Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bubble Shift Mania

The app is maybe not original but you are having a fun time when you play the game. The app is all about matching the correct bubbles and when they are connected to each other they will pop away.
I think lots of people know this game from bubbleshooter or other kinds of games, but I have never seen something like this app before.
The app is free for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch and the genre is: puzzles. Well you can definitely say it is a puzzle, it is not only fun to play but also hard. If you like to challenge yourself and want to become better at puzzling, I would say this app is something for you.
You have 5 different ways of playing the game: classic, advanced, timed, infinite and madness. If you want to play any other than classic you have to play your way to the harder levels. When you are playing, you will learn a lot of new skills and you will use those skills to become better at it.
The Size of this app is 30.2MB and is normal for a good app, the app keeps up to date by the developers and will be keep up to date. The device where you want to play this at has to have a IOS of at least 6.0 If you have lots of friends which have Iphones or other apple devices, you can play against them.
The Game Center leaderbords will keep your scores up to date and will make it even more fun to play the game and challenge not only you but also other people like friends or family. This game has no violent in it or any other disturbing things for children, that is why young and older people can play the game.
If you are on a holiday or a long trip, children get bored because they are bored fast. I know this of experience with children, with this app you will keep the children buzzy because the app is addictive, children love to beat other people especially family and friends. How to play the app? It is really easy you only have to tick one time on the screen to shoot a bubble, if you hit the other bubbles who are the same colour as yours than they will disappear. If they are not, than you made the level you were playing a bit harder to conquer.
I have played the app many times and I think the app is a good way to train your brain at puzzles. I recommend the app mostly to children because adolescents will think this game is to easy, not that its true but they will not see the fun of it.
Children love to take a challenge and will therefore play the game whenever they have the chance. Because of lots of colours of the balls it is also a nice screen to look at. I give the app 5 stars, the app is amazing and the creativity to build so many levels is outstanding.

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