan will give you the name, full address, expiry date and ID number registered to this driver’s licence, student ID card, state IDs and many other types of ID cards.
Most importantly, you will see a huge 2-digit number on the right hand side. Yep, that’s your age. This way anyone that scans your ID will know exactly how old you are, and whether you are old enough to even be standing in front of them.
Not even Paintbrush can save you now. This app is perfect for those who work at nightclubs especially. We all know that teenagers are constantly trying to evade the law by attempting to get into nightclubs before they’re allowed.
Download Uni Scan today and ensure your business will never get fined for serving underage kids. Uniscan Review

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tip-Off BasketBall

Tip off Basketball comes from the developers IOPixel and is a little gem of an app! Download app here!
There are a lot of basketball games on the market so I was not expecting to be as impressed as I was with this game. Once I started to play I became so engrossed I could not put it down. It really is a work of genius. To start with the game can be played in two different contents which are career and network.
The career content is massive! From what I could gather there are in excess of 40 stages and you have to attain achievements and these hit the 100 figure mark easily.
The game gets the adrenaline pumping and you really connect with it. The second mode available is the network mode. In this mode you can challenge other players. It is better to polish up your skills first of all in the career mode but once you learn the basics you can try and beat the other players which is really great fun and brings out your competitive side.
All in all this is a fabulous game. I could not put it down. If you have an addictive personality then say good bye to your life ! Tip-Off Basketball Game

Junaio - Augmented Reality Browser

Junaio is a handy little app released by the creators Metaio inc. Download app here!
Junaio is a reality browser and after spending some time with this app I would say that it is probably one of the most up to date reality browser currently available on the market. I found the controls very simple and easy to use and the app itself was quite quick to navigate and find your way around.
The app enables to users to look at events which are going on in their local area and it will help them look for discounts or special offers which are currently available.
The app is very impressive however in the abundance of information it can provide you with. When searching in my own town it discovered that the app could tell me where to find the nearest ATM machine, what shows were currently showing, special events I could go to and a wealth of information regarding places to eat and drink. The graphics were surprisingly good considering its large content and I was particularly impressed with the 3D images. Junaio Augmented Reality Browser

Cloud 9 Comix

Cloud 9 Comix is from the developers Spectrum Pacific Publishing who are a great digital comic book publisher.
Download app here!
This is a great little app for all comic fans out there. The app contains comics from all across the globe including Italy, France, Croatia, India and the USA to name just a few. The app is available as a free download from iTunes which is another bonus!
One of the great surprises with this app is the fact that a lot of the comics on it have been changed and translated into English which is a great first. There is also a wonderful little shelf feature and this is where all of the comics which are bought are placed so you can fetch them very easily. The app is really easy and simple to use and there is noting too complicated so you don’t get lost.
If you are a comic fan this app is certainly worth having. There are lots of comics available for use and whilst some of them may not be to your particular taste this does not matter as there are plenty more available which are. Cloud 9 Comix App

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits – 80’s fun time is the latest release by the developers BumbleCat Games. Download app here!
The app does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a quirky little app in which you can use photo graphs of yourself and turn them into 1980’s images. There are an assortment of 15 different backgrounds and outfits to choose from and you can play around with these to create funny looking images from the 1980’s genre.
There are a variety of options which you touch have to touch the screen to follow the orders to upload your picture and then add which of the outfits and backgrounds which you like. You can pull funny faces on the pictures you take to add to the silliness of the finished product. Cap-Sac Laser Portraits Review

Friday, July 13, 2012

Locus Pro

Locus Free is, as the name says, a free Android app from the Play Store that enables you to find yourself in a map.
Download app here!

No joke. It’ll pinpoint your exact location more accurately than Google has ever managed. You can then use it to set an itinerary by pinpointing stops in your journey and so many more options. This app can be quite complex to operate, so you should start by choosing the ‘Beginner’ option, which will enable you to pick any add-ons you’d like to download from the Play Store.
Once you’ve chosen, click on ‘next’ and you’ll have a few more setting options, then finally arrive at the map containing a little radar symbol that marks your spot. Once here, you have so many options that one little review would not be enough to cover them all, so I suggest you download this app now and give it a try for yourself. This app gives you several specific tools for Geocaching, including coordinates, tracking and GPS. Think of how much it would cost to buy a GPS and you’ll be convinced to try this app instead. Locus Pro App

apMemo - Quick Notes

ApMemo Lite is a free Android app, available at the Play Store, where you can write notes and memos using your keyboard, stylus pen or fingers and set them with a reminder, or simply draw something to pass the time when you’re bored. Download app here!
It’s very similar to the Samsung Memo on the Samsung Galaxy Note, but with the added bonus of the note reminder being easy to find and set. It only takes the touch of a button to get several options of times to set your reminder to.
Touch your selected time and that’s it, you’ve set your note or drawing to appear on your screen at the selected time. You have many options of colours, line thickness and intensity to choose from. There’s also a handy grid where you can scroll through all your notes, in case you need to use more than one page or if you’d like to use an older note again. It truly is your notebook, scrapbook, pens, pencils, erasers and crayons all rolled into one simple, light and easy to use app. apMemo Quick Notes Review

Moto Mobile 2012 GP GAME

Moto Mobile is a motorcycle racing game for Android, available free of charge from the Play Store. In it, you have the option of playing as a single gamer or on multiplayer mode. Download app here!
Choose your track, motorcycle colour and team and you’ll be ready to kick some butt and take some names. So far, sounds like every last racing game you’ve ever played right? Wrong! Once you start playing and turn the first corner you realise, to your amazement (and slight concern), that you’re not moving your motorcycle, you’re actually moving your track.
Besides its simple yet great graphics that’ll have you feeling like you’re actually racing a bike for real, that’s the beauty of Moto Mobile: your motorcycle turns a corner on the track and the whole thing goes upside down.
As you accelerate, and maybe start to get a bit woozy in the process, you realise how challenging it becomes to overtake other motorcycles and win the race. And then you crash onto the side of the track and guess what?
Don’t delay the amazingly intense experience of the Moto Mobile app any longer! Download the app today and experience the thrills of being a true biker, no hassle, no fuss, just hours and hours of fun!

Bug Smasher Challenge

I’ve always wondered about something: why is it that every girl out there (and some boys) hates any and all bugs and creepy crawlies that exist in the world today, except for ladybugs?
Download app here!

Maggots are also not poisonous, but you never see a baby with lots of little dung maggots on their onesie, while there are babies wearing ladybug-themed outfits everywhere you look.
Bug Smasher is your typical ‘speed test’ game.
It’s simple and straightforward like most of these games are. Download the Android app for free from the Play Store, open it, register your username and press play. The app will search for an opponent for you online.
Once they find one, the game begins. Your goal is to squash every bug you see except for… you guessed it… ladybugs! Squashing a ladybug in real life, especially in front of a girl, will cause you to be branded as an insensitive monster (squash a spider which, by the way, is also a bug, and you’re a hero). Bug Smasher Challenge

aCar - Track your vehicles

aCar is a great little app for monitoring the condition of your vehicle(s). Simply download this Android app for free from the Play Store, open it up, click on +Vehicle, add all your vehicle’s details, including its make, model, mileage, date of purchase, etc. and you’re set!  Download app here!
Filling this information in will unlock all of the different sections in this app, which include foreseeing when your car will need to be filled up, serviced, repaired, monitoring your expenses, the wear-and-tear caused by everyday use and long trips and many more.
The app gives you important reminders (like when your next service is due) as well as graphs, statistics and charts that show you the fuel consumption rate and many more important bits of information that’ll help you take the best possible care of your car or cars.
So if you’re a worried parent, first time driver, car rental owner or if you simply want to make sure your car is running at its best at all times, download the aCar app today and you won’t be disappointed! aCar Track your vehicles Review

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Airport Guide+Flight Tracker iFlyPro

Airport Guide comes from the developers Red Cirrus LLC and all I can say is that out of all the flight tracking apps on the market at the moment, this is the one you want. Download app here!
The app does as it says on the tin – tracks flights and it does this very well. However this is just a small part of what this app actually has to offer. The app will assist you whilst at the airport, with flights and any travel information which you may need.
There are so much information which this app provides it would take a long time to go through them all but off the top off my head a few of the excellent services include information about expected flight times, maps of the airports, a detailed list of shops and restaurants near your terminal complete with customer reviews, to more little details such as the availability of wi-fi and where this can be found.

This app is everything a traveller will need and once they have tried it once they will find that they can not travel without it again. It basically provides all travellers with all the essential information that they will need and save a lot of time and energy and take the stress away from any journey. I certainly recommend this app. Airport Guide Flight Tracker iFlyPro

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smart WiFi Pro

Smart Wi-Fi works and looks like a radar screen you’d find in a navy ship. Download app here!

The whole idea is to sift through the endless options of available Wi-Fi networks in your area, indicating which ones are password-free, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, click on it to connect and leech off it for as long as you like.

What’s great about Smart Wi-Fi is, first and foremost, its design. It looks absolutely stunning, quite futuristic yet not at all alienating, sleek yet simple, colourful yet not at all childish. The colours are the second important feature that really simplifies use.

Another important feature is the radar layout itself. The colourful dots representing each network are set at different distances from the middle of the screen and the further the dot is from the middle, the further away it is from where you physically are. Smart WiFi Pro Review


Nowadays, our mobile phones are our lifelines. Download app here!
We use them for absolutely everything, from the obvious phone calls and text messages to engaging with friends in social media websites, as a camera, to read books, watch movies and play games. Among this myriad of choices, apps are becoming more and more complex, and it’s hard to find one that is straightforward, easy to use and, above all, truly useful.
By sending you an SMS message containing three question marks, they will be able to find you wherever you are and make sure you’re safe. Through this app you’ll also be able to let them know whether you’re OK or if you’re in a spot of trouble with the click of a button.
It’s that simple and easy, and will surely be very useful to you. DondeEsta also includes a comprehensive user guide to answer all your questions and even enables your phone to automatically send a person of your choice an e-mail, letting them know when you’ve arrived or left your home. DondeEsta Review

Karza Football Manager 2013

This is a truly great game by the creators Karza game. Download app here!
The graphics are not the best thing I have seen on the market at the minute but to be fair that is not important as this is not what this app is about. Your job as the player is to take the role of a football team manager and try to bring them to success. There is a lot of detail to this game and the manager has a lot of jobs to do.
This is certainly a game which requires a lot of strategic thinking so you can wisely deal with formation and tactics. I had to look at purchasing new players for the team in addition to selling old ones. I would have to keep an eye of the transfer market in order to try and make my team the best that I could. I was also in charge of a youth teams!
Overall this is a really good game especially for football fans. It requires a lot of strategic thinking. On account of the huge amount of responsibilities you are given be prepared to have to give up a lot of your time to do this. Karza Football Manager 2013 Game

Medieval HD

Medieval HD is a great game by the makers Brisk Mobile Inc and is proving to be very popular around the world. Download app here!
After playing this game I can see why. If you are a fan of arcade games which are jam packed with action then you will certainly love Medieval HD. The hype around this fantastic game is certainly warranted. I was really impressed with the illustrations and the sound effects are great.
The death cries of the opposition really are quite realistic. A lot of time, care and dedication has clearly been taken to produce this game. The game was very addictive and I found myself being unable to put it down.
The game is castle based in which the castle must be defended. The castle must be defended by great medieval weaponry such as archers firing arrows, launching boulders, catapults and cauldrons of boiling liquids.

I really enjoyed the game but would consider it suitable for most ages. There are three different modes to choose from which are easy, medium and hard and then in addition to this is a fast fire round. For this you will have to use your finger and tap really quickly. Medieval HD Game

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Pet

As such, I was obsessed with things like playing my Master System games (Alex Kidd!!), Pok√©mon, talking to my Furby doll (who eventually went crazy, screeching ‘My name is TA-LLU-LAH’ over and over at 3am) and incessant Lego building. As I grew, we bought our first radio with the huge sticker on it that said ‘now with CD player!!!’ and ditched our vinyl records. Download app here!
After that, I used the internet for the first time on my brand new, envy-of-all-my-friends IBM 386 computer. I rocked. And then came the Tamagotchi and my life was forever changed.
For those who didn’t experience this miracle, the Tamagotchi was a device where you could control the growth of a virtual pet, from egg to adult (or rather until he passed away and you cried for a month).

While the gameplay is very similar and you still have the options to feed, entertain and heal your pet, as well as putting him to sleep and cleaning up virtual bodily fluids, you now have a few extra options like choosing which pet you’d like to have, a cute little mutt or pink bunny rabbit. Happy Pet Game

Invaders from far Space

Have you ever noticed that life is in constant evolution? Download app here!
Things that our great-grandparents used to do when they were children are reinvented and come back to entertain us time and again. Take, for instance, outer space. When your father was a child, he’d imagine monsters, aliens and spaceships while he ran around pretending to be a space cowboy torturing his poor friends, the aliens.
When you were a child, this image was expanded and moulded by Star Wars, Star Trek and those infamous Atari shooting games. The gameplay is very similar to the Atari, if less pixelated, providing you with a fun experience and your kids with a window into their parent’s past. All you have to do is download the game and choose between Campaign mode (increasing level of difficulty) or Survival mode (divided into Easy, Normal and Hard) which, as the name itself explains, requires the player to survive for as long as possible while the level of difficulty slowly, but surely, increases. Invaders from far Space Game

Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object

Ever dream of being a detective? Download app here!
Whether you’re fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Sherlock Holmes character or you enjoy the more recent (and gruesome) C. S. I series, you know that being a detective requires great analytical skills, good eye for detail and, most importantly, not being easily scared. So are you up for the challenge? Then download the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde app today!
You begin by listening to the story surrounding the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, killed in an alleyway in 19th century London. Your character, a famed detective, is responsible for following the tasks assigned to solve the mystery and find the killer.
There are several different characters (or should we say suspects) involved in the story and, as you progress, you learn more and more of their alibis and relationships with the victim. Once you reach the end of the demo version, you’ll be given the link to purchase the full version and, trust me, you’ll most definitely want to. Jekyll and Hyde Hidden Object game

Luke The Liftboy

If you are a fan of strategy games then this is the one for you. Whilst the game is available for players age 4 years and up it is certainly also suited to the older generation too. Football fanatics will certainly be in their element with this football mad game. The main character of the game is a boy called Luke.
Luke’s job is a lift boy in a hotel and he must take the residents of the hotel to a variety of floors as quickly as h can in this timed game. The two main features of this game are strategy and time.
You have to go as quickly as you can whilst also thinking very carefully. The graphics are really compelling in this game and bring to life the quirky characters featured. It is a very entertaining game and will provide you with a few giggles. Luke the Liftboy Review