Saturday, October 6, 2012

HotDoc for iPad

HotDoc for iPad is the latest release from the developers Telejur Software Solutions GmbH. This app is basically to help manage and edit documents which you are using on your iPad. This is a high quality well designed app and I can not stress how useful this will be to any person who regularly uses documents on their iPad. Download app here!
Due to the high volume of information this app has to offer it did take me a while to make my round around and absorb it all.
But when I did I could clearly see and appreciate how useful this app was going to be and well worth taking the time to go through it carefully to see what it has on offer. The app deals with all office documents whether they be MS Word or PowerPoint and archive them easily.
As well as word documents the app will also deal with emails and attachments on them. Once you find your way around the app it is very easy to use and the controls basically just involve swiping movements of the finger on the desired document. HotDoc for iPad Review

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