Wednesday, April 30, 2014

52 Weeks

Keeping the flame on and going in marriage is an everyday task. It is about making your couple happy and sustaining a healthy marriage throughout.
However, everyday stress, work, bills, responsibilities, etc., are more than deterring to couples having some time for themselves. Once you want to get creative, ideas will hardly come. What if I told you there is an application that will help you keep the flame in your relationship and keep you both interested and sizzling for desire of one another. Well, there is! Let me introduce 52 weeks, a couple’s game that will keep you on the edge of nurturing a healthy and sexy relationship with your couple. The question here is, Are you able to keep up with pleasing your significant other for one year? Go ahead and test yourself! This is the sexiest thing you will find over there when it comes to relationships. 52 Weeks Review

DeckEleven's Railroads

If you love trains and want to be engaged in the most fun and addictive railroad game, this is definitively the one for you.  Let me introduce you Deckeleven´s Railroad, a strategy addictive game that will keep you entertained for a long while!
Get ready for some fun like you have not had before. Deckeleven´s Railroad challenges you to build your own railroad empire. You are required to start from track layout to cargo management, from India to USA, from Canada to France, you will make it grow worldwide.
You are also given the option to choose your train configuration: steam-powered locomotives or modern electric engines or whatever configuration is the best one to use. You must choose wisely. Now brace yourself and get ready for the fun! DeckEleven's Railroads Review

Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN

To be perfectly frank, I never thought it would be so difficult for developers to come up with a genuinely enjoyable and great chess game for Android.
There are thousands of them doing the rounds and millions of players looking for them, but nine out of ten times you’re left with a poor attempt at an app that seems to overlook the simplicity that makes chess what it is.
Does Chess OK break the mold? In a word…yes! Overcomplicate a chess game with too many distractions, flashing lights and unnecessary garnishes and you ruin it. Seriously – there’s a reason why chess boards aren’t neon colored and loaded with LED lights, which is that they do nothing for the game. And that’s where the appeal of Chess OK immediately leaps out – the gaming board you’re presented with is as simple as it gets and…as you may know by now…simple means no lagging, no hanging and no problems for even the most modest of Android devices. Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN Review

Free Translate

Free Translate is an app available from Google play. It is a free app that translates text quickly and easily. It can be used to translate up to 40 different languages.
After you download the app you can input text into your mobile device and free translate will translate and speak back to you what you’ve written down. This app requires an Internet connection in order to receive information from the server which houses all of the translation information. There are a number of different situations that may require you to translate text. If you happen to be in a foreign country and need to ask a question or get directions this app can be extremely helpful. For example you could type in the question “Where is the hotel?”, and the app will audibly translate your text into whatever language you need. It’s really amazing! Free Translate Review

Ababab Sliding Puzzle

A simple, yet super fun sliding puzzle game. Allow me to talk to you about Ababab Sliding Puzzle. Do you remember the fun with the classic “game of 15” that you used to play?
Remember how challenging it was sometimes? And of course you remember the huge fun you had with it. Well, Ababad Sliding Puzzle brings back all that fun and much more! The idea of this game is simple. You have to line up the cute characters by moving the pieces to empty spaces. You can slide the pieces in all directions. It does sound simple, and that is because it is. Now, that is already fun itself. What if I told you that, Ababad Sliding Puzzle adds some special features to make the game even more interesting? Yep, that is right. Let me put it in for you. Ababab Sliding Puzzle Review

Crazy Ball Deluxe

Suit up and get ready for the most exciting adventure in game apps you’ll have; all you need is a device and a ball, a virtual ball!  Let me talk to you about Freezenova´s Crazy Ball.
Crazy Ball is an addictive new game that will keep you on the edge of your seat with tons of fun. This game is a rather simple game in which you should roll a ball around places. But don´t be wrong in thinking that this is the typical ball game through a maze because you are in for a treat with this one. It turns out that this Crazy Ball wants to go on an adventure and needs you to take it through it. Are you up to the challenge? I know you are! Get on board and start playing. Crazy Ball Deluxe Review


Are you or your kids falling behind in Math? Do you struggle with basic mathematical concepts and really are in desperate need of some tutoring? What if I told you there is an app that take you out of this struggle and in a fun way? That is right, let me show you iMath Genius, a really genius app to practice and test your mathematical skills on the go!
iMath Genius is an intuitive and very easy-to-use application that allows you to practice math and have fun at the same time. The application covers all educational levels starting for Kindergarten all the way to pre-college. This means that this application is suitable for a 5-year old as well as for a teenager who is registering for college! iMathGenius Review

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diana Photo

There are a bunch of photo-editing apps out there. So many that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one will deliver the wanted results. Well, I have found this very cool app for photo editing. But this is a different type of editing and it really delivers! I refer to Diana Photo. Diana Photo is a double exposure photography app and is the greatest one out there!
Diana Photo will even challenge your creativity and provide you with lots of fun as you create interesting photographic masterpieces. Double exposure photography is all about being imaginative and creative. Diana Photos give you the tools to let your creativity flow and be charmed with the results. So go ahead and install the application. Once you´ve done it, the start screen will be a random selection of two pictures from your gallery. Diana Photo iOS Review

Calculator 365+

You probably have a scientific calculator with you with sin, cos, tan function which you will never use unless you are a college or high school student doing homework at the supermarket. A calculator for daily usage or even in business should be more practical, don´t you think?
You should be able to figure out how much you should tip your waiter, based on percentage, without having to come up with complex procedure on how to operate that into your calculator. What if I told you that there actually is a calculator that can tell you what is the percentage of your salary raise, if you are lucky to get one, without having to pull out a 100-page manual on how to do that? Calculator 365+ iPhone iPad Review


Just when you thought you had seen all kinds of apps out there, here comes a unique one that will provide what no app will provide you: a relaxing Zen experience!
You read well. Geosonic is an application that combines soothing geometric patterns with relaxing music. But what do you do of that?, you may ask, and what is it for? Ok, do you remember when you would play music on your computer and there was this beautiful geometric pattern going on with the beat as the song progressed?
Well, with Geosonic, you can create that experience and customize it at your like.  So whenever you feel stressed, or you just want to wind down and meditate, or are alone and want to find some peace of mind and quiet, this is the right app for you. GeoSonic iPhone iPad Review

World Weather Forecast with Meteogram

 Want to know if you should carry an umbrella to work tomorrow or wear light clothes? Let me show you World Weather Forecast with Meteogram, an application that can do that and much, much more for you.
If you are crazy about the weather and always want to know what the meteorological conditions are going to be like, then you should get this app right away.  Are you a heavy traveler and not sure if taking the sweater or your bathing suit to your next travel location?
World Weather Forecast with Meteogram is a must as it shows you accurate temperature forecasts for any place in the world.  You think that is exciting? World Weather Forecast with Meteogram iPhone iPad Review

Parchis UsuParchis

Are you tired of the same old boring board games that don´t seem to make the cut when it comes to entertaining you?
How about you give Parchis-Usuparchis a try? I promise you won´t regret it! You remember the loads of fun Parchis board would give you and your family? Well, now you can have that again and more with Parchis-Usuparchis! In case you do not know about this super-fun game, let me spell it out for you.
Basically, a Parchis board is one that requires at least two players, the maximum being four. Each one of the four players has a home where they have three coins. Parchis UsuParchis iPhone iPad Review

Egyptian Senet

Egyptian Senet is a kind of chess game with 30 checks aligned horizontally as ten boxes in each of totally three rows. Senet is the game of Egyptian which is dated from around 3500 BC. 
Egyptian Senet is a very addictive game with the state of the art graphic which will mesmerize you immediately just after seeing the game introduction and just like the cherry over the cake is the very mystic music of this game will make feel that you are living in Egypt or maybe inside a very spooky pyramid.  I can definitely rate Egyptian Senet as an excellent game for its graphics, music, gaming concept and gaming feature and of course for the game itself.  Egyptian Senet iPhone iPad Review

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dig Dog Out

Don´t you simply love dogs? They are the cutest and do have the ways to entertain you and your little ones. Do you dream of having your own dog to pet and play with? Dig Dog Out Download
Well, have you met Rex the dog? Rex is found in the famous arcade game Dig Dog Out Freee. Rex promises to keep you entertained with tons of fun nonstop.Check out this cool game and be ready to help Rex find his bones that the evil vermins have hidden and will keep from finding. Here´s the basics of the game. Rex has a problem and needs you to come to the rescue. He has to dig deep into his backyard and find all the bones and get rid of the verbims that have infested it. Your job is to take Rex through his backyard by digging and finding all his bones. Rex is a very special dog as he has great digging abilities and to top it, he has a powerful ray gun. Dig Dog Out Review


Wordistic is the game which is very different from any other word game I have ever played before. Download Wordistic
Unlike other text game, you have to chase the time and find the texts to score more points and of course to move to the next level. The game is starting with the original track of the Atlas and thus begins the game. The main and the special feature of this game is the ability of searching the meaning of the word online with the definition as well. Thus makes your kids and you as well to learn new words as easier than ever. I am working as a lecturer in one of the reputed University. I have two sons who are studying in schools. I usually do encourage them to play some brain teasers and other text games. Yesterday, I same, then playing something and they were very much excited too. Wordistic Review

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dino Bunker Defense

A spectacular game which boosts the gamer’s adrenaline to its peak. For thrill, excitement, graphics, extreme music Dino Bunker Defense is the best game to play and get entertained in both android mobile phones and tablets. Download Dino Bunker Defense
Win the dens which runs before the base camp by shooting various upgradable weapons, and special bombs. See new kind of Jurassic park in your tablets and mobile phones and experience the fully loaded extravaganza of extreme adventure game. 
The game starts with the story and continues with the angry dinosaurs. Very interesting game; play and enjoy the time with competitive energy. Ultimately, I gave Dino Bunker Defence to my son for his 9th Birthday. His extreme fantasy toward dinosaur starts from his room’s wall painting, custom made Tyrannosaurus bed, night light, bed sheets, and blankets, toothbrush, etc. I and my husband presented him an awesome cake which is also with all kinds of dinosaurs in the cake. Dino Bunker Defense Review

Haypi Monster

The Lost Tower is a spectacular game for your iOS devices, where you will first get inside the Monster world and start living with them in the world of fantasy and adventure. Download Haypi Monster
There are over 200 + monsters to collect, and start living with them. If you are looking out for the excitement to train your monster, then Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is the best game for you. This game is like a social networking media, due to its feature of gifting the earned monsters to your friends as this game requires internet connectivity to play online. The best updated and upgraded game which also supports iOS 7 version for all the Apple devices which has that utility. I’m Arjun from India working in a well known IT industry as a technical co-ordinator. I am very much crazy about the Apple devices. Haypi Monster Review

Sand Slides

Smart and clever gamer’s best choice of game is Sand Slides. Just draw the slides which are to follow the sand from the top barrel to its right pot below. Matching the sand from the top deck to the below means a lot easier game, but the timing the sand fills in the top deck and the flow of the sand according to the time match is a big deal in Sand Slides. Download Sand Slides
Starts in a very simple way, but the heat rises up when the levels increases. I’m an Apple freak. Right from my music player till my laptop and computer, I have Apple’s devices. Just the same way, i love to play the games in my iPad and my iPhone with extreme enthusiasm and love of it. And that too Sand Slides in my iPad is an awesome game to experience and compare my scores and level with my friends too. Sand Slides Review

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fresh Deck Poker - Free Live Texas Hold'em Casino Game

Poker is one of the best time pass of all games in reality, but this is been overruled by the developers of Fresh Deck Poker iOS game. They have nailed the concept of this game as real as possible that too with a free full game with tournaments too. That is an added advantage with the spectacular graphics as never before. Download Fresh Deck Poker
With the capacity of around 44MB is quite a big one, but the game revolves more than that after the game starts. It is so addictive and so original too.
No need of going to Vegas to play a real poker unless you have a Fresh Deck Poker with you. I came to know about the Fresh Deck Poker game is by my friend, Arlid. We both are frequent gamers in Las Vages and nearby gaming places. Fresh Deck Poker Review