Friday, June 29, 2012


Ever been in a situation where you were looking for an answer for a school assignment on Google and couldn’t find it? Of course, we all have at some point. Download app here!
After having searched the encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and every other ‘pedia’ there is and coming up with nothing, I bet you went on to ask your mom, dad, siblings, grandpa and dog, but still came up with nothing, right?
So then you went on Yahoo! Answers, posted your question there and got some weird (and useless) comments from people who either didn’t know or didn’t care.
It’s handy for discovering things you never knew (or are too afraid to ask) as well as being a platform for numerous different games to be played amongst friends. So don’t wait any longer, visit the Play Store and download it now. With the Ask Friends app, the possibilities are endless. AskFriends Review


Whether it is during your childhood, when the occupation seems hazardless and the freedom to fly at 40,000 feet gives you chills of excitement; or if you’re older and would like to have experienced more, taken more risks and lived more exciting adventures, every now and again many of us will dream of becoming pilots. Download app here!

So instead of the fuzzy Flight Simulator dashboard, think of a real cockpit you may have visited as a child and you’ll be closer to imagining the visuals on this app. Game response is very good as well and many have commented that it really does closely resemble the process of flying a real plane.

And what of the Curious Joes then? Well, download it, click around, learn some jargon (preferably NOT through Wikipedia if you ever intend on being a pilot), try and keep your plane flying straight and not crash. If anything it’ll open your eyes to the amount of time and study it takes to become a part of this valued profession. Show some love for the guy who is living that childhood dream while you ride along in Economy.

Absolute Vintage

This new app for you iPhone, iPod or iPad is the impressive Vintage Portrait maker. This app lets you design a photograph which looks authentically vintage. Download app here!
You can use a photograph of yourself or even of your friends. With this app you used a previously saved photograph or a brand new one and attach your head onto a different body.
You can then start to play with the image and put on extra features such as spectacles, jewellery and clothes and even pop it into a vintage frame.
Once you have done this and created your image you can put into onto your facebook account immediately or simply just save it.
This is a very entertaining app and is a lot of fun to use. The options are endless with the different things you can add to your images to produce lots of funny results. You will soon while away the time when using this app as there are so many different combinations you can use to create a lot of different images. Absolute Vintage Review


Box Cryptor is an app which will enable you to back up all of your files in a drop box and then encrypt it with the app. The app is extremely easy to use and can be used at any time!  Download app here!
Not only is the app simple to use and befitting to all situations you may be in when using it but is also will not put your safety at risk.
The app is extremely private and allows you to use it at ease without any problems. The features to this app however are limited an in order to access all the additional features you must upgrade to buy these.  Also, at the moment you can only obtain Box Cryptor in English.
The app is very safe and always protects your security and personal information. On every occasion in which you attempt to reach your encrypted files from your drop box you can be assured that your personal pass word will never be leaked and will remain safe at all times. BoxCryptor Review

Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English

Phrase book for English is a new release by the developers S4BB limited. Download app here!
This app will be of use on a daily basis to help you communicate with ease and give you the confidence to be able to ask for directions to a variety of places from restaurants and places to relax and have a drink of an evening.
Talk Urdu is divided into many different sections to ensure that there is something there to cover all of your needs and requirements which you may find yourself in during your journeys.
All of the phrases contained within this app are very simple and easy to follow. The phrases are spelt out phonetically in both English language and Urdu.
The app also has a really useful search system. Not only is this easy to use but it will help you to find the phrase you need promptly and at ease. You will not have to trawl from section to section to find the phrase you require. Talk Urdu Phrasebook for English

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rocket Riot

The main character appears in the form of a missile that has several rocket type features for his limbs as well as numerous rocket firing gadgets. His main mission is to locate a pernicious pirate who goes by the name of Blockbeard. All of the other characters which feature in the game can fly around on account of their rocket features.

The main aim of this game is to zoom around a stadium of a rocket pack trying to eliminate the opposition with your firing gadgets. In addition to the opposition you are more than capable of demolishing anything else that gets in your way. Everything contained within the stage can be destroyed. You also have the power to fire through walls creating holes but this will not ultimately mean the stage is over as the wall can fix itself after a short while.

There are numerous bonus items for you to accumulate throughout the game which will give you extra energy. You will find the ones you expect in any game such as extra ammunition and energy but also you will find brightly coloured blasts or missiles which will ricochet around the stage hitting numerous items and oppositions. Rocket Riot Game

Booster Free Task Killer

Booster will begin to monitor all apps, giving you the number of tasks they have lined up, each of them draining your battery life little by little. Now go ahead and click the ‘optimize’ button. Booster will eliminate tasks that are not absolutely necessary.
Download app here

Once the apps have shut down, the music will stop and you can sleep soundly, knowing your phone will not be dead in the morning as it used to be. No more need for overnight charging every single blessed night, just leave it to the Booster app and watch your battery life soar!

It shows you the exact percentage of your battery life that is wasted on each activity (an astounding 22% of mine is lost to standby, just keeping my phone on while it’s sitting on the desk unused) and gives you direct links to your settings page, where you can then change them to reduce battery waste. Booster Free Task Killer

Fly Kite

For a fresh dose of vitamin D radiating straight from your phone screen, simply download the app, register and click on Fly Kite from the list of backgrounds.
Download app here
Click on ‘apply’ (wording may vary depending on phone make) and there you have it: a gorgeous, sunny landscape on your background. But it’s not just any odd sunny day you’re looking at. This landscape comes complete with fully animated kites (hence the name) of all shapes and sizes dancing around your screen.
The sky is a marvellous shade of blue that’ll take you back to the days when you picnicked in the park without getting drenched by the rain, left with only soggy sandwiches and your summer cold to tell the story. Fly Kite

Well, with Fly Kite you can be a cutesy-pie without the hassle. Your phone will be a ray of sunshine amongst those gloomy faces at school. So forget Hello Kitty! Forget the dreary, freezing ‘summer’ outside! With Fly Kite, you can be cosy, sunny and cute all rolled into one. Free. Of. Charge. Take that one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty bedazzled hand mirror!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calendar Snooze

Calendar Snooze does what it says on the tin: it synchronizes all calendars into one and alerts you when your procrastination time is up. Well, there are a bunch of other calendar tools out there that do the same, right?
True, except Calendar Snooze gives you snooze length options (anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour), as well as allowing you to set the reminder for any time you like, depending on how much procrastination you still intend on doing.
The app also allows you to see which tasks have been ‘snoozed’ so you can take action on them (or simply ‘re-snooze’ like a true procrastinator!). You can edit, mute or dismiss them at any time, as well as set the default snooze time to match your procrastination habits.
Also, if your alert comes on when you’re unexpectedly busy, just snooze it for as long as you need and it will remind you again later. And until you have calendar alerts set up, Calendar Snooze will simply shut down and be quiet, with none of those pesky adverts appearing on your screen every day. Calendar Snooze Review

Monday, June 25, 2012

Battery Watch

With the Battery Watch app, you get a full report of your battery’s health in a simple, single screen. Everything you need to know, with just one click. This app informs you the percentage of battery life you have left, the voltage it’s using, it’s general health status and, most importantly, the battery’s current temperature.
Download app here

Another great feature of the Battery Watch app is the Log graph. This graph shows you your daily, weekly and monthly battery usage, so you can check which activities use up the most battery power. You’ll also be able to see how many times you’ve had to charge your phone during the day, as well as how long your phone actually takes to charge.

So if you’re sick and tired of your phone going off when you need it most, of missing important calls, being bored out of your mind and envying the person next to you watching a video on their phone while yours Rests In Peace, then Battery Watch is the free Android app you’ve got to download from the Play Store. Right now! Battery Watch Review

Zoo Tower

Zoo Tower is a game which consists of an image of a field, with nice big blue sky and a cute little tree in the corner. So far it all sounds normal, but not for long. Download app here
So your objective as the player is to use your ginormous chopsticks to grab a little animal that is floating in the sky and then carefully place the animals on top of each other to form a tower (go ahead and read again if you have to confirm what I just said).
All craziness aside, this little app is an absolute gem, with a really great concept and game play. For those quirky types out there who enjoy games that put together elements to make completely surreal combinations, you should really try the Zoo Tower Android app, free from the Play Store. Zoo Tower

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Clean Calendar Widget Pro

We all know that, the way our world is right now requires us to work longer and harder than ever before. Add to that the fact that many of us work two or three jobs, have children, homes to take care of, family commitments… you name it.
Download app here

If your schedule is packed to the last available space or you want to organise your days more efficiently, then Clean Calendar Widget is just what you’re looking for.

Its main feature is acting as a place to conciliate all of your calendars into one. Instead of having some information in a paper day planner, some other on Google Calendar, phone calendar and those pesky post-it notes scattered around your desk, with this widget you can keep it all in the same little application, avoiding the all too common scheduling of two things at the same time or missing important appointments.
This is definitely a great app worth trying out. And if you’re still stuck to your old ways and enjoy having the many settings and options from other calendars, try Clean Calendar Widget Pro for the same clean design and smooth running software with many, many added setting options. Clean Calendar Widget Pro


Drisk is played almost exactly like the board game, where each player picks a colour and has his/her initial territory, which they must expand by attacking and seizing fellow players’ land, until one player rules all! Download app here
The game looks and feels very retro, which is great for the nostalgic types, and features such as sliding controls and the overall design of this app successfully brings this family favourite into the 21st century.
Many of us around the world have the following childhood memory: A group of teenagers yelling and fighting over a map full of colourful dots on top, completely absorbed in their strategies to get back their precious stolen land. So what does this have to do with reviewing the Drisk app? Yes, you guessed it, Drisk is the app version of the family favourite board games ‘Risk’.
Games like Drisk are popping up all over the place, but never quite like this. The graphics are very nice, simple and straight to the point. Drisk Game

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bistro Cook 2

This game is a little bit like seeing what it’s like to work in a diner through the eyes of Charlie Chaplin in the classic movie "Modern Times". Download app here
Repetitive movements and that oppressive clock just ticking away, sending more and more orders onto your assembly line.
In Bistro Cook 2’s case though, the repetitiveness and oppressiveness are transformed into a fun, challenging and highly engaging boredom buster. After a few minutes of it, you wouldn’t be blamed for dancing around the room too.
Bistro Cook 2’s lovely graphics are inviting and simple, conveying the straightforward approach this game takes on. Your aim is to get the dinner orders ready and served before your station fills up.
The main asset of this game, however, is that it responds brilliantly to your command. We all know how frustrating the ‘click-click-clicking and nothing happening’ can be, right? Add to that the fact that you’re timed, which means that the longer you spend on desperately clicking, the more points you lose. 
So it is a fantastic asset that in this game you can remove an item at the exact moment it is done. With Bistro Cook 2 you’ll never burn your (or anyone else’s) dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if that were true in real life too? Bistro Cook 2 Game

Beer Pong

The actual game of Beer Pong is a must at frat/sorority parties everywhere. It consists of cups of beer and a ping pong ball. Download app here
Throw the ball so that it lands into one of the cups. One down, nine more to go. That’s pretty much it. Now, it may sound easy and even a bit dull.

And it probably is… if you’re sober. See, what makes the real Beer Pong game so exhilarating (!) is the art of aiming at cups of beer while struggling to keep yourself standing straight.
While drinking and hangovers are a fact of life for some college students, some of you may be thinking ‘that’s terrible, drinking is bad for you’ or ‘but I’m underage!’, which is precisely why you have to try out the Beer Pong app.
All in all a really fun, simple, fast and entertaining game, perfect for boring rainy days, long train rides and study breaks for those precious few out there who go to college and actually study. Enjoy having fun without the hangovers. Beer Pong Game

Friday, June 22, 2012

Clock In

Clock In - easy way to keep your work records
Download app here!

Light weight application with minimalistic design for keeping work records.
The application features:
* Clock In/Out button for starting/ending work
* Multiple time/date formats
* Multiple payment frequencies
* Detailed view of worked hours by selected period
* Advanced statistics for worked hours and earnings
* Adjustable hourly wage, overtime rate and tax deduction
* SD card database backup/restore
* Ability to split records with break
* Ability to manually edit records
* Widget for easier clocking in/out
* Clock In keeps record of your last clock in even if you kill the application
* If widget doesn't update properly please add Clock In to App Killer's white list
* For bugs,suggestions or questions please e-mail me

Thursday, June 21, 2012

AppSales Best Apps on Sale

Download app here!
Get the best apps, games and wallpapers on sale!
• Only the best apps
• Get notified about new sales
• Set your own filter (discount, downloads, rating)
• Share sales with your friends or colleagues
• Get informed about other versions (e.G. free, lite, HD)
• Direct links to dev homepage and YouTube app trailer (if set)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Consequence is a physics mind-bender where you get to use black holes, white holes, timers and other obstacles to your advantage. Download app here
A challenging, need-brain game! Clear the red balls off the screen, but keep the green ones in play. Use the yellow ones in combos, deflect off the fixed purple ones.
Watch our for black holes attracting stuff or white holes pushing things out. Coordinate the timed balls to go off at the right time.
Now with level editor - create your own levels and share them online!
Internet permission is used to connect to online level storage where you can play levels created by other players. Think you have what it takes? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fling a Thing

Fling a Thing is a simple and fun game where the player stretches and flings cute little characters into the air to collect bubbles. When the player has cleared away all the bubbles they move on to the next level, climb higher, and interact with some really bizarre objects. Players beware: there’s a limited amount of shots for each level, so the more accurate you are the higher your score will be! The more stars the player gets the more upgrades they can unlock to help them achieve a higher score.
Did we mention how cute the little characters are? There are 7 very different ‘Things’ but they are all incredibly adorable little creatures with suction cups for mouths. (almost makes you not want to fling them… almost.) They cling on to platforms and suck in bubbles as they go through 3 different unlockable worlds. Fling a Thing Game

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dream Aquarium

Dream Aquarium is a virtual aquarium game with a similar play style to other aquarium games available on Android and iTunes. In this game you are a loving Aquarium owner who is trying to create the most exotic aquarium possible.
Gameplay is straightforward. You select fish you want to feed, then double click on the fish to feed it. You must feed your fish every 8 hours to prevent them starving. Forget to do so, and you'll either have to write off the fish and start all over again.
Dream Aquarium is developed by AndHat.Org, the people behind 3D Solar System, Light Waves, Ricochet Ball and many other apps. This simple Android game lets you care for a range of fish and marine life.
You play the caring owner of an aquarium, and your aim is to create the most amazing and exotic aquarium you can.
Dream Aquarium is an entertaining and addictive game. It is ideal for anyone who has ever played games like Farmville. This game allows you to build your own tank of exotic fish and scenery and all of the basic content is free. I definitely recommend downloading this game if you would like to create and cultivate your own underwater kingdom in your spare time.
Dream Aquarium Game

Friday, June 15, 2012

Majesty The Northern Expansion

Do you know the easiest way to kill a dragon? Just stuff a sheep or ram with a heap of poisonous filth and feed it to a dragon. Of course it's not the most heroic method but it is very safe and effective. Another option is to announce a reward for the dragon’s head. After that the only thing you have to do is wait while the army of heroes, wizards and freaks drive a monster to its grave. It is always necessary to find a solution to the dragon problem because all the members of this scale-winged tribe have the same disease. It is a strong allergy to humans and their settlements and all dragons use the only medicine against this illness; total annihilation of the humans.
Troubles with dragons are in the forefront of “Majesty: The Northern Expansion”. Of course you’ll have to defend your kingdom from the other evil spawns, for example how about the giant stone golems that have an outstanding amount of hit points? Expanding the territory of your kingdom and starting the northern expansion in the land of the frost and winter you’ll have to rack you brains over the riddle of fire-spitting monsters.
All who liked the original mobile game “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” will undoubtedly be pleased by its add-on “Majesty: The Northern Expansion” which gives an opportunity for players to continue their conquest in a new snowy location. Among the key features of this add-on are improved graphics, changeable weather and the integration with social networks.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tank Riders

Join the fray in Tank Riders, a 3D tank battle game, which combines vibrant, colourful graphics, fast-paced action and exploration to create a package that will charm everyone - from hard core gamers to wet-eared newbies.

Attack hordes of oncoming baddies with an arsenal of cannons, missiles and mortars!
Bounce shots off walls to hit lurking enemies before they have a chance to attack!
Blast through walls and charge ahead, or find hidden paths to sneak up on enemies unawares!

Able-bodied recruits to fill a number of sudden... vacancies in the 153rd tiny tank battalion. Only the finest, bravest and buffest need apply. In return, we offer all the honour and glory you can eat, and a tiny, little tank of your very own.

A challenging single-player campaign, downloadable levels and the ability to face off against friends and foes in frenzied multiplayer battles ensures an experience that will stay fresh and fun for a long time!
Tank Riders Game

Monday, June 11, 2012

Word Tower

Take control over locomotives barreling through famous American locations in everyones favorite action game. It's all about quick decisions and strategy as you guide trains to the destination while avoiding disastrous collisions! 
✔ Each location challenges you with a unique twist on the award winning gameplay
✔ "It's like 8 games in one!" -- and you won't put it down!
✔ Visit New York City, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Roswell, Miami Beach, Seattle, Nashville and more...
- Control steam trains, monorails, electric subway trains, long-haul cargo and gold rush carriages
✔ Improvements over the original: new menus, simplified score system, Facebook sharing, better sounds, new train models, new locations and gorgeous weather effects

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Super KO Boxing 2

As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out!

Go toe-to-toe against a cast of bone-crushing boxers with unique moves and personalities including 15 Cent, Shogun, and Ka-Rak Übones.

Use quick reflexes to dizzy opponents, throw powerful hooks, unleash flaming super punch combos, and land one-two lightning KO’s. To go the distance, you will need to watch out for opponent’s weaknesses and avoid their signature moves.

Box your way through 18 bouts across 3 circuits to become the Champion of the world!

Would you be able to defeat your opponent if you weren’t able to dodge and couldn’t get hit? Face this and 16 other unique challenges that test your skills.

Test your courage to see how many fights you can win without ever getting knocked down against increasingly tougher opponents.
Super KO Boxing 2 Game

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams, Bally, Stern Pinball, and Gottlieb together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

Circus Voltaire, Funhouse, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Medieval Madness, The Machine: Bride of PinBot, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Theatre of Magic, and Black Hole are all available from within the game.

Each month, regular updates will add classics like Monster Bash, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Attack from Mars, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, PinBot, Big Shot, (and many others for years to come!) along with online tournaments and additional modes to challenge yourself and compete against your friends.

An optional Facebook login allows players to connect to cross-platform leaderboards. Game Center leaderboards will be added in an update.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sprinkle Junior

Using a water cannon mounted on a crane, players must adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps in this challenging water-physics based puzzler! But squirt carefully as you will run out of water and the less water you use, the more drops you earn!

Using some of the most realistic water physics seen on an iOS device yet, Sprinkle is a brain-teasing game that will have players straining to figure out each puzzle and obstacle.

Amazing water physics – Some of the most realistic water physics ever seen on an iOS device make Sprinkle an exciting and addictive puzzler.

Brain-teasing puzzles – What starts as simply pointing and spraying to quench each fire becomes much more challenging, as players must overcome the intricacies of each puzzle before time and water run out.

Blocks, boulders, and cogs oh my – Use the power of your water cannon to move blocks of ice and boulders, spin giant cogs, and depress traps inorder to reach and extinguish every last fire.
Sprinkle Junior Game

Monday, June 4, 2012

This Could Hurt

You are an Oakguard apprentice. One day you will be a fully fledged Oakguard, charged with protecting the Great Oak—the tree that gives life and power to your Village. But first you must pass the Path of Pain.

Avoid spinning blades, pitfalls, giant mallets and more in this unique adventure. Control your character with one-touch controls, choosing the perfect time to stop or go.

This Could Hurt features four worlds, each with ten challenging levels. Environments change as the game progresses, careful you don't slip ion the Ice World, or burn up in the Lava World.

Each level is a beautifully presented 3D maze filled with death-traps that you must climb, run, jump and occasionally fly through to get to the end!

Collect the golden Acorns hidden throughout the world to unlock a variety of power-ups from Shields to Health refills to Speed boosts. You'll need them to unlock every achievement. 
This could hurt Game

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Little Hero

Helmet? On. Sword? Got it. Now find the Boogeyman – Pinky waits to be rescued!

Question: What is a boy to do when his best friend is in danger? Answer: Become a Hero. 

Visually stunning with top-notch gameplay, this captivating tale unfolds when a boy’s best friend, Pinky, gets kidnapped by the evil Boogeyman. Track down the Boogeyman while venturing through the enchanting worlds of Dark Forests, Muddy Deserts, Mushy Swamps and the ultimate destination - the Boogeyman’s Nest. Solve puzzles, find treasures, and confront all the enemies of your childhood dreams in the hypnotizing beautiful world, just behind the doors of your bedroom closet. 
● 4 gorgeously crafted worlds (with more to come in future updates)
● Upgradable armor and weapons, with additional items to discover 
● 31 individual hidden collectibles
My Little Hero Game

Aby Escape

Help poor Aby, the unluckiest and clumsiest raccoon, escape from his assailants. Whether being pursued by the hunters in his native forest, by the police in town or by the bikers on Route 66.5, Aby never stops running to escape from all these dangers.

Slide, jump and accelerate to dodge all the obstacles in your path. Collect coins and unlock loads of power-ups. Achieve the best score you can and complete 50 exclusive challenges.

Progress through 30 levels split across 3 different universes, and take on every kind of obstacle and unique situation: a catapult, an American football stadium, elephants, and trucks, just to name a few.
Get an overview of the next update by completing Story mode.
Aby Escape Game

Friday, June 1, 2012

Frenzy Pop

Captain Cork has sabotaged the world's vending machines! 

There is only one hope now…. Mr. Pop! 

Can you help him save the world's drink supply?! 

Frenzy Pop is a frantic platforming game created by Al4red Studios, the creators of Fowl Ops. on the iOS. You have to complete the levels as quickly as possible whilst avoiding hazardous obstacles and battling against Captain Cork and his evil side kick along the way! 

Get Mr. Pop to the vending machines and Pop Power your way to victory! 
Frenzy Pop Game