Monday, December 22, 2014

Squares: matching with a twist

Do you love puzzle games? And to have some time to relieve your bored times into something enjoyable and fun? Well, then download and play the Squares: matching with a twist for you and your friends. This is a very basic and simple game that could be played by anyone at any age. Even a 7 years old kid could play this game.
This is good game to replace your bored time and enjoy matching color-same boxes, and enjoy. It doesn’t have much best graphics, but it has a cute sound effects that would actually boost you self to keep on matching and motivating to match the colors.
The best about this app is that you can rotate into any regarded places if you want to get matches. See? It is very simple and easy.
Try to play this game and challenge your companions to play with you and see, who will be the best. Matching is re-imagined in this basic, yet addicting puzzle game. You should simply match neighboring, same-colored squares, however don't let the bars hinder your matches! You can evacuate bars by matching squares over their bearing, and you can pivot the board to make new matches around bars! Match each one color over a bar or bars to get a score reward! Plan your matches to score high in interminable mode and test your companions!
This app is the best strategic and brainy app that I have ever tried. And the most simplest app game that is available on iOS. Even your 3 year old kid can play this app. Better share it with your family and friends so that everyone can enjoy playing, and make your family even close and happier.
This is one the best app that would sooth your alone and bored time and turn it into good ones and much happier ones. You may also challenge all your friends out there and see who the best player is and who is the least one. I’m sure this game app would really ensures your happy time together with your friends.
This game app is just a simple game app made but it is very addictive and fun to play. Better try this one to to see further for yourself and experienced all the joy and happiness that it brought to me while playing this game. So what are you waiting for? Do you think you are brainy? Then challenge yourself playing this best and simple game application that could offer you.
This is exclusive only for iOS only, for iPads and iPhones users only. It don’t have a version on Android but, I’m hope they will have a version in the near future so that everyone can enjoy playing and be the best player. This is only for free. You don’t have to pay for anything, so, download now and Play. Share it with your friends and play with your friends and companions and be the best player and beat them all.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ultimate Undead Invasion Game

Do you want to be a hero of your own and save millions of lives? Why not try the best game application that is offered exclusively for you. The Ultimate Undead Invasion. Kill all the zombies and undead and be the hero in the community. This game offers you the best graphics and sound quality that will surely make your adventure more exciting and more challenging. This is a very good game and very entertaining for all ages.
Ultimate Undead Invasion is an exciting activity amusement emphasizing a huge number of zombies and animals of the night. As you can envision, your objective is to face them and slaughter every one of them so as to spare your country and, thus, the entire universe. Step by step instructions to play: basically tap on all adversaries to complete them off and abstain from hitting the wizards and monsters, as that will make your diversion end sooner than you anticipated.
Zombies and undead all over, skeletons strolling underneath evil presences, the doors of damnation have opened! Be the saint in your own particular dream epic exploit and remained up against them. Develop with your difficulties and recovery the place where you grew up, ah, save the entire world! The amazing dreamland will capture you, as you stagger excited through the extraordinary levels on your approach to turn into the best legend ever.
The best illustrations and in addition a liquid and testing gameplay with constantly expanding troubles will manage you through the adrenaline surge from almost surviving the approaching crowds.The diversion feels smooth and profoundly intuitive, everything functions admirably.
Furthermore, you will find the opportunity to buy some force ups with a specific end goal to wind up more compelling and deadly, so the amusement will get to be a great deal additionally energizing.
Try playing this app with your friends and family to make more exciting and entertaining. Share that memorable game playing moments and enjoy playing the app.
This game is for free, you can find it on Playstore. Exclusively for Android Users only. It doesn’t have versions for iOS phones/gadgets as of this moment but I do hope that there will be in the near future so that everyone can play and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Are you feeling the excitement? Then, start playing Ultimate Undead Invasion and be entertained.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cradle Game

Simple stress release game.

You are working in the nursery, and your job is to keep the babies happy. They will get to sleep eventually. Try not to shake it much because babies don't like it.

Swing the cradle gently to put as many babies to sleep as you can and earn great achievements along the way.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Betfair Sports Betting Game

This is a superior betting app. I've personally used several betting and gambling apps and this is the best one by far in my experience. It has virtually every sport being betted on today.
Basketball, Football (the American version & the rest of the world), Horse Racing, Tennis, etcetera and so on is all here to accept your wagers.
The interface is the biggest upside with the app versus other betting apps. Everything is clear and precise. Big letters, big buttons. You aren't going to make an error with this app. Any bet is clearly listed with the current odds and you will go through a confirmation process when you make your actual bet. As for the visual appeal of the app this is part of the difference with other betting/gambling apps. I
ts beautifully laid out although with the amount of information on any given page with all the betting options and odds one could feel a little overwhelmed by so much information on certain pages. The betting process is simple and largely self explanatory. You just click on the sport you want. Click on the event and odds you want. Decide how much you wanna wager. The lowest bet is $1. Than confirm your bet and good luck.
You are all done and your net worth might be increasing in a few hours or days. One of the above and beyond perks of this app is that you can watch various live videos of events. You can watch anything from Football and Basketball to Horse Racing and Tennis and even lesser known events like Darts. You can't really beat a perk like that on a betting app that is already better than the other competitor apps out there. All in all this is a extremely useful app for anyone who will be betting on a daily or weekend to weekend basis. The setup on this is just a superior set up to the clunky designs of other betting app options.
You will easily save yourself a lot of frustration with this app with frequent usage. A person who just occasionally places bets on their favorite teams/athletes will find this app useful in that everything is setup about as simple as possible with checkpoints to avoid errors. I have unfortunately made betting errors with other lesser apps with poorly designed interfaces and let me tell you nothing is worse than rooting for the other team or guy you planned to be rooting against due to this design flaw.
There are plenty of options to load money to the account to get you started and to withdraw money once you build up your betting bankroll. Its worth noting that right now there is a £20 free bet for all new customers once you make a deposit so you got a £20 no lose situation if you have never used Betfair before and I'm a betting man so I can tell you you can't bet those odds.

Armadon Game

Armadon's Adventure is a easy to learn, harder to master game that is newly available for download. The main character in your adventure is Armadon. He is just your everyday run of the mill purple armadillo. Your goal as Armadon is to navigate, by tilting and moving your phone, numerous mazes towards the goal which is a little circle on one of the floor tiles on each maze.
Once you complete one maze its off to the next one which will be just a tad bit harder than the previous. Sounds simple, but it get more interesting quickly after you ease through the first half dozen or so mazes. Let me add that I enjoyed the graphics of this game. Its a cute, fun and I'm sure it will be an addictive and challenging game for kids to play while mom or dad is driving them from point A to point B. Need your kids to be quiet for a while? Download this game.
Older people should find the game as fun and addictive as the kids. The music and sound effects were fun and helped set the mood. The sound Armadon makes when he dies I found hilarious enough to purposely run into some cactus several times in a row just so I could have a laugh.
Armadon pretty much just stays balled up, as far as I got into the game anyway, and rolls his way thru the mazes. Besides just getting to the little circle finish line you'll also want to try to touch as many floor tiles as possible as they will add points to your score. The more you touch the bigger your score. Its worth noting you're on the clock on top of all these other things so you don't wanna try to touch every single tile and risk running out of time.
As you progress in the game you'll notice cactuses start showing up at not so ideal locations. This adds a whole other level of difficulty with the game as if you touch a cactus you're back at the starting line for the maze.
Overall I really enjoyed this game and I suspect I will be playing this game from time to time when I need to kill some time. The gradual increase in the degree of difficulty had me feeling like a genius to an idiot depending on the specific maze pattern, but I was having fun the entire time I played this simple yet enjoyable game. Give it a try you just might like it or maybe get hopelessly addicted to it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs

Do you love dinosaurs? Dinosaurs as you've never seen previously! Well, it is now your chance to discover and see what they look like into the reality.
Introducing the newest and realistic app stickers that would allow you and your thoughts to discover the lives of the distinct creatures that have been gone thousand years ago: The 3D animated Stickers: Dinosaurs.
Practical models of dinosaurs moving and making interesting sounds set into regular and inconceivable situations.
This application adds another level to the communication of the traditional stickers so adored by kids. The T-Rex or the velociraptor are brought to life on screen by moving in three dimensional space while many activitys let your kids modify particular developments of each dinosaur.
Collaborations with dinosaurs are basic and instinctive: move, resize, close or send them away and invigorate haphazardly one of a dinosaur. Many foundations are accessible to reproduce different situations from the most practical ones to the most whimsical ones. Presently you can embed the dinosaurs into the most renowned urban areas with sounds that portray this environment.
The dinosaurs with which you can connect with 3d Animated Stickers Dinosaurs are: Ankylosaurus, Apatosaur, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Plesiosaurus, Pliosaurus, Pterosaur, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tiranosaur and Triceratops. All of this creature are exclusively seen in this application. More update will be soon to come, just keep on using the app and be updated.
The more the updates the more the excitement. You can likewise advance the scene it is additionally conceivable to include three dimensional items like rocks, stones, eggs and trees. These can likewise be moved, resized, turned, brought closer or sent away. This application is intended for and tried with youngsters matured 3 to 8; however the extremely practical illustrations can definitely energize more established children.
The application doesn't oblige web association and doesn't contain promoting or limited time material. Thus, this application will also give you certain knowledge on how and what are mostly the dinosaurs look like and move like. If you have children at home, this would give them knowledge and information about this distinct creatures. This is one good learning activity that you could give to your children.
This application is exclusively for iOS users only and is not for free. With $1.99 you can have your own version of this app and enjoy the excitement that it could offer you and your children, if you have one. You can find this app on iTunes. Get yours now.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Icomania Guess The Icon Quiz

Are you starting your own diet now? Do you want to know more about how to effectively get the best diet that you want?
Do you love guessing game? Why not try the newest application that is made for you? Iconmania Guess the Icon Quiz. The newest icon pop quiz puzzle app that allows you to guess a lot of icons based on different movies, celebrities, cartoons and etc. You will be introduced to 900 different cartoons that will allow you to guess. This app will allow you to choose from any character, from TV & movies, celebrities, Famous people, country, Cities and brands.

Do you love guessing game? Why not try the newest application that is made for you? Iconmania Guess the Icon Quiz. The newest icon pop quiz puzzle app that allows you to guess a lot of icons based on different movies, celebrities, cartoons and etc. You will be introduced to 900 different cartoons that will allow you to guess. This app will allow you to choose from any character, from TV & movies, celebrities, Famous people, country, Cities and brands.

Surmise The Celeb! Have a ton of fun speculating the words with the best picture test ever! Get 'Icomania Pop Icons Quiz' and appreciate viewing symbols and speculating which nation, brand, character, film, performer or vocalist it speaks to! This test amusement is perfect for the entire gang!

Surmise the words focused around the symbols you see and win three coins for every level.
Get sufficient number of coins to utilize clues/tricks: uproot and uncover letters!you're stuck and can't find the puzzle word? Skirt the level (yet close to two times) enjoys this greatly fun and addictive amusement for Android! If you're a fanatic of what’s the Word or logo test amusements, this is the ideal application for you. Playing this diversion is truly straightforward and that is the thing that makes it an immaculate amusement for children.

You should simply figure the expression focused around the picture indicated and utilizing the 12 mixed letters you're given. Fun and enslavement ensured. You adore Pic Combo Trivia?you can browse 7 separate classifications for more differing qualities. You get to figure the name of the nation focused around a few acclaimed historic points or some other peculiarity that speaks to that nation.
You can likewise delight in speculating the name of the characters from your most loved motion pictures, kid's shows and comic book. How fun is that? There are additionally classes on-screen characters and performing artists where you can figure the name of well-known performers focused around their You think you know all popular world brands? Test your insight with this free test diversion.

Watch brand logos and item pictures and think about what brand they speak to! Download 'Icomania Pop Icons Quiz' and have some good times viewing film blurbs and attempt to figure the name of that film! Also in case you're into music, there's the ideal class for you! Watch pictures of well-known vocalists and conjecture their names with this stunning test app.
For each one right answer you gain 3 coins which you can utilize when you get adhered on some expression to avoid the level or purchase clues! Let the symbol madness start with this stunning trivia amusement. On the off chance that you love to play Iconmania and other top slanting amusements, you'll without a doubt appreciate playing 'Icomania Pop Icons Quiz. Get it now on Playstore for free.



Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crowdiet App

Are you starting your own diet now? Do you want to know more about how to effectively get the best diet that you want?
Well the newest app from diet expert will help you with that. Introducing the Crowdiet application. 
The newest application that will give you tips and suggestions from the expert who have gone their best diet strategies and achieve it.
You can also use it as a visual food logbook. Many food expert and nutritionist will help you upon achieving the best diet that you want to achieve.
It is the most helpful visual and social application that will help you to get a lot of knowledge and information on how to get started with the best diet food that you might start and get on with it.
This application is open to many people and food expert and nutritionist that will help you to navigate your best diet flow that you want to start.
This application is all about knowledge sharing and information gathering facts about healthy diet or weight loss. Even your friends can also share some knowledge or even share their own diet health flow to you and all your other friends.
You can post pictures and images to this app and share it with all other users. And you can see comments and suggestions that you may use to achieve your healthy lifestyle.
You and your friends may know if the food that you are taking may be good or bad for your diet flow activity. You can also gain reputation from any other users that are watching you.
So what are you waiting for? Start your diet today and start building your healthy lifestyle by getting information and facts from the experts. This application is made for all the android users and it is all for free. You can find it now on Playstore .Get your version now and share, gather and start your healthy lifestyle now.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Life Organizer

A lot of people don’t know how to organize their plans nowadays, I am basically one of them. Thoughts and ideas are coming in and out from my mind from time to time and I want to catch and take an action to the nicest things that comes from my mind when it wanders at some point but I am having a hard time to coordinate with them.
There was a time that I wished that someday there will be a great way in forms of help and support to arranging myself, my present and future plans. I know it will be possible in some ways because technology is really improving as time goes by so then I came up with a thought that there might be a handy application that will help me organize my thoughts, ideas, and plans in the cleanest possible way.

If there is only an app that is an all-in-one, I’ll be forever grateful. Luckily, I have found this mobile app that says “it is a powerful all-in-one app to help you gain complete control of your life”. I was like “Wow! Really? For real?” This mobile app is called The Life Organizer™.
I downloaded it directly and without any hesitation at all. My feelings towards this mobile app is to be compared in “love at first sight” feeling. Well, it is more like “love at first test”. The app is very friendly in such a way that I can still use it without even logging in or creating an account. The buttons with its corresponding functions are properly organized as well.
I think it should be like that because otherwise it will defeat its purpose of what an organizer does. This mobile app helps me think of what my visions in life are, my annual goals and weekly planning. Now, I feel like my brain and heart are working together.
The Calendar and To Do buttons under the Manage section play a very important role, the Calendar does not only make you write your present and upcoming events but also has the ability to remind them. Even if I am forgetful sometimes, I really appreciate it when I am reminded of the things I unintentionally forget. This is why, I love this mobile app. Furthermore, the To Do section makes you write all the things you want to do.
I was profoundly amazed with its interactivity with the user, it really is a powerful all-in-one app in helping you organize your life because it doesn’t let you forget the things that you want to be done by giving you an alert as a form of reminder. However, it has its own limits as a free user but the things that you can access as a free user is already satisfying to meet your needs in helping you organize or prepare your things in the long run. I highly recommend this to every iPhone user who is also having a difficult time in organizing their ideas and stuff.

Dreamstime Photography: Sell Photos

If you want to capture photos and earn from them, Dreamstime Companion mobile app is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do it. Whether you're an individual or a company, uploading high quality of photos ensures that anybody with any interest in what you're doing will have a quick access to that information.
As a new user to this mobile app, there are some important things I do like about it. First, the quick account set up and sign in is hassle-free.
Every new user who wants to have a Dreamstine Companion account can easily make one by just providing an available email address and username with your desired password of course. Also, the sign up or sign in page has a very good design. It is very pleasing to the eyes. A perfect example for simplicity is beauty and it is simple yet elegant design. Second, it is so easy to upload photos from your iPhone and it does restrict you from uploading your photos that are less than three megapixels.
I like it because the mobile app itself is helping you to choose the best and high quality of photos that you can upload by only allowing you upload your photos that are three megapixels or above. Lastly, Dreamstime does review the submitted images. I think they do that in order to ensure that the submitted images do match the buyers’ requirements and do not have any legal issues. After all, I think the review time for the submitted images will only take 24 hours as the maximum and not for days.
This mobile app made me realize that photos are money if you just know how to make it work because it truly is possible to earn lots of money with your own captured photo, I believe that this mobile app can help me and other people who loves photography in the long run, whether these people are professional photographers or not.
I know and I believe that there will always be someone who can be a potential buyer that will purchase my images. I used the mobile app to enter titles, descriptions, and keywords to a few images and I was definitely with no doubt surprised that I could reuse the information from the previous image. This really reduced the time spent per image and enhanced the workflow remarkably. I also noted that the mobile app can automatically fill in the keywords from the title and the description but that it does not pre-populate the words like "and", "in", “or” and "the". This mobile app is so great and awesome.
I was amazingly astonished on how it works which made me think that if it possible to keep away from these kind of words being prepopulated in the mobile app, it should also be possible in other version as well? Such as the web version? Another thing I’ve noticed is the only current option to uploading photos are from the device itself. I suggest that it would be better if users like me can hook into other online storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Over all, I am starting to love this mobile app. Take it from the newbie.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mobi.To Free Earn Money App

Introducing the new and the best way to earn money using your phone. The best smart phone application that allows you to download anything and redeem a lot of items and cash for free.
Do you want to earn money just using your phone? Well, if you do want that then download the newest app that is made just for you.—an app reward that will allow you to earn and redeem free gift cards and cash. Using this app you can choose from various useful apps that will you have an access with and earn gift card and money by downloading those applications that you have chosen. There are lot of new apps that is partnered with this application. So you can choose from anything that you want to download. And the best part is that you can earn free gift card and cash for it, pretty amazing huh?I have tried the best things that this app has offered me. allows you to download tons of applications and install them on your phone and earn Mobi Coins, and redeem them for Google Play Credits, iTunes Gift Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal cash, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, League of Legend credits, and many more. As of now, I am on my way of owning the $25 Google play gift card that requires 50000, I know it’s a lot of coins but the good thing that this app offers you is that it will allow you to earn coins easily.
Why not try to own the $25 Pa pal cash by just 24700 coins. Its easy trusts me. There is lot of offers in this app that gives you a Other best thing that this app offers the users is that the rewards are varied and constantly improved so users should always stay tuned for more option that this app offers.
You can also easily claim free gift card and earn more points and coins by referring your friend. And it’s not just you that will earn but your friends as well. It’s like a domino effect. Quickly redeem more rewards by referring your friends and family. Referrers have a chance to earn unlimited amounts through 3 levels of referral. The extra amount you earn is directly related to what your referrers earn, and the more they earn, the more you earn in return.
That sounds good right? These are the percentage that is based on the earnings of the referrals: Level 1 (Your referrals.): 5%, Level 2 (Level 1's referrals.): 3%, Level 3 (Level 2's referrals.): 1% To all smart phone users, Android and iOS.
download this application now because this application is offered for all of you and it is for free. Just look for this app on Play store and start earning your free rewards and cash. Share it with your friends and family for everyone to enjoy and for you to earn more gifts and cash.

Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun

Introducing the newest application that would certainly makes you laugh out loud. Do you love making selfie or even groufie pictures? Why not try to make fun with it.
Monster-fy app is the best app that you may use. It will allow you to make your face and your friends faces to look like a monster or any scary faces that you would like to make.
Don't let Halloween pass by without transforming your loved ones into unnerving creatures! Close relative Zelda is truly a cerebrum consuming zombie, everybody knows it! Your BFF supposes he's a vampire, superimpose photographic confirmation and offer it. Transform your Mum into a mummy! Your sis supposes she's a virtuoso? Provide for her the greatest purple cerebrum ever.
Edit faces with Monster-fy, a fun face changer and picture manager app You can choose from: devils and vampires, and zombies and even you can transform your portraits into dreadful animals. Whether for Halloween or to profess to be a character from Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead, you can divert the animals of the night with these unnerving and huge photograph stickers. Monster-fy face changer and photograph supervisor application gives you a chance to alter pictures with fun computerized stickers! Make your companions abnormal Every alarming and fiendish photograph sticker gives you a chance to customize ordinary pictures and make them unusual.
What's off with that?! We adore being strange! Ride the irregular zombie temporary fad by including scars, some protruding eyes, pale skin and a bubble to your BFF. Make fun pictures goofy and startling, then let others think about the Monster-fy face changer application. Make fun with your face with this easy and simple steps: Take a photograph, pick a current one, or pick a Facebook companion. Select your sticker or adornment and alter by resizing and pivoting. Simple taps will include or uproot stickers and photograph props and you can flip them if necessary. Add various stickers and props to alter your photograph. Layer caps, scars, skulls, and that's just the beginning. Save, Send, Email, or Share your Monster-fy photograph with our simple interface to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
What's superior to photograph shelling that plate of nourishment from your most loved restaurant with the strolling dead? At that point offer it on Facebook or Instagram! Extra in-application buys provide for you considerably more alternatives for photograph startling. This is one of the best app that I have tried so far. I love editing photos of me and my friends. Sometimes I use this app to tease them and it really works. Some of my friends, all tried this and they love it. We even make fun of our faces together. And you can even share it on Social Media fascinating isn’t it? Why not try this for your own now? Do you own an android phone? Good, then get this app now, you can find it on playstore and is totally free. Get this app now and let your Halloween picture be the best that you’ve ever had.

Morble Game

Introducing the newest app that is made for puzzle lover. Morble a fantastic match three puzzle game with a torch of magic.
Tap the circles around like a sliding riddle. Make a chain from numerous orbs of the same color. Make Magic Stars, Supernovas or develop your Magic Meter to make a blast of mystical Shooting Stars that shower down onto the amusement board. Enchantment can be found in every corner of Morble.
This game really uses mind and intellect to fully understand the game. So this will really enhance your thinking and intellectual capacity upon certain things. It’s good isn’t it? Well it allows you, the user, to really use your intelligence or even broaden it upon solving the puzzle. This game has two different game modes for different style of plays.
The first one is the, Classic --is a non-timed mode based on earning moves with matches and spending moves to tap the orbs around. This mode allows the player to take their time and plan moves. The second one is, Time Warp-- is a timed mode based on earning extra time with matches and going as fast as you can before the time runs out. This is fast paced for those who love being on the edge.
The user can select different mode of the game. If the user wants to be challenge more he/she can choose the time wrap for it is timed, and that is what it makes it more challenging. This app really offers the users with a lot of excitement. The other good thing of this app is that you can play it with your friends. That sounds good right? You will now have the chance to get back up with your friends and challenge them who is the best player of this game? And you can even bet a prize on it to make more interesting and exciting.
This is one of the features that this app offers the users. The Online Fun--Join online and play Push and Play games with friends or soon to be friends using the Random Challenge. Once a part of the online community you can participate in the Global Showdown against all online players or your personal Friend Showdown which only pits you against your Morble friends. Pretty exciting isn’t it? You can also choose to play offline, if you are not interested to play online.
You can play Single Player or Multiplayer Pass and Play games locally with friends or family members, it's just as fun! Other feature includes: Single player, Pass and Play locally (turn based), Push and Play online (turn based), Two Game Modes: Classic and Time Warp, Online Global Showdown against all players, Online Friend Showdown against just your friends, Avatar Creator: Make yourself a Morble Avatar, 35+ Achievements to earn.
So what are you waiting for? Feel the excitement that I feel upon using this app. This is made for Iphone and Ipad users only. The android version is not yet available as of this moment, but we hope they will make an android version of it so that everyone can enjoy. You can download it now on Appstore for only $1.99.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter Game

Want to be the best pilot of your own? Navigate and control your own chopper? Try now the new Helidroid 3 part 2, with 18 all new levels and much better improve graphics and best quality of sound and music. It is now in 3 dimensional modes to offer you the best quality of gaming. Take the control of 4 little RC Helicopters in a whole house with enclosure and swimming pool.
Perform a considerable measure of mixture of missions to turn into a genuine pilot. Control a "RC Fire" helicopter to take some water from the swimming pool and smother the flames. Utilize the "RC Skylift" helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet. Alternately pick the "RC Apache" and the "RC Comanche" helicopter to flame rockets and fight.
The game missions are really amazing and fascinating. It’s like you are riding your own helicopter and managing it in your own way. Some of its missions includes: get an auto at full speed before it falls into the pool, explode all the inflatables, chase the feathered creatures that are brought into your home, find your keys oblivious with a searchlight (under your copter), take some water in the shower and go quench the candles, use the magnet introduce in the helicopter to empty a holder ship, fight and demolish an alternate RC-Copter, before it goes down you, landing on a moving boat, come to the salvage of a train ablaze, cross all the rings in movement, as quick as would be prudent. Other mission may also include finding the secret room to unlock new mission.
This game also has a feature in which it will let you interact with all the objects in the game. Interesting isn’t it? It has a lot of different features in the game that ought to know when you play this game. This will really cover up your boredom and boring time. This game requires focus and balance, so your brain and intellect will be trained by this game. See, you are not just making fun and enjoy but you are also learning.
Other features includes: Control the chopper with a joystick or the gyro/ accelerometer sensor, 2 sorts of joystick: "Easy control", utilized as a part of Helidroid 1 and 2 and "Real Control", utilized within the recreations like Battlefield, 4 copters : 1 blaze copter (canadair copter) , 1 vehicle copter, and 2 battle copters, Real 3d material science like a pilot training program or a plane reenactment, use Accelerometer sensor if the gadget does not have a Gyro sensor.
This game is totally free. You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy playing. You can find this much improve app on “Play store”. Get your newest version of Helidroid now and enjoy the best features that this game will offer you. You will never ever regret on playing this.


Friday, October 3, 2014

All The Fun At The Fair Slot

Do you know where all the fun is? It is all in the fair, the newest app that is made for you. “All the fun at the Fair.” Created by the BEATS N’ BOBS for those who loves casino slots machine.
With the traditional “Victorian” fairground style design, high definition graphics, musical effects, flashing lights and animations in a modern style casino fruit machine. It’s like bringing Vegas casino in to your phone.
Offering you casino style features you would expect such as multiple winning line combinations, variable stakes, auto-spin, free spins, progressive jackpots, mini bonus games, animated reel symbols, exclusive music and sound plus special visual effects.
More features offers you such as: win your virtual fortune by matching symbols in various combinations.Collect tokens to unlock fairground rides or lucky dip bonus game. Multiple jackpots keep rolling over until you match 5 in a row and win that jackpot.Unlocked bonus game rides give you a chance to win big. This game will surely offer you the best casino experience and adventure in your phone. This app also has bonus free games such as:
the Big Wheel Bonus:
You have a great view up there but now the ride is over. See where the big wheel of fortune stops first and win that prize.
Bumper Car Bonus:
Everyone loves the dodgems. Here is your chance to win prizes. Dodge the cars to keep on winning.Follow the rules or the ride ends.
Hammer Time:
It’s your turn to show your strength. Smash the hammer for free spins. The stronger you are, the more free spins you win.
You start with a small amount of credits and you can choose to bet high or low stakes. See if you can make a fortune. All bonus game awards are proportional to your stakes. The more you bet the more you win.
Don't worry if you lose all your credits as you can start again as many times as you like. No in-app purchases or adverts in this game. Extra bonuses are awarded every day so you always have a chance to win more.This is way much better than the slot machines that is offered in the casinos. Even way more fascinating and attracting.
This application is available to all smartphones users, IOS and Android. This application is for free but there is all also a paid version of it. Try your luck now and enjoy the best slot machine of all time. The new and latest version. It is now
available in the play store, grab yours now and enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Iwento App

Introducing the newest and latest application for those people who love to travel and see all the places and locations that they have been through.
The all new Iwento (I-when-too), a private personal mapping tool available for Iphone, created and released by Harrier Studios.  This tool allows you to see what places that you have been and how often you’ve been into those places. One of its amazing feature is that, this map grows with the user, the more the user uses the map the grater the map grows.
In other words, the more places you go through the more details your map gets.Want to know or remember where you have been last September 5? Well, just log in to your Iwento’s filter and see where you have been during that day. What’s good about this app is that it has feature in which you can filter date and time, (month, year, etc.) so that you may know what day and time you have been in the places that you want to remember. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Well, that’s not it. Iwento also has another feature which is called “Journey”. This feature allows its user to track where ever he go during a vacation, road trip or any other adventure that the user may want to and it is 100% private.
The user app will not worry about a thing, because the creator of this app does not collect their location data, it is 100% private, and so privacy is not a problem in this tool, it is written in the terms and agreement. Always read the terms and agreement first before using this app to secure everything is fine. Quick Start Guide, open the app and tap the “Menu” and turn on “Auto Tracking” and choose the interval in minutes, the app will then set your location at once.
When the map started to get shape, you can now then change its gradient color and map style on the menu depending on your style or what you want it to be. But always remember one thing, that this map won’t start looking when you didn’t have plotted 100+ locations yet. So better go out there and start exploring with your new app that would surely accompany you whenever and whatever places you will be. This app is actually under development by the Harrier Studios to even improve its content to gain more customers approval.This application is applicable only for Iphone and Ipad users but we do hope they would also create an android version of it so that android phone users may also experience how best this application is.
It is not for free you need to purchase for it to start using it is available now on Appstore. So grab your Iwento now and boast it with your friends and family or much better let them grab theirs, and experience the best thing that this app can offer you and you’re friends. 


Friday, September 26, 2014

Fruit Slinger Game

Do you want to test your slinging target ability? Or be the best sharp shooter in your community? Better try this new and best application the “Exalt LLC.” Utilize the fruits and hit the moving target. This game app will surely enhance your slinging ability to hit a target. 
You can choose from different categories to start the game, choose from, Timed, Limited and Trick, you can also train before starting the game.
You will have to undergo 60 stages. Only the stage one is unlock, the rest is your job to open it by successfully finishing each level with the required points. The points earned by this game is 10 coins each hit. This game also has store in it to further purchase the things that will help you with your journey to unlock all the stages. This things includes; Time wrap, slings and explosives.
You can also be a fruit slinging sheriff of your own and be the best slinger in the world. This game will not only increase your slinging ability but also your thinking ability as well, because you will ought to really focus on the game and set your timing in order to hit the target. Tap the screen or get wild and swing your device to wind up the power of the toss. This will help increasing your timing ability in all things that requires timing. There are lot of various things that you can learn from this game. This game can be enjoyed not only by the little ones but also the old ones. This is not just a game, it is more of increasing and developing your ability and skills and coordination for further attraction of success in the future.
You can choose from various fruits that you want such as; banana, apple, mangoes, kiwis, watermelons and more. You can gain badge in every level. The more your fruit flippn’ finesse grows the more badges you will earn. This game app will surely offer you the enjoyment that you want as you unlock all the stages and finishes to the end. This will surely need a mindful activity to hit your target and be the best slinger in town. You can also share your results in facebook to show your friends how great you are in this game and let them try it for themselves to see who will be the greatest among all your friends.
You can enjoy playing with your family, you can set a contest that has a price, so that you and your family will surely enjoy competing for the price. Show them how best you are with your slinging ability. Stunned them all, and be the champion. This game can offer a great family time or even with your friends. Make use of your time, let those boring time turn into good ones.
It is now available in GooglePlay and Appstore. So what are you waiting for? Be the first Exalt LLC champion in the world.