Saturday, January 11, 2014


Become a best Pathfinder! Guess animals and birds by their paths and open new levels. Be quick as paths disappear quickly. Every mistake or skipped path causes one life! Compete with friends by final scores at leaderboard.
Even the youngest players will get a lot of pleasure from the bright graphics and a fun soundtrack. The game trains memory and attention, and 18 levels of increasing difficulty require hefty skill. Only the most persistent and attentive become Pathfinders! Pathfinder App Download

MooMle - Text from your email

MooMle app:
- Simple SMS management from email, MooMle forwards SMS to your email and you can send SMS from there.
- Professional management of SMS distribution list for PR, marketing campaigns. You can send thousands SMS through an email to multiple recipients.
- FREE SMS to other MooMle users.

Have you ever thought that It would be easier texting from your computer when you are using it? With MooMle you can manage your SMS with your usual email client or webmail.
MooMle forwards every text to your email. For every incoming SMS you will also receive an email from a fake email address [SENDER_NUMBER] If you answer to the e-mail you will make your smartphone reply with a text to the sender. MooMle - Text from your email App Download

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun

You along with your fellow colleagues have fallen into an unexpected adventure. There’s an island named Prospero’s Island which is present in the Mediterranean region and consists of hidden treasure. You have the chance to find the lost treasure which might be present in the labyrinths or underground caves. At the beginning of the treasure hunt, you would be given a sum of $25,000 to help you. Once you collect all the treasures hidden in the cave, you become its owner and then you can turn it into a fully fledged business where you charge a fee of $1000 for people who land on each of the caves owned by you. Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun Review


Are you looking for an alternate way to make this boring work a bit easier and safer? If you’re, then consider using LoginBox. This is one the best password keeper and website manager at the app store. If you own an iPhone or iPad, this is one of the most useful and required utility in your phone. With help of LoginBox, you can automatically log in to your bank accounts, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Gmail, Outlook, flyer accounts, forum websites. This app gives you access to login automatically to almost every password enabled website. One single tap and you get logged into your website. No need to enter the password. Isn’t it amazing? But the best part is that LoginBox is one of the safest and quickest ways to sign in to the password protected websites through your iDevice. LoginBox Review

World of Cheese HD

An entertaining, interesting and funny game- if that’s what you want then do try out World of Cheese. This is an amazing game which is being loved by people all over the globe. So what’s it all about? Mr. Mousey who is a proud and responsible member of a big mice family is in trouble.
The stashes of cheese which used to be full and ample enough to feed their whole family are suddenly empty and the family has to face bad time since there’s nothing to eat. In such a situation, the only hope is Mr. Mousey who needs to find the hidden cheese pieces so as to feed his family. But how would Mr. Mousey find the cheese? The game requires you to help Mr. Mousey. A new household is in fact a house of cheese hidden in various places. World of Cheese HD Review

Prehistoric Park Builder

I have always loved playing such strategy games whose aim is to build up a business empire. Prehistoric Park Builder is one such awesome game which I have played till now. In this game, you would be required to build a theme park and make yourself an amusement tycoon. There are many games like these in the market. Aren’t they?
No, because of the time at which this game is set up. You need to become an amusement park tycoon in the prehistoric era. This game allows you to enter the world of the crazy Stone Age which is filled up with some prehistoric rides, roller coasters and other attractions. They are very much different and fun to set up as compared to the one in the present time. Prehistoric Park Builder Review