Wednesday, April 30, 2014

52 Weeks

Keeping the flame on and going in marriage is an everyday task. It is about making your couple happy and sustaining a healthy marriage throughout.
However, everyday stress, work, bills, responsibilities, etc., are more than deterring to couples having some time for themselves. Once you want to get creative, ideas will hardly come. What if I told you there is an application that will help you keep the flame in your relationship and keep you both interested and sizzling for desire of one another. Well, there is! Let me introduce 52 weeks, a couple’s game that will keep you on the edge of nurturing a healthy and sexy relationship with your couple. The question here is, Are you able to keep up with pleasing your significant other for one year? Go ahead and test yourself! This is the sexiest thing you will find over there when it comes to relationships. 52 Weeks Review

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