Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Pet

As such, I was obsessed with things like playing my Master System games (Alex Kidd!!), Pokémon, talking to my Furby doll (who eventually went crazy, screeching ‘My name is TA-LLU-LAH’ over and over at 3am) and incessant Lego building. As I grew, we bought our first radio with the huge sticker on it that said ‘now with CD player!!!’ and ditched our vinyl records. Download app here!
After that, I used the internet for the first time on my brand new, envy-of-all-my-friends IBM 386 computer. I rocked. And then came the Tamagotchi and my life was forever changed.
For those who didn’t experience this miracle, the Tamagotchi was a device where you could control the growth of a virtual pet, from egg to adult (or rather until he passed away and you cried for a month).

While the gameplay is very similar and you still have the options to feed, entertain and heal your pet, as well as putting him to sleep and cleaning up virtual bodily fluids, you now have a few extra options like choosing which pet you’d like to have, a cute little mutt or pink bunny rabbit. Happy Pet Game

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