Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diamond Find

You've developed a nasty addiction without even realizing it - you want diamonds, more than anything else in the world! Diamond Find is the ultimate addiction simulator and speed-reading trainer. Diamond Find Download
The massive branching story flashes past your eyes, starting slow, but as you progress and find more diamonds, the words speed up, putting you in a hypnotic diamond trance and intensifying the craving for that next glittering fix.When you become Diamond Find Inc's adorable proprietors, Shannon and Brahma, you'll explore the gigantic landscape, choosing which path to take - do you explore the swamp for the fabled Diamond of the Marsh, or seek out God's Diamond in the abandoned church? Diamond Find Game Review

Smashing Egg Tido

Maybe it was because I was never picked first in choosing teams at the local soccer field when I was a kid, or maybe it could be due to the fact that I was into superhero comic books, but I have always been rooting for the underdog, helping the little guy to get an advantage. Smashing Egg Tido Download
I think this is why I have taken to a game now available in the iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPad, that is fun to play and makes you feel like you're helping out the little guy. 
The game I am talking about is called Smashing Egg Tido, and it is a fun action adventure game, based around a character called Tido, an inspiring egg whose main motivation is to keep from being turned into an omelette. Smashing Egg Tido game Review

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hamster Chase

Hamster Chase is the story of four cute cartoon hamsters in their hamster balls trying to make their way home while avoiding the evil cat Sour Puss. Hamster Chase Download
Players help the hamster get home by using the accelerometer to guide the hamster balls around obstacles and onto seed piles where hamsters enjoy their favorite meals.
These obstacles include holes, flying balls, spinning tops, vacuums, moving barracades, and Sour Puss himself trying to pounce on the little hammys.
Players advance one level at a time, and there are one hundred levels in all. With each level that brings new obstacles, there is a visual tutorial of what the obstacle does and how to avoid it. If a player gets stuck in a level, they may skip it by spending three coins. Hamster Chase Game Review

Micro Racing - arcade cars challenge

Micro Racing is a free game that will keep you excited in every moment! Turn the key, hear the roar of the car`s engine and start a fascinating race, with elements of drifting. Five cars to choose from where each car has it’s own upgrades, four different tracks and a bunch of powerups will keep you excited all the way. Be warned – the game is addictive! Micro Racing Arcade Cars Challenge Download
Your aim in Micro Racing is to get as many laps as you can, tackle new routes, gain levels and become the number one in ranking. Sound trivially? Do not be fooled by appearances! Micro Racing Arcade Cars Challenge Review


AntiViral is an exciting mix of old-school style with slick modern controls. Antiviral Download
It is a fun new spin to the top-down shooter genre. Instead of flying your ship, you control a variety of attacks and defenses literally at your fingertips. In AntiViral you play as a small craft that enters the human body to fight off a new deadly virus.
You are man’s last hope against this seemingly unstoppable virus spreading across the globe. The ship has three different weapon systems and a shield that all use a different touch command to use. AntiViral Review

Mad Shapes - Fome Pazze

Do you feel you can hit any record and you have no limits? Then Mad Shapes is the game you're looking for, the one that will challenge your skills with its exciting, addictive and (almost) impossible one-touch gameplay, which will get you addicted to from the first level! Mad Shapes Fome Pazze Download
Many people have already played this game and they are still trying to win the prizes that it offers on a daily basis.
You are a little black square and must avoid all the crazy shapes that keep coming against you with just one finger (so you can even smoke a cigarette or have drink with the other hand while playing Mad Shapes). Mad Shapes Fome Pazze Review

Fish Party Online

If you are looking for a 3D online game with full of competitive and leisure elements, the Fish Party Online will be your choice. Fish Party Online Download
Fish party Online is formed by more than 20 different modes include single, cooperation and competition games. You need to move your fish to chase and eat the smaller foes to grow up, and avoid the hunting from the larger fish.
Your journey will be peppered with wonderful adventures and exciting. The game graphics are very colorful and beautiful, the overall visual style is cute and cartoon so it suitable for the people of all ages, fish and environment in the underwater world made a wonderful scene. Fish Party Online Review

Megacity HD

MegaCity is a unique city building puzzle game. Megacity HD Download game
It's challenging but fun, easy to learn and hard to master. It uses a simple system where each building you place influences the tiles around it. The ultimate goal is to collect points by placing housing on the positively influenced tiles to keep your residents happy.
From houses to hospitals, factories and fire stations or landmarks to landfills, the game will see you creating a vibrant city while you figure out what's best for your citizens. Megacity HD Review

Friendly Frog - The Game

Friendly Frog, is an arcade game in which you use your finger to direct Freddie the frog’s actions so as to protect his lily pads and consume the rain forest bugs to gain points. Friendly Frog The Game Download
Once you start the game, you have the option to select between daytime and nighttime levels, which are both equally as beautiful graphically, specifically the shadows of the fish in the water.
The physics of the game are flawless as Freddie the frog hops between the lily pads in order to gain an angle on opponents on either side of the screen. Friendly Frog The End Review

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells

Epic defense 2 is, as you'd expect, a tower defense game. Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells Download
It has everything you could ask to a game of this kind and the same flaws as well. In addition, its price is reasonable, the game is clean and there are a ton of playable levels. Graphics are nice and sound is fair. Animations are rather poor, what we could consider usual at defense games. It has another remarkable twist.
When it comes to build a tower, you first have to raise a weak watchtower. Every twenty enemies or so you can build a new one. Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells Review


CrazyCargo is a real fun puzzle game where you are responsible as a port worker for the unloading of containers. CrazyCargo Download
In five horizontally lined spaces you need to place colored containers and try to stack them in a match-three gameplay: If you've stacked at least 3 containers in a row, these will disappear from the display, you get points on your account and new space for additional containers gets freed.
The containers are inexorably handed down by a crane to any of the five tracks. Your task is now to collect these containers with the "cart" (a straddle carrier) and drop them on a suitable space. CrazyCargo Review

Brotherhood of Violence

Brotherhood of Violence is a 3D fighting 'brawler' game, similar to classic arcade game like Final Fight or Double Dragon. Brotherhood of Violence Download You are a former member of a Brotherhood, a gang of assassins and martial arts experts. Now the mysterious Big Boss, a dangerous man with incredible powers, kidnapped your Brother. In a world with 30+ unique environments including more than 400 different stylized opponents from punks, ninja, yakuza, get lost in the story with amazing cinematic effects, awesome lighting and intricate detail as you fight to rescue your brother. Brotherhood of Violence Review

Happy Geese

With a design that is suited for young children and children with special needs, Happy Geese allows families to play board games together on their iPad. Happy Geese Download
The first thing you see when starting Happy Geese is a menu with two panels that correspond to the two games included in the app: Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose.
Tapping any of the two boards takes you to the configuration screen of the corresponding game. Happy Geese allows you to create hundreds of combinations of items, which is great but requires a slightly more complex configuration process than with a typical board game. This aspect is addressed with help screens that describe each configuration option one by one. Happy Geese Review

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Secret App Private Albums Manager

Due to the nature of the iPhone and the iPad, these devices are easy to pass around and be used by multiple people. Secret App Private Albums Manager Download
This, in part, is one of the reasons why these devices have become so loved within our society. The ease-of-use and the sharing capabilities make these devices capable and necessary. There are times, however, when you do not want to have your content to be looked viewed.
A solution, is now available for these mobile devices, it is an application called Secret App – Private Albums Manager. This app allows you to create multiple accounts which you can use to log into your iPad or iPhone device. Secret App Private Albums Manager Review

Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Match

If you really want to pass the time playing a truly fun game, that is easy to play and offers enough challenge to keep you coming back for more, then you really need to try out a new game that is available for the iPhone called Last Match. Last Match Game Download
The game premise is quite uncomplicated, but also quite addictive. The object of this game is to play with a partner or against the computer AI (artificial intelligence) and select any number of match sticks (as in matches that you use to light a fire) from a single row and then alternate turns with your opponent who then takes their turn, doing the same thing. Last Match Game Review

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scan and Protect

Tallinn based Foxomo today announces the release of Scan & Protect for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Scan and Protect App Download
An eloquently simple yet eminently powerful document security and storage portal, Scan & Protect gives users a digital vault where they can save photo scans of any documents they need to securely.
The app offers users peace of mind from potential hacking threats even in the case that their mobile device is lost or stolen, while providing them with a way to keep their most important information at their fingertips regardless of where they go. Scan and Protect iPhone review

Monday, April 15, 2013


Force Interactive and GiGi, LLC today announce the recent release of the GiGi Environment for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, and Mac and PC based computers. GiGi enables users to stay securely connected from any mobile device or through the web. GiGi App Download
The app offers encrypted group & individual text, photo, video, and email sharing features that are practical to use, flexible enough to meet nearly any communication need, and effectively protected from unauthorized eyes. The app features flexible messaging options including unique ‘self-destruct’ and group messaging modes as well. GiGi App Review

Iron Run

If you are looking for some good fun with a racing adventure game, then a new offering on the iTunes store called Iron Run may be just for you. Iron Run Game Download
This is a game filled with action packed adventure that will challenge your iPhone and iPad game playing abilities. Your mech will continue to run through the maze world along a roadway that presents these obstacles every few seconds. The objective of the game is to guide and control a robot mech, through a maze of obstacles, using your iPhone or iPad as the control device, swiping left, right, up and down, to avoid the dangers that lie ahead. Iron Run Game Review

Monday, April 8, 2013


It seems that Facebook is changing it's news features all the time, and it is challenging to keep up those changes. What is actually needed is a straightforward to use, yet comprehensive tool that allows you to center all the news about the person who is the most important - You ! Now there is an app available on the iTunes store called Mylifepaper, and it is an appealing application designed to manage the digital news about everything that is going on in your life. Mylifepaper Review

Friday, April 5, 2013


Sending and receiving messages just got a whole lot safer! Have you ever been in a position, where you have sent a message to a friend or business associate, and you wish you could take that message back? Have you then started to panic that you should not have sent the message in the first place? Do you fear the message you sent will come back to haunt you? Do you wish you could delete the message? Well now, your problems are over. Introducing a new application for the iPhone, a definite must-have app. iDelete Review

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potty Training Learning with the animals

If you could think back in your life to a time when everything seemed brand-new, when life's challenges were the responsibility of someone else, what time In your life would that have been? As adults, we take for granted those times when you were younger, when we needed someone most to help us learn our formidable steps. Come to think about it we all had to learn those basic things as toddlers such as walking, eating by ourselves, dressing ourselves and of course learning how to go potty by ourselves. Potty Training Learning Review

Gun Club Online

If you like guns, then you're going to want to check out a new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, which will allow you to try out some of the most famous and popular guns of the world. The new app called "Gun Club Online", is designed with authenticity and realism, and allows the gun owner to take their new weapons out on to the shooting range and test out the weapons, without any of the real carnage of course. Gun Club Online Review