Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GreenPower free battery saver

GreenPower free battery saver does exactly what the name says it does which is to help save your battery allowing the user to get a lot more use and life out their battery. Straight away I could see the potential and benefits of this app. Saving the life of a battery will be a huge help in so many areas. Download app here!
Not only is it economically better but also better for the environment.
Not only that but the app will help convenience wise when you are on the move and want your battery to last as long as possible as it is not always possible to charge it up when you are out and about and there is nothing more frustrating than running out of batter power when you need it most.
The app will basically allow you to have a longer battery life without the need for having to charge it more. Once I looked at the app I thought it would be a long process which I would have to update on a daily basis programming in various different things however I was pleasantly surprised when I soon discovered that this was not necessary at all. GreenPower free battery saver Review

Dragon Kingdom 1.5.0e

Dragon Kingdom is an incredibly engaging online strategy game which immerses you in a world of adventure filled with pirates, monsters, dragons, and more. Download app here!
In Dragon Kingdom, you and others around the world will all be building the best kingdoms possible. The game starts simply as you create your hero and get into a tutorial that will help you get the hang of things.
Even when the tutorial finishes, you will have helpful pop-up hints to give you the information that you need to get on your way.
The tutorial and in-game hints are very helpful, because while this is a simple game at its core, there is a lot of depth here. The help that the game provides keeps the game from overwhelming you and allows you to enjoy all of the features, instead of being confused by them.
Being a king isn't easy, and in Dragon Kingdom you will build lumber mills, farmhouses, a blacksmith's store, and many other places that will help your kingdom to become the greatest in all of the land. Dragon Kingdom 1.5.0e Review

Football Logo Quiz Plus

Football Logo Quiz Plus is a very addictive and fun quiz game that you can play from anywhere in the world thanks to your mobile Android device. Download app here
In Football Logo Quiz Plus, the premise of the game is quite simple, as you are shown logos from the world's best football teams and asked to identify them.
If that sounds easy, remember that key words are taken out of the logos, so you may feel like you remember one or another of them, but not be able to come up with the actual name of the football club.
We can all remember the logos of clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, but are you a big enough football fan to guess them all? This game could become frustrating if it was difficult to import your guesses, but the game is incredibly well designed to avoid such frustration.
As you play this game, you will actually find it to be a very stress-free experience that helps you to relax and have fun at the same time with its simple guessing gameplay. The game is comprised of several stages, and each stage has harder logos to guess than the one before it. Football Logo Quiz Plus Review

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black Sun Siege

As soon as I began to navigate my way around this app I got a great sense of the Manga / Japanese genre. The graphics were very striking and full of energy with great use of colour. The characters are illustrated beautifully and were very true to the Japanese theme that this game successfully creates. Download app here!
The art work is very clever and very professional bringing a realistic look to the characters and the rest of the illustrations contained within the game. If you are a fan of strategic games then this is the one for you.
This is a very challenging puzzle game which will keep the player entertained for hours and hours. The game play is quite easy to understand and follow however it will require a lot of thinking and you must plan your moves very carefully.
The player must get their piece and with some clever strategic thinking place it on a place on the board which will successfully wipe out the opposing enemy piece. The aim of the game is to try and successfully beat all of the guards which are in the enemy towers. Black Sun Siege Review

WorldCard HD

WorldCard HD is a contact management application that collects contact information and stores it in an easy layout. Download app here!
It is available on all versions of the iPad, however, to use all of the functions that the app offers a built-in camera is required. The program is designed for business use but can also store friend and family details if required.
This is one of the only contact management apps that is designed specifically for iOS and the result is a clear professional looking program that runs smoothly, accurately and does the job perfectly.
Upon opening WorldCard HD the interface will appear, down the left hand side are the three main options. These are Maps, Favourites and Contacts, by default the application will open on the Contact list.
The contact list displays all of the stored contacts. There is an option towards the top right which can be used to import your previous contacts from the address book. It is possible to manually add contacts to the database and another great feature of this app is that it allows images of each contact. WorldCard HD Review

Throw Em Balls

Throw Em Balls is a game that combines accuracy, hand-eye coordination and sports into an annoyingly addictive, extremely interesting and very enjoyable application. The basic idea of the game is to score as many points as possible. This is achieved by throwing the different types of balls into the correct goals. More points are scored for getting direct hits. Download app here!
Points will still be awarded if the ball bounces into the bag or deflects off another object and goes into the correct bag. The gameplay is extremely challenging but has very simple controls.
Press down where the ball is on the screen and drag back to create a dotted white line, this is the power bar. The further back the line goes the more powerful the ball will launch from its current position.
There are a total of five levels to master; each level gives similar points and rewards. The main difference on each level is the type of ball that is being used. The game uses a realistic physics engine that applies noticeable differences on each level.
The basketball is light, flies through the sky and bounces very well. The golf ball is small, heavy and does not bounce much at all. The user will need to take these changes into consideration when lining up to take each shot. Throw Em Balls Review


Snap2PDF - Scan Documents Share Searchable PDF is a document management application designed to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 4. 3 or later. Download app here!
This program allows the user to open PDF documents from mail attachments, web documents and your camera roll. Snap2PDF allows the user to capture images using the camera and instantly transform them into PDF format.
The application is compatible with iCloud, which, as well as being used to store and backup data, can also be used to transfer and manage files.
Snap2PDF does not only allow easy creation of PDF files, but it has a highly functional file management system. The main screen looks similar to a bookcase; new files will appear as a new book on the bookcase.
It is also possible to create different categories or groups, which, in essence, creates a new bookcase. The user is prompted to view their desired category before viewing the files. It is very easy to change the category and there is a view all option, that will display all PDF files in the application regardless in which category they reside. Snap2PDF Review

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The story starts…The monsters that roam the world have tried to survive peacefully without any type of conflict. Download app here!
It has a unique and gripping twist to the classic defence style game that is currently on the market. It has good sound effects; the gameplay is simple and appealing with good graphics and details. There is a good storyline to follow that reveals itself as the player progresses into the game.
They accepted that humans do not like them and live in rural areas to avoid confrontation. Slowly the amount of monsters living in the world begins to diminish due to humans capturing the harmless critters. The monsters retreat further to their small lair, where there final hope of survival lies - The egg of the unborn Monster King!
It is your job to help the monsters defend the egg and let it hatch so the Monster King can help regain control of the land. As the game starts it will run through the basics with a tutorial. This will initialise at the start of the game or when a new feature becomes active. MonsterTower Review

MyMathBook HD

MyMathBook is currently available on iPad and is due to be released on iPhone in the very near future. Download app here!
This application is designed for young children to help develop their mathematic skills in a fun and engaging way. This educational software is ideal for ages as low as three years old and can help youngsters up to the age of six or seven.
MyMathBook has many animations, illustrations and colourful graphics to help capture children’s interest and make learning mathematics fun.
The application contains different sections and features where basic arithmetic can be learnt. The app uses a wide range of characters to help kids remember numbers and how to perform certain tasks built around mathematics.
The colours and animations are designed to keep young children interested and eager to use the software more. There are currently thirteen different topics that the application covers. In upcoming versions at least three more subjects have been announced and expected to be available as a free update. MyMathBook HD Review

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Go Go Woony

This game is great fun and from the start I could see the entertainment potential. The aim of the game is that the player takes on the role of a very cute deer and you must get the deer safely around the worlds as quickly as possible whilst accumulating lots of special bonus prizes and rewards and avoiding obstacles which come in the way. Download app here!
The game is very fast and very challenging so you have to be quick of the mark and use your reflexes. The graphics are very quirky indeed. They are very bold and vibrant and have a great cartoon feel to them.
Whilst I would say the graphics would appeal to a younger generation of players they are still suitable for adults. They way the deer and other characters are portrayed are very cute so you cant but help fall in love with them.
If you like a challenge then this game is ideal as you have to pass numerous achievements whilst attempting to not only beat your own previous high score but that of other players too. One great feature which I really liked was the option of endless replay so you can keep trying over and over again to beat you previous score. Go Go Woony Review

My Page

As soon as I begin to browse this app I could see how useful it was going to be. This app basically will help you create your own web page in no time at all. If like me you have never created a web page before and have not had the knowledge to do so then this app is for you. It is so easy to use, understand and follow. Download app here!
After only a short period of time I had managed to create my own web page and have already began work on my second. The app is ridiculously easy to use.
All you have to do is pick a template on the app, choose a name for your website and then begin to put the content of the website in. It really is as easy as it sounds. The app is really well designed with bold clear instructions which are easy to read and follow.
The graphics are fantastic and when up loading your images you can play around with them to alter them to suit your own personal needs and requirements. Web pages can be made for your own personal needs showing off pictures and information about what you have been doing recently which was like the page I created. My Page Review

Future Mayhem

Future Mayhem is a fantastic arcade style side scrolling shooter for Android devices. Download app here!
In Future Mayhem, you are transported into the distant future, specifically to the year 2842. In that time period, large cities are controlled by powerful organized crime groups, which control the huge metropolitan areas from the relative security of their massive underground bases.
You do not play the hero; that would be too predictable! Instead, you are the main enforcer of one of the powerful gangs, and you have to settle a conflict.
See, the other gangs are disrupting the operations of your gang, which cannot be allowed to happen. As a result, you are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the problem for once and for all.
This is the compelling storyline that you are immersed in when you play Future Mayhem. Fortunately, the gameplay is just as good as the story itself, as you will find yourself moving around the detailed, futuristic levels and blasting away enemies with powerful weaponry. 
Your touchscreen device becomes a controller as the bottom left of the screen is used as a directional pad and the bottom right gives you three small, but accessible buttons that provide access to your small gun, large gun, and grenades, as well as melee attacks. Future Mayhem Review

Escape From Creepy Lab

Escape from Creepy Lab is an adventure game for Android mobile devices that all kinds of players will enjoy. Download app here!
In Escape from Creepy Lab, your worst nightmares are confirmed. You wake up in a mysterious and creepy laboratory, where a crazy scientist has placed you so that he can run terrible experiments on you as you remain helpless.
Fortunately, you are not so helpless after all and you immediately start to plot your escape from the creepy lab and the certain doom that it represents.
It will not be easy, but you must use your problem solving skills to help your character escape safely! Throughout the game, you will run into many different obstacles as you guide your character around by tapping areas of the screen that you want him to move to.
You can also hold an area to keep him walking in the corresponding direction in relation to where he is. Of course, the game is not as easy as it sounds! There will be dangerous creatures to avoid, like zombies and robots, as well as traps that could spell your doom if you become ensnared in them. Escape From Creepy Lab Review

Monday, October 8, 2012


Guesstimate, an app where you can Guesstimate anything your friends want to buy or sell. The iPhone application, which I am going to introduce today, the Guesstimate, has its own uniqueness and excellent functions for it to be called one of the top Lifestyle app on iPhone. Download app here!
Everyday we all shop many things online and offline, but it can be hard to decide if you are paying more for something. So today Make Sense launches its new iPhone app that let you ask your Facebook friends for their Guesstimation. At first when I glanced at this app I could see that it was going to be useful for people who wants a guesstimate on services and products. 
However as I dwelled deeper into this app I soon discovered it was a lot more. The idea behind Guesstimate is that the user can post a request asking friends, even public to guesstimate the item. The item can be either something user is looking forward to buy or sell. Other users can post their thoughts on the item, such as how much they think it would cost, where they have found it for that price etc. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trains, cars & planes for kids

Yet another one-of-its-kind interactive game for kids! Planarsoft offers the most exciting opportunity for toddlers and kids to play with color-in-sketches, moving vehicles, puzzles, and lots more on your Android device. Download app here!
The app is packed with eight exciting games, entertaining and educating toddlers and small children in the most delightful manner. What’s more!! Tootooni! is a FREE app, and requires no ads or permissions to play.
Bright colors and liveliness tremendously appeals to the children. Nothing is more entertaining and indulging for children, as exciting cartoons. In view of this aspect, the new Android app features colorful and cute cartoon arts that keep them engrossed for long, and enabling them to learn the skills through exciting games.
This is one-of-a-kind Android app that will keep your kids productively engaged, while improving their creativity and skills. And in the most entertaining manner ever.
What makes this app truly appealing for children, is its excellent sound effects. Trains, cars & planes for kids Review

Saturday, October 6, 2012

MissileSubTerror Wars

Missile Sub uses the two touch technology to control movement and fire missiles from a submarine at the same time. The general idea of the game is to destroy three waves of enemy boats and aircraft. There are a total of seven different enemy units which range from cargo boats to huge destroyers. Download app here!
New enemy units introduce themselves in each level increasing the difficulty as you progress. There are power ups and health crates that drop from cargo vessels to help in your mission to destroy the enemy forces.As the submarine you are situated at the bottom of the ocean and the enemy boats sail above. All of the enemy ships have the ability to fire back at you, so try to dodge the bullets and avoid getting hit!The aircraft and cargo boats travel at a faster speed and are harder to get as they move across the screen. Shields can be obtained by killing a cargo ship carrying the power up. It will put a bubble around your submarine, and whilst the bubble is active it will soak up damage and your health bar will not be affected. MissileSubTerror Wars Review

Angry Yeti

Angri Yeti is a great arcade-style adventure game for Android devices with addictive gameplay and cute graphics.
In Angry Yeti, you take control of (you guessed it!) and angry yeti who has witnessed a group of fellow yetis getting captured by a group of evil researchers. Download app here!
The yeti, accurately named “Moody”, was sleeping nearby and away from the other yetis, but now has decided to respond to the call of heroism in order to rescue his comrades. That's where you come in, of course.
As soon as you begin the game, you will see the opening cutscene that gives you the background on Moody's predicament. The graphics are very sharp and have a fun, cartoonish feel to them that is certain to appeal to players of all ages.
Angry Yeti combines the always successful combination of cute, high quality graphics and fun, addictive gameplay to create a truly compelling package for Android mobile devices. In the game, you will roll on the snow-covered ground in the Tibetan mountains while on quest to find your friends. Angry Yeti Review

Logo Quiz Fun Plus

Logo Quiz is a fun and addictive quiz game that you can play on the go with your Android device. Download app here!
In Logo Quiz, you are given recognizable and tricky logos from the world's most well-known companies and brands and asked to guess them. The tricky part is that just the symbols are given, and you may often see one and think, “I know that looks familiar!” without being able to guess what it is.
For logos, such as that of Amazon, which include the name of the company, several letters are erased so that you can certainly recognize the logo, but won't be told what it is.
With a game like this, it is extremely important that there be an easy way to make your guesses and have them be recognized by the game so that you don't get frustrated. Logo Quiz certainly succeeds in that respect, as playing the game is unbelievably simple and stress-free. Logo Quiz Fun Plus Review

HotDoc for iPad

HotDoc for iPad is the latest release from the developers Telejur Software Solutions GmbH. This app is basically to help manage and edit documents which you are using on your iPad. This is a high quality well designed app and I can not stress how useful this will be to any person who regularly uses documents on their iPad. Download app here!
Due to the high volume of information this app has to offer it did take me a while to make my round around and absorb it all.
But when I did I could clearly see and appreciate how useful this app was going to be and well worth taking the time to go through it carefully to see what it has on offer. The app deals with all office documents whether they be MS Word or PowerPoint and archive them easily.
As well as word documents the app will also deal with emails and attachments on them. Once you find your way around the app it is very easy to use and the controls basically just involve swiping movements of the finger on the desired document. HotDoc for iPad Review

Coin Pusher Gold

Coin Pusher Gold is a great new app from the developers Tapgames. Download app here!
As soon as I started to navigate my way around this game I could see that I would soon become addicted. For anyone who is a fan of arcade games this one is certainly worth checking out. I was instantly struck by the great graphics which really put across a gambling theme sticking true to the nature of the casino.
I was blown away by the green and gold colours which really added to the genre of the game.
This game is great as you are provided with free coins so you can play as much as you desire however this could be a downfall as I soon learnt that I really did want to play a lot and could not put the game down.
As a player the goal is to drop coins into the machine which in turn will fall from the sides of the machine. Very similar to the real life machine which you will find in any game. Coin Pusher Gold Review

Bottle Crash HD

This app is a great little game to play especially if you want to let off some frustration. The aim of the game is to little smash and crash down as many bottles as you can. The player is faced with several buttons and you have to throw a stone at them and attempt to smash them and crash them down. Download app here!
I found this a very satisfying feeling in an odd way especially when colourful stains were left on the background wall as a reminder of your good shot !
The game was very simple and very straight forward so you could get into game play straight away without having to fathom out any over complicated rules or directions. I found this game a great way of releasing pressure and stress and really did feel so much better after playing it a few times.
The controls are very easy to use with nothing over complicated required. Good shots and reflexes are required at times but it does not require any strategic thinking as such so if it is a good relaxing game you are after to pass some time then this is certainly the one for you. Bottle Crash HD Review


As soon as I began to look at this app I could instantly see what it was about and I liked what I saw! All of the signs of the horoscope were clearly listed and displayed and for anyone who likes to read their horoscope then this is the perfect app for them. Download app here!
The graphics are cleverly designed with a black background to create a lovely mystic feeling and then all of the star signs were clearly listed along with a clear picture of their symbol so you could instantly recognise which was which.
Rather than a game this is more of an informative app for people who like to follow and read their horoscopes. I was very impressed at how detailed this app was and the abundance of information available.
Once you have clicked on the desired star sign it will give the date of the day you have picked but you can also go back to the days before or jump ahead to the next day to get your reading. I initially stuck to the present days reading and was given a brief over view of what my horoscope said. Horoscope Review

A Lot of Puzzles for Kids

Many of us often give our children games to play to keep them occupied but a majority of them are quite unsuitable and not very stimulating. This game however was very impressive. Download app here!
Not only is the game jam packed filled to the brim with entertaining games but they are also very educational too, which is something everyone wants in a game for their child. Entertaining and stimulating!
The controls are very simple to use to the child will not have to concentrate or worry too much about this as they are not complicated at all. It is just a case of dragging the pieces of the puzzles over and dropping them into place.
I myself found it very easy to use and being a mum myself I let my child have a go and sure enough she could use the controls with no problems at all and thoroughly loved the games. The graphics are full of beautiful bold vibrant colours which are very enticing for a child and the puzzles themselves feature lots of lovely cute attractive animals and characters which are also very appealing. A Lot of Puzzles for Kids Review