Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chester Walls Quest

Chester Wall Quest is an exciting new application designed for iPhone and iPad; it requires iOS 4 or later. The application is designed to teach users about the history of the Chester Walls in a fun and stimulating adventure style game. As the program is opened it will ask for a team name, by creating a team it will unlock the first achievement. Chester Walls Quest Download
This is mainly for schools and groups of people that are walking around in teams. Individual users are prompted to just put their name to create a profile.
There are a total of fifteen achievements to earn and on completing them all the user should have good knowledge of the Chester Walls and surrounding area. If the user is visiting the Chester walls it is good to use the map on the application for a guide around the area.
It will require the use of location services and will need a 3G connection to run the program effectively. As the user walks around the site the GPS will update and the user can click on pin heads to access information, history, videos and a quiz about each specific area of interest. Chester Walls Quest Review

Slot Bonanza

Slot Bonanza is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The HD version is only available on iPad and the main improvement between the two versions is the graphics. It is a casino slot game that does not require any real money payments. Instead it uses in-game currency that the user bets with. As the program loads it will give the user an option to connect to Facebook. Slot Bonanza Download
There is a bonus for inviting friends and using the social networking site to promote the game, the reward is a small amount of coins. The main menu allows the user to select from six different themes.
Some of the themes are locked and require a certain amount of coins, or a higher level to enter. Coins are used as in-game currency. Extra coins are rewarded every time the user levels up. Another way to gain coins is using the timed reward; this means that coins are rewarded every three hours. Slot Bonanza Review

Sunday, November 25, 2012

AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client

AccessToGo is an application that allows you to connect to your (or other peoples) computer while using your phone or tablet. Download app here!
It is available on Apple and Android products. This app is one of the fastest and smoothest Remote Desktop Controllers available and best of all it is free! To enable your device to connect to the computer you have to turn on these options in the operating system settings and allow your firewall to give the device access.
The program loads up with two example connections, these are fully working examples and you can access the connection information by pressing the arrow next to the name.
Tap on the name and the program will connect directly to the example computer. If you are new to remote access use these as templates to setup your own connections.
To create a link to a new computer use the New Connection button located on the main menu. Select the client you would like to use, if you are not sure the basic RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client.
AccessToGo is an absolutely solid and stable program; it allows the user quick and safe access to computers from various devices. It is very easy to use and the toolbar allows full control of the computer with very little effort from the user. The Online help is very accurate and the additional settings allow the user to completely setup the device to their needs. AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Eventical for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is an events calendar that lists the festivals, concerts, charity days and other events in the selected area. EventiCal Download
The events are listed on social networks and in the local city guides. When Eventical is first opened the user will be asked to allow location services. 
By allowing this the application will automatically find the events and special occasions in and around the local area. It will also ask to connect to Facebook.
Facebook is the largest social networking tool that Eventical uses. The program pulls all of the individual user’s events from Facebook and displays them on the interface.
The programs main interface is simple but highly effective, very easy to use and navigate around. The location that is being searched is found in the top right. This can be changed by tapping on the current location and typing in the new area. EventiCal Review


Bubblis is an exciting word game that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4 to run correctly and has similarities to the classic Tetris game. The idea of Bubblis is to place letters on a grid, trying to make words that appear on the right hand side of the screen. Bubblis Download
If the words match up correctly on the grid the line dissolves and new words can be formed with the letters that are continuously dropping.
There are special characters that can give boosts, bonus’s and upgrades to make the game easier for a short period of time. Upon opening the game the user will be asked to sign up, or login to OpenFeint.
This is an online system that saves and stores top scores, achievements and data, very similarly to the Apple Game Centre. Bubblis Review

Pre-K Letters and Numbers

Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a fantastic educational application that allows young children to learn during play. Pre-K Letters and Numbers Download
Most youngsters would find this app more beneficial on the iPad due to the size of the screen, however, it is also available for iPhone and is suitable for all young children that are learning to spell and count. The program has a very clean design and the user interface is simple to understand and use.
One of the greatest elements to this application is that many children can use the program to learn and have fun.
Families can benefit from allowing all of their young children access to the application and it can be used in schools or classes to aid as an effective teaching tool. To a child the program looks like a dot-to-dot formation of letters and numbers. Pre-K Letters and Numbers Review


Expense apps are nothing new, and there are lot on the App store already, however, it can be hard to decide which one to download as they all have a great range of different features. Monisto Download
Monisto is an app that simplifies what a lot of other apps have over complicated. It is a modest, well laid out and attractive budgeting app for individuals, couples, households and families.
The first time you open up the app the help screen will load up automatically and give you a quick, but thorough, walkthrough of all the app’s features.
This is excellent as it gives the user their bearings quickly, therefore allowing for a quick start up time. If you miss or forget anything you can pull up the help menu at any time using the question mark button down in the right hand corner. Monisto Review

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Ever wondered who has been on your Facebook profile? Ever wanted these statistics broken down and clearly displayed without having to trawl back through your notifications? iKnowho Download
iKnowho is not only a great and interesting app for the individual but it is an app that is beneficial for Businesses to use as a marketing tool on their Company’s pages. iKnowho can also be used by Parents as an anti bullying tool. Parents can monitor their child’s interactions on Facebook and intercept any suspect behaviour if the need arises.
iKnowho enables users to set up a sophisticated 24/7 live surveillance on their friends interactions with their Facebook profile. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Z-Cross is a challenging and fun vertical shooter for Android devices. Like many classic shooters over the years, this game puts you in a spaceship and has you shooting it out in the deepest recesses of space. The game’s storyline takes you everywhere from Pluto to Mercury and in between, as you strive to restore peace to the galaxy through your own heroic efforts. Z-Cross Download
If you have ever dreamed of being a heroic space pilot, this game will allow you to do just that while on the go with your Android mobile phone or device.
The first thing you are likely to notice about Z-Cross would be the gorgeous graphics, which somehow achieve both a minimalistic look and an eye-pleasing amount of depth at the same time. Your ship is a very simply-designed neon outline that looks futuristic and stylish, and enemy ships and other items are also outlined in colorful neon designs that stand out and are easy to pick up visually as you play what can often be a frantic game. Z-Cross Review

Wars Online

Wars Online is an addictive 2D online strategy game for Android mobile phones and devices. Wars Online Download
In Wars Online, you match wits with real opponents from all around the world as you try to topple their forces while enjoying fun, cartoonish graphics that really bring the action to life.
Wars Online pits you into a medieval environment as you battle it out while attempting to collect gold so that you can upgrade your forces and be even more dominant in competition afterward.
As with most good touch screen games, controlling Wars Online is very simple. It’s mostly just a matter of selecting the unit you want from along the bottom of the screen, where they are listed, so that they can be placed onscreen and entered into battle. Wars Online Review


ConnectiXX is a fun and challenging puzzle game for Android devices that will keep you busy for hours. ConnectiXX Download
With a fun and minimalistic graphical style, the game invites you in from the moment that you start it up on your mobile phone or other Android device.
The game’s graphics are basic, but beautifully designed to appear as if they were hand drawn, like you were playing a game on your notebook instead of on your phone or tablet.
This really helps to sell the gameplay, which is all about creating lines to link the balls on the screen. Any puzzle game is only as strong as the rules that govern play, and in ConnectiXX the rules are easy to learn and understand, so that you can get right to playing the game and having fun. ConnectiXX Review

Simply Write

Simply Write is an interesting app which allows the user to write notes, sentences, articles or books without the use of a keyboard. Simply Write Download
The application is designed purely for iPad and requires iOS 4. 3 or later to run effectively. The program has some unique features that make Simply Write one of the easiest, fastest and quickest hand writing applications on the market.
Jotting down small memos and creating full journals while on the move are simple to complete with the use of this application.
One of the finest elements in the application is the simplicity of the menus and features that are available to the user. The program uses only the necessary functions and processes that is required to make simple, easily read files. Simply Write Review


Design Your Body is a fitness application that can help the user to improve their body mass index (BMI) and their general health. DesignYourBody Download
Design Your Body is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It uses the internet to stream videos, however these are not vital to watch and the program still works perfectly without a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.
Many people that want to lose weight sign up to a gym or use a personal trainer; this can become very expensive and for many, completely unaffordable meaning that this application is an excellent alternative to paying trainer fees.
Design your body can help to improve your fitness and health by organising your daily workout and setting out training sessions and gym workouts that are recommended to help you achieve your goals. The application gives detailed information and video examples of how to perform tasks safely, which is perfect for people who are new to working out. DesignYourBody Review

MonTowers Legend of Summoners

MonTowers – Legend of Summoners is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad and it requires iOS 4. 3 or later. MonTowers Legend of Summoners Download
This game is a monster gathering and fighting game. It has a unique twist to the classic collection style monster games. Instead of looking after a specific monster (or in many cases a pet) the user summons the monster and it can be dismissed at any time. The monster itself does not level up.
The user’s character gains experience and learns how to summon stronger creatures as the game progresses.
The game has an anime style cartoon theme and appears to be quite detailed graphically; this makes MonTower very interesting to play. There are three main stages in playing the game, each stage has variations and changes depending on the users goal at that specific time. MonTowers Legend of Summoners Review


Boomlings is a fantastic new puzzle that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Boomlings Download
It is completely addictive and will keep you amused for hours on end. Boomlings has fantastic gameplay and uses 2D hand drawn animations that look absolutely superb. The crazy characters and bright colours are attractive to players of all ages. The idea of the game is to match four or more of the same colour Boomlings together.
Once they are connected they will explode and disappear from the screen, more will appear after each turn the user takes. It is a turn based game and played on a grid like game board.
When the bar at the bottom of the screen is completely filled it means the level is completed and you have successfully passed. If you do not clear enough Boomlings quickly enough then the map will get overrun and there will be no space left to move. Boomlings Review

SuperPower - World at War

SuperPower – World at War is a real time multiplayer online game that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch it requires iOS version 4. 3 or later. SuperPower World at War Download
The aim of the game is to become one of the highest superpowers in the world and to dominate all of the other players with an unstoppable army.
To accomplish this, the player needs to build an army of units, recruit allies and construct buildings to obtain a huge wealth. Managing the cash flow is one of the most important aspects of taking over the world.
Buying buildings produces income and attacking enemies increases honour. Complete missions to increase levels and gain skill points to become one of the most powerful empires in the game. The interface is very simple to navigate around, there are six buttons at the bottom of the screen that the user will need to tap in order to access different parts of the game. Missions can be completed to gain money and experience. To complete a mission it will require spending energy. Energy is gained over time, or by spending Honour points to top it up. SuperPower World at War Review

Memory Battle

Memory Battle is an exciting matching game that is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Memory Battle Download
The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching two cards with the same images on them. The cards are turned face down at the start of the game and in a completely random order. The user has to select two cards and try to match them together. If the user guess’s correctly they receive another turn.
If they are wrong the cards are turned face down and it is the opponents turn. The game is won or lost when all the cards have been matched successfully. The player with the highest amount of pairs wins the game.
The smallest board consists of twenty cards and the largest contains fifty-six. As the board size expands it makes Memory Battle increasingly more difficult to remember where the specific cards are. There are a total of eight different themes to choose from. Memory Battle Review

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nation Flag Logo Quiz

National Flag Logo Quiz is the really great new release from the developers Puzzle Quiz Games. Download app here!
The content of the game is exactly as it says in the title. This is a great new game which is based upon the numerous different flags used by countries around the world. If you like puzzling quiz games and feel that you are quite knowledgeable in this genre of game then it is certainly worth a try.
This game basically requires the player to look at flags and try to guess which country it is from. However, although this is the basic premise of the game the player will find that there is so much more too it.
I personally loved this game and found myself spending a lot of time playing this game. I found it fun, entertaining, knowledgeable and also very educational. It is a great game for all the family to play as I am sure most children as well as adults would like to have a crack at this. Nation Flag Logo Quiz Review


Logo Quiz game is the great new release from the developers Trending Games. Download app here!
If you are a huge sports fan and think you are very knowledgeable about various teams then this is the game for you and presents the perfect challenge. The game basically has a vast amount of logos taken from many different American sports league and then have tossed them into this game to see how many you can recognise.
This is a great game to play alone or with your sporting fan friends to see who actually does know more about sports teams.
This game really is quite challenging however you get a great sense of satisfaction when you correctly guess one of the logos. However I often found myself staring at one and the answer was on the tip of my tongue but I was unable to guess what it was. Logo Quiz NFL NHL MLB NBA MLS Review

Happy Sheep

Happy Sheep is the greatest new release from the developers apps2ppl. Download app here!
This is a fun little game which I would say is suitable for the whole family and people of all ages. Upon first try I was startled by the user friendliness of the game. The directions and instructions are very easy to use and follow as are the controls. The graphics are very simplistic but fun and quirky.
The simplicity of the graphics does not take anything away from the game but only adds to the fun sense and feeling that this game has around it.
The main game content is based on a large green field which has a very happy pleasant look about it with the animals running free. I found the graphics very likeable as soon as I saw them. The sound effects are very cute and I would say compliment the game perfectly adding to the quirkiness of the animals featured within the game. Happy Sheep Review


Try Guess This is the latest app released by the developers Fruitbar Entertainment. If you are a fan of puzzle guessing games then this game will certainly appeal to you. Upon first playing the game reminded me very much of the popular “Draw Me” game however this one had a huge difference – instead of drawing this game used photos! Download app here!
I found this a great little twist and as a player you could be very mean and very clever in how you choose to use your photos.
The illustrations on the app are very quirky, fun and appealing and all of the tabs are clearly labelled instructing and guiding you how to play the game easily. As a player you are provided with a list of three words.
You then have to pick one of those three words and take a picture of the word. For example if a word is table you have to take a photograph of a table and send the photograph to the other person playing the game. TryGuessThis Review