Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RedDot Tap App Review

Developer James McGarry has come up with a wonderful tool in the form of an app for Apple's iOS users that channels tapping into an entertaining and exciting game.

Named as RedDot Tap, the app is made available on iTunes under Games category and is said to be one of the greatest ways to concentrate. It is the best way to break lonliness while waiting for a train at railways station, for a bus at a bus stop or at a clinic and waiting for the doctor to reach. It kills boredom at home too. The app is best to boost up creativeness and sharpen the brain.

The game is rated at 4+ on iTunes and the developer claims it to be compatible with iOS 10.3 or later devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


The developer has priced tagged RedDot Tap app at $0.99. It is the first version and consumes storage of just 18.3 MB to download and install on the mentioned devices.

It was launched on 20 June 2017, just recently, and supports English language to make the game understand by more and more people.

RedDot Tap is learned from users and critics to be highly addictive game that channels the energy and challenges friends too.

The app is simple and sweet with no music, no images and no animation. Players just need concentration to the tap the red dots more and more with the target of scoring the highest among friends or groups.

Each level of the RedDot Tap has more challenges and seeks faster movement of fingers to tap the dots in great number.

The app is for any age group as it is equally simple for elderly as well as for the kids. It improves the creative talent of users and boost up thinking level at faster speed. The game helps in rationalizing things at hand in quick access.

As the game is less than a month old, not much has been heard from real players about the experience or any bug. The game is expected to soon get an update to enhance the playing and introduce some more exciting levels to keep luring more potential users.

RedDot Tap is undoubtedly a good game and with time can prove to be the best one in simple and easy games segment. It is a new way to keep users engaged for hours without head scratching and without strategies while playing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Online Board Game From ‘Useless’ Titled ‘Be Diced’

Russian developer Useless has just released an online board game dubbed as Be Diced. It is exciting, fun and engaging to play. Players will be involved in duel by choosing their favorite dice.

Be Diced is equipped with simple rules to enable even layman smartphone users to play and roll for the win. Two attempts will be given to roll the dice. In the first attempt players need to throw all the five dice and in the second attempt the dice becomes selectable ahead of the rolling. Combination results of both are counted for win. The player who will get the best results of both will be declared as the winner. It is to note here two victories will be announced in each match.

The game is filled with several exciting features like it offers multiple locations and there are dozens of different dice in it to play. The game is equipped with modern graphics and delivers realistic physics. More to all these, weekly ranking of the best players will be announced too along with prizes for them.

Launched on 3 September 2016, the Be Diced game is currently version 1.0 and is compatible to Android 4.0.3 and above for installation. It is 62MB in size and children above twelve years of age are allowed to play. It comes free on Google Play Store and is offered by the maker of some of the best free games for Android devices including "I am a Hero," "Extraspher" and "Easy Pixel Hunt."

The game offers some in-app purchases. In terms of permission from users it will read phone/device status and identity as well apart from viewing network connections and accessing full network.

As the game has been lately launched, there is just one user feedback on Google Play Store about it as '5 Star.' However, it will be easy to understand whether the game will be satisfactory as claimed by looking at the feedback of other games from Useless. The "I am a Hero" has average ranking of '4 Star' from more than 600 users and "Extrasphere" ranks '5 Star' from four users. Just two users have taken the pain of giving star ranking to "Easy Pixel Hunt" that averages as '3 Star.'

Hope Be Diced performs at least '4 Star' in near future as more and more players try the game. Do share your own views and of course feedback if played it with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Be a Better Best Friend with My Happy

My Happy is a brand new iOS and Android app that allows you to create your very own beautifully designed inspirational posters (called Happies) for your family, friends and loved ones. You can choose from a gallery of premade motivational quotes and templates, or create original messages with your own pictures and words. All you have to do is take or choose an image, write up a message, style it to your liking, and hit send or share.

My Happy gives you the speed of an instant messaging app, with the functionality of a photo sharing platform. But more than just another photo editor or chat app, My Happy provides you with a way to create meaningful visuals quickly and easily in just a few taps.


What makes this app different?

What differentiates My Happy from every other app in the marketplace right now is its attention to the finer details. From the app’s simple, intuitive interface, to the range of custom designed templates.

The variety of filters and fonts to choose from give this app the sort of long-term appeal that’ll keep you coming back for more. And you’ll never be short on ideas for new Happies once you get a feel for all the little icons in the artworks sections. There are also loads of templates and pre-made messages for you to share when you can’t think of anything to write.

Look mom, I’m a designer!

After creating one of these Happies, you get the sense that you’ve made something cool, and want to share it with as many people as you can.

Why you’ll use it

My Happy gives you a better way to express yourself, to connect with the people you care about. Celebrate the good times, and send an encouraging message to help someone through the tough times.


If you’re the type of person who shares inspirational quotes on your social channels, this app is a dream come true. Best of all, My Happy is completely free. And so are all the filters and photo effects you’ll need to create stunning picture messages.


Profound quotes and inspirational messages have long been recognized as the most naturally sharable content online. My Happy has honed in on this idea, and defined a strong audience around people who want to create their own motivational messages, not just for their social networks but for their family and friends too.  

We’ve given this app a 5 star rating for bringing something fresh to the photo sharing space. Its free filters, great artworks and powerful photo effects make My Happy one to watch out for as its community develops.

Watch the below video for the walk-through of App

Monday, February 9, 2015

Thelidia Asteroid Attack II

The Thelidia Asteroid Attack II is a fee online game developed by Thelidia. The Asteroid is a label of Atari. This is the most preferred fee game, which is available on Google Play in Android Apps section.
This game is very simple and easy to play from kids to adult persons. The theme of this game is space survival. This is a though mission to enter in to an unknown galaxy by a gamer. Here, one has to cross the space hurdles, which come in the direct way towards the gamers space shuttle.
Other than asteroid attacks there are a few other space probes that enter the screen from the opposite direction. When a gamer shoots them, they do bounce and chances are there to hit the gamers space shuttle when he shoots multiple asteroids. This is a very interesting game to play with amazing visual graphics and sound effects.
Main Features of Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Game Theme – Space Attack Playing Option – Single and Multiple Gamers Score Board – Online updates are there to see who is on the top score. The score loop is available to closed group within your team members. The score can also be shared on leading social media network sites to tease and have fun with score level achievements.
The score loop is a global score chart specially designed for the gaming enthusiasts. Playing Style - shoot'em up Mission – There are 50 interesting missions to play by a gamer.
Game Levels – There are three levels like Novice, Beginners and Advanced. Energy Level – The way you shoot an asteroid your ammunition will come down. However the level you cross by escaping the asteroid clash, it will save energy. The energy level is also boost up when you are progressing towards next level. Saving energy level and ammunition is a smart way to proceed and reach higher levels in the game. Trouble Shooting and Support – They provide full online support in case of any problems with the game. Availability - It is an online free game and is available in major mobile stores. Tips to Win – Try to avoid maximum asteroid attack on your space shuttle coming from the opposite direction.
Move and adjust as far as possible to gain energy. Shoot when ever required. Be careful with bounces while shooting. Technical Features of Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Operating System: It runs on all mobile devices installed with the Android. Game Calibration - Android Gyroscope is the easy and simple way to move the space shuttle by just tilting the device by your hand.
The gun shooting from the gamer’s shuttle is through with just tapping on the screen. Nextpeer: The saving of your game is the best option to play in future by a gamer. This is also very beneficial from the nextpeer available in Android support specially meant for gaming purpose. This platform supports the entire multiplayer cross platform. This enables a gamer to share the scoreboard globally that is playing this game to set their top score as unbeatable.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bubble Shift Mania

The app is maybe not original but you are having a fun time when you play the game. The app is all about matching the correct bubbles and when they are connected to each other they will pop away.
I think lots of people know this game from bubbleshooter or other kinds of games, but I have never seen something like this app before.
The app is free for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch and the genre is: puzzles. Well you can definitely say it is a puzzle, it is not only fun to play but also hard. If you like to challenge yourself and want to become better at puzzling, I would say this app is something for you.
You have 5 different ways of playing the game: classic, advanced, timed, infinite and madness. If you want to play any other than classic you have to play your way to the harder levels. When you are playing, you will learn a lot of new skills and you will use those skills to become better at it.
The Size of this app is 30.2MB and is normal for a good app, the app keeps up to date by the developers and will be keep up to date. The device where you want to play this at has to have a IOS of at least 6.0 If you have lots of friends which have Iphones or other apple devices, you can play against them.
The Game Center leaderbords will keep your scores up to date and will make it even more fun to play the game and challenge not only you but also other people like friends or family. This game has no violent in it or any other disturbing things for children, that is why young and older people can play the game.
If you are on a holiday or a long trip, children get bored because they are bored fast. I know this of experience with children, with this app you will keep the children buzzy because the app is addictive, children love to beat other people especially family and friends. How to play the app? It is really easy you only have to tick one time on the screen to shoot a bubble, if you hit the other bubbles who are the same colour as yours than they will disappear. If they are not, than you made the level you were playing a bit harder to conquer.
I have played the app many times and I think the app is a good way to train your brain at puzzles. I recommend the app mostly to children because adolescents will think this game is to easy, not that its true but they will not see the fun of it.
Children love to take a challenge and will therefore play the game whenever they have the chance. Because of lots of colours of the balls it is also a nice screen to look at. I give the app 5 stars, the app is amazing and the creativity to build so many levels is outstanding.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Instead of using Snapchat or a normal camera on your phone, you can now make a game out of it.
The USPLUS app is a game where 2 players make a photo of themselves or other things. The 2nd player needs to react on the photo to make a piece of art. The app is very original in the way they made it.
 I have never seen something like this app before and I think it is awesome. You can play different games with this app like challenging each other or going in pairs to make some kind of art. The app requires at least IOS 6.1 or higher which is a shame that older devices can’t use this fantastic app.
The people who will use this app is for the younger generation, it can become the new way of social media in the same way like Instagram. You can choose to make the pieces of art that you made to share on Facebook or Twitter or if it is to embarrassing or something like that you can share it via e-mail or in private with each other.
To use this app is not that hard, you sign up with a username and so does your friend or family. When the person you wanted to play with also signed up, you will send him a word. On this word he will give a response with a photo, when you see a photo of them you send 1 back that compares to theirs.
If you completed that it is called a pair. When you go on with the game you can develop more than 1 pair and that will end in a “set” which will be displayed in a column. After the “set” it will become a library and I think that you understand the meaning of how does this work.
It is a fun way to make photos of yourself with friends or others and share them. If you want to have some fun you just download the app because it is free. It only costs you 22 MB on your phone and it is definitely worth it. I think that this app is really awesome because you can make fun of and with your friends with a game. It has more meaning than Snapchat because behind this app there is a thought.
USPLUS is one of the apps that will bring you a fun time with your friends. I recommend this app to everyone with an Iphone/Ipad or Ipod touch because it is really fun to use it with your friends. It is free so if you don’t like it you can delete it from your phone.
If you have friends that use Snapchat or Instagram it would not be hard to let them use USPLUS because it is way more fun. The app is for everyone not only for young people, adults/ grownups can have a laugh too. The app can be used by everyone and that is so amazing about it. I am definitely going to continue this app and so should you.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission

This game is an awesome adventure, the game is about not letting your person die, and keep him alive to not let touch the ground or evil creatures. The game is playable on the Ipod touch and Iphone with an IOS 6.1 or higher.
 Sinky the character needs to be liften up by the person behind the device, it needs to stay high and needs to go to the directions the user wants. He can help Sinky by tapping under him, this is how he stays alive.
The game is about getting a high score and beat it when you died. The game is very addictive to beat your own score or scores from friends. The game can be found in the app store and you can challenge friends by connecting to the game center from Apple.
When you challenge friends this game will automatically be more amazing than when you played it solo. It will be more fun and harder to beat your own high score or the high scores of your friends. The goal of the games is to collect all the fruits and stay in the air, if you touches the ground or the evil characters (recognised by black creatures with pointy things) if you do this your points will go up and the level where you are in will also rise.
This game can be played by children because there is no violence in this game, it is child friendly. What do children like more than a game which challenge themselves or others. The game is free so if you do not believe me test it yourselves. It is really awesome how such app is made, I have never seen an app like this before. To get more points and not to die you have to be smart and you have to be patience, act to fast and you die. Act to slow and you will die, this game is really challenging the people behind the screens.
There are a lot of levels you can check out and lots of medals to achieve. You can get a bronze/ silver or gold medal. Everyone wants to get the gold one so you can keep on training yourselves and when you finally got it you can go to the next level. It is a free app with no obligations for payments. Your children or yourselves can enjoy the app whenever you like, if you have an apple device.
I would recommend this app to children but also adults to have fun while playing a challenging app. You will get addicted to beat your own high score of a high score of someone else (a friend).