Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well Forgotten Tales

Well Forgotten Tales is an interactive comic adventure for single player. It is a combination of catching atmospheric sounds effect, funny stories, music and comic style visuals. Contains over 150 hand-drawn images. See the Facebook site too!
In the first episode, Mystery of the Petrified Sandworm, you will choose a character and start investigating a mystery. You will face foes and other intriguing personalities and interact with them. All conflicts are solved with a roll of dice. Every character has some special powers such as spells, weapons or some hard-boiled gold pieces. Well Forgotten Tales Download

Heart Breaker

What do you think about RPGs? The role play games are the hottest trend this season. Just imagine, you have been put in a fictional world where you are supposed to play a role of a certain character present in that world.
Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is and that was what attracted me to this RPG - Heart Breaker. Don’t go by the name, the game is not about breaking someone’s heart like love stories. The game is totally different and super amazing. There are enemies whom you need to kill. You need to take their hearts out in order to keep going and that’s where the name Heart Breaker comes from.
The player of the game deals with the enemies and gets protectors, weapons and HEARTs on defeating them. The hearts can then be used for a variety of purposes. I never knew a heart could be used for so much of things until I played this game. Heart Breaker Review

Thursday, September 26, 2013


How about you are given a chance to be a rocket man and you need to face the enemies that are constantly coming in your way to stop you from reaching your destination and also get more and more coins?
This is what Xposer gives you. Another lovely game by the Zilliar, this one isn’t an ordinary game. There are millions of games available in the app store but I can bet you cannot find a game like this.
From the outer look, the game looks similar to running games but in actual, it is definitely not so. Xposer is a game in which your mission is to collect maximum gems and earn points. There would be obstacles and enemies who would pop up just to stop you. You need to fight those enemies and kill them before they kill you. The obstacles – well, this part is the one because of which I called this game a different from others. Xpozer Review

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


“Mam, your car is about to break down. The steering is not working. The lock of the doors is not working and the front wheels need to be changed as soon as possible. ” Just imagine how you would feel like when a pile of such problems are informed to you by your driver at once. A few minutes before your car was working so smoothly and now you have come to know that there is so much that needs to be fixed. This is the result of improper maintenance of your vehicle. myCARFAX is an amazing app which helped me get rid of all these issues. With my busy schedule, I rarely had time to take care about all these things especially when there was nothing to remind me of all this maintenance stuff. Do you own a car? A timely service and maintenance is very much necessary if you want your vehicle last for a long time. myCARFAX Review


With Apple launching its new and high tech phones-iPhone 5c and 5s, applications on the App store are also on the rise. The iSign Translate found its way into the App World on September 13, 2013. The app occupies a tiny portion of the memory. The size is around 14. 9 MB. The App is English based. iSign Translate is preliminarily a picture translator. The pictures taken with an iPhone camera, containing text, can be translated with the help of this app. Now, the indigenousness of the iPhone camera is well known to everybody. The camera presents an excellent picture quality, due to, not just the good resolution of the screen, but also the excellent camera engineered by the apple technicians. The languages available are Thai, Spanish, Italian, Ukranian, Turkish, Swedish, France and German. iSignTranslate Review

DuckieDeck Collection Educational Games for Toddlers

Do you have a kid aged 2-5 years? Obviously you would be worried for his learning process. Kids of this age need a lot of attention and you need to put in a lot of hard work in order to teach them small basic stuff and help them to adjust into the human world. Nowadays, kid friendly games and apps have been catching the attention of many parents and so did they mine. I usually prefer to keep my 3 year old daughter away from the gadgets like my iPhone but one day I came across Duckie Deck – a very friendly and funny game that helps in personality development of our little children. At first, I was a bit reluctant to introduce my kid to this, but then, it sounded really amazing to have one game that can help my child in so many ways.DuckieDeck Collection Educational Games for Toddlers Review

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes

Though there are a lot of games in the App Store but the new Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes is really a wonderful game.
It is interesting and full of fun to act as the commander of Tiny Defenders of 34 kinds. You have to fight against the unrelenting, violent but humorous Slimes of 26 types.
I like this game genre quite a lot, and is great to play on iPhone or iPad devices. There are 50 great levels of this game and you have to make strategies for Fog, Day, Rain, Night and Grass land maps. You can enjoy the beautiful beach at Lava Sand and order the guard to look after the Ghetto town.
Unlike, other games, it is full of events and each level has variety of features. The game is more than just fighting; it has puzzle work as well. If you like to earn minerals or coins, you can answer the unknown words. Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes Review

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Are you ready for a new game? According to me, a good game is one which you can operate easily and through which you can have endless fun. A good game never lets you get bored and that’s what Nebo Tracks does.
I came across the game when I was searching the store for some new games. The graphic snapshots were the only reason which compelled me to click the download button.
As soon as I downloaded the game, my first reaction was – this is really better than I had expected. And it actually is. The game might seem boring or uninteresting on the first look but this is certainly not the truth.
Nebo Tracks is a game where you need to control a fighter ship and kill the enemies. You have been given a ship which you can obviously change from the upgrade store and you need to reach your destination. Oops! This can’t be that easy. Right? It isn’t, at all. NeboTrucks Game Review

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Squid Up

Meet a curious little squid that has a mission to save what is left of the world. Steer this endearing pink ball of curiosity through a fun, friendly, and easy-going game. 
Live vicariously through his courageous actions of adventuring from the bottom of the ocean with a goal of reaching the edge of the universe. Have a thrilling experience jumping and spinning, collecting coins on the way up. 
Increase your speed & points thanks to multipliers and pimp up your cuddly buddy in the shop. There is no way to go but up… Will you be brave enough to strive for the unknown? Download Squid Up right now to experience the trip of a lifetime. Squid Up iOS app Download

Monday, September 9, 2013

Guess The Word 4 Pics 1 Word

The word has been spread. There is a super exciting and entertaining game available in the Android market. Guess The Word – a new word game that has become a trending game on the market in just a few days.
Available for free, this game has been downloaded by many people and not even a single one has given a bad review about the game. So, how can I?  This game is so good that I cannot say bad stuff about the game even if I want to.
Let me tell you why this is so. The game isn’t like normal word games where you are given some hints in the form of some randomly chosen alphabet from the word itself that need to be guessed. Nor it is like the one where you are given textual hints and are asked to guess the word. You might be thinking how are you actually supposed to guess then? How are you given hints? With the help of pictures. Guess The Word 4 Pics 1 Word Review

The School App

Everyone is going the ‘tech’ way these days so why the school children should lag behind? Yes, you are in school but that doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes shut towards the latest technologies in the market that can make your life simpler and easier.
One such technology is the latest app on the google play i.e. The School App. If you are a student, obviously you would be using a homework diary to pen down the daily tasks that you are required to do in school.
This app would provide you an entirely different way of maintaining a homework diary.So, let us talk about what you can do with this app. The first task is that you can enter and view the complete school timetable and track as well as update your homework assignments. You can also set automatic reminders to inform you about the assignment due date. The School App Review

Bloodshot Free

Every day I come across one or the other Android game or app, each of them is better than the other. The games dominating market like Angry bird, Temple runs etc. is so addictive and enjoyable games that, one might not even consider other games.
While going through more games in search for more variety and something different to try, I just came across this game - Blood Shot. This is something really addictive and unique  arcade shooting game that I have seen amongst many of them listed out there.
It was very easy to get hold of this game learning didn't prove to be a hassle, and the best part was I really enjoyed the game, just lock and shoot. Bloodshot Free Review

Symmetry School Learning Geometry

Being an iPhone fan for a long time I came across so many applications and games for my device, each and every game and application is a masterpiece in itself whereas some of them being useless.
It was recently that I came across this game - Symmetry School : Learning Geometry, which was designed for kids to brush up their memory. At the first sight I was a bit astonished to see the app and what it was for. 
Later on I came to know, after reading the description, that the application was for kids to help them in learning geometry, polishing their memorizing skills and developing recognition as well intuition for symmetric patterns. Symmetry School Learning Geometry Review

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Space Simulator Pro 3D

Space Simulator Pro is a simple, but very addictive physics simulation of a gravity systems in space.
There is no goal, other than to have fun by playing around with suns, planets and meteors, observing the gravity forces and building up entire solar systems.
Live Wallpaper mode is now ACTIVE! Enjoy your saved solar systems in interactive Live Wallpaper mode! What would you like to have more? Space Simulator Pro 3D Download