Thursday, September 26, 2013


How about you are given a chance to be a rocket man and you need to face the enemies that are constantly coming in your way to stop you from reaching your destination and also get more and more coins?
This is what Xposer gives you. Another lovely game by the Zilliar, this one isn’t an ordinary game. There are millions of games available in the app store but I can bet you cannot find a game like this.
From the outer look, the game looks similar to running games but in actual, it is definitely not so. Xposer is a game in which your mission is to collect maximum gems and earn points. There would be obstacles and enemies who would pop up just to stop you. You need to fight those enemies and kill them before they kill you. The obstacles – well, this part is the one because of which I called this game a different from others. Xpozer Review

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