Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Football Logo Quiz Plus

Football Logo Quiz Plus is a very addictive and fun quiz game that you can play from anywhere in the world thanks to your mobile Android device. Download app here
In Football Logo Quiz Plus, the premise of the game is quite simple, as you are shown logos from the world's best football teams and asked to identify them.
If that sounds easy, remember that key words are taken out of the logos, so you may feel like you remember one or another of them, but not be able to come up with the actual name of the football club.
We can all remember the logos of clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, but are you a big enough football fan to guess them all? This game could become frustrating if it was difficult to import your guesses, but the game is incredibly well designed to avoid such frustration.
As you play this game, you will actually find it to be a very stress-free experience that helps you to relax and have fun at the same time with its simple guessing gameplay. The game is comprised of several stages, and each stage has harder logos to guess than the one before it. Football Logo Quiz Plus Review

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