Friday, March 21, 2014

Lava Jigsaw HD

Lava Jigsaw HD is the first jigsaw puzzle app in the world to offer puzzles up to 2000 pieces (virtual size 108x70cm), using a unique multi-screen play area to bring the fun and challenge of real jigsaw puzzles to the iPad. It's the first serious jigsaw puzzle app, and one that puzzlers around the world have been waiting for. Pieces are also of consistent size, making piece selection and movement easy for players of all ages, and the user interface has large buttons, easy-to-read text, and simple navigation. Puzzles in the extensive puzzle library feature super high resolution pictures with vibrant color and detail from top illustrators, such as Nicky Boehme and Sam Park, as well as some of the best stock photography in the world. Download Lava Jigsaw HD

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Guess The Shadow Quiz

Guess the Shadow Quiz! If you can identify a shadow and find the puzzle, then Guess the Shadow Quiz is a spectacular game for you. All the characters which shadowed in the game are from movies, TV, famous personalities, country’s monuments, etc. are one of the main features of all the levels of this game. Download Guess The Shadow Quiz
But the intensity of the game grows by slowly increasing skill level when each level passes when the gamer continues winning the game.
Guess the Shadow Quiz is such a game that is not only for kids, but for all age group gamers who like to play brain puzzles. Just the same way, me and my brother are the biggest fans of most of the classic and the modern puzzle games, but when I saw my brother who is studying in 8th standard playing some game when relaxing in the couch, he was usually started annoying me asking stupid and unrelated questions abruptly, which continued for almost thirty minutes. Guess The Shadow Quiz Review

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Indie Candy

In this candy game I have experienced tasty desserts, puzzles in my brain, handy android gaming and addictive in nature with colorful, enjoyable and competitive gaming concept. Download Indie Candy
Though I felt the game is pretty as same as other candy games, the easy understanding, graphics and the music made me play this game as continuous as possible. This is the main reason for an Indie Candy game to have a huge set of fans and audiences. I was struck by the gaming feature with three unique kinds of puzzles, and the leader board concept. I started playing Indie Candy as a mind relaxing game which made all my office colleagues to follow the same. Such a fantastic game Indie Candy is, right from kids of all ages and adults of all professions. Indie Candy Review

Fallin Chip Tour

A nice fun loving game with warming music will make you sit in the same place for hours. The features of the game are designed in such a way that, the game is motivated by 8 different goals and around 200 levels in 10 different worlds. Download Fallin Chip Tour
Every level has to get unlocked to move on to the next level of the game. Spectacular Graphics and great music enable the player to travel more of the Fallin’ chip tour as ever before. A very addictive game to continue the passion of Fallin’ chip tour forever. I was planning to go out for lunch alone because of a very busy morning with long hours of meeting. Just ate sandwich with a nice cup of black coffee. Resting myself and prepping up about the next moves in the office. I was browsing Google play searching for some anticipating apps. At that time, I came across Fallin’ chip tour. Fallin Chip Tour Review

Aircrobatics 3D

Aircrobatics 3D is a free game for Android devices in Google play. It is an arcade and action game with the motion control concept. It is a very simple game which you need to become pilots and control the flight or the airplane without being hit by various obstacles. Download Aircrobatics 3D
I can really recommend Aircrobatics 3D due to the basic concept in which all age groups can practice the motion sensor feature of this game.
It starts with very simple motions to prevent it from being smashed into walls, which are built in such a way that the airplane can pass the gapped walls. Nice and decent graphics with awesome music which is not too loud to scare the kids... But in the case of obstacles, Aircrobatics 3D can be improved by increasing the obstacles kinds to encourage more tension and the depth in it while playing. Aircrobatics 3D Review

Crock O'Gold Slots

Crock O' Gold Slots, the best game on the floor to pull you inside the virtual reality of Gold treasure and fortune making..!! Yes, guys... I just started this game to pass my time, but now it is entirely different. Believe me! Download Crock O'Gold Slots
I’m making time to play Crock O' Gold Slots!! Being an all time game lover, Crock O' Gold Slots made the magic spell on me. Then I started earning my virtual money, treasures, and fantastic bonuses, etc.
Crock O' Gold Slots is a must have game which of course made me to utilize it as maximum as possible. The best game I’ve played and enjoyed in my new Samsung Galaxy S4. Spectacular music and realistic graphics create a bond which made me crazy to indulge more into Crock O' Gold Slots. Crock O' Gold Slots will be mind blowing in tablets not only for the graphics feature, but also the big screen enjoyment. Crock O'Gold Slots Review

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gem Zap

In a strange world mysterious gems are controlling time and space while you're flying with your Tesla coil equipped starship past the architecture of an ancient civilization. Gem Zap Download Move your finger or tap the screen to guide the electric arc of your Tesla coil to zap the passing gems.Instead to match 3, you have to zap 3 of the same gems in a row to get additional time. Zap 10 sets to reach the next level. Than further your starship gets before time runs out than more points you make.★ Zap 3 of the same gems in a row to get extra time★ Zap 10 sets to warp to the next level★ Fly as far as possible to get the high score★ Bonus levels★ Simple one finger control★ High voltage 3D graphics★ A different kind of endless flyer★ With an additional theme "Zap My Valentine" with lots of hearts to zap, including broken ones.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shuffle Match

Shuffle Match is an outstanding memory game, which motivated me by its very challenging memory puzzles. Yesterday, I really got drilled in my chemistry class and as usual started to play the same old running in the forest and fruit cutting game... Download Shuffle Match
But I got bored of those too, and started surfing in Google Play to make myself entertained by its huge collections of games.
At the start, it went easily with the kiddish memory concept and ended up to its extreme memory challenge intensity. Damn it!! Even after sacrificing the last two hours of my class, I still can’t win this game... Actually the truth is, a mistake is mine. I challenged my gangs that, I’ll win the hard play mode of Shuffle Match rather than selecting easy play mode. I'm still trying to get it right. So, there is no harm in Shuffle Match but in me. Awesome memory game to play and to have the silent thrill, your mind is going through with it. Shuffle Match Review

Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD

If we think of comparing Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD gaming app with some other android games, then I’m sure Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD will win not only for its game features, but also for its High Definition in design, visually crafted images, game appearance, sound effects and finally for the concept of fun, cute, and excitement which we get while playing and after too. Download Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD
This Floppy Bird is designed and created for all age groups, so all can enjoy the game to an extreme level. Chicken Flight is just recently got updated which works extremely cool for smooth gaming and enjoyment. Well, the truth is I was checking for a new game to download and play. So many were there in this same kind but I got attracted to this little cute smiling chicken and made me to check the reviews of it. Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD Review

Flipping Beaver

Flipping Beaver! It made me flip and fly at the same time. Awesome quality, adorable character, improvised graphics, attractive and addictive theme, moreover very simple to play. Download Flipping Beaver
Yeah, when I first played this game it felt the same way of playing Flappy Beaver but when the stages being won it felt the other way. The Flipping Beaver was so adorable and smooth with improvised fabulous graphics.
Though it is a simple game, precise tap timing will make the beaver to suspend in the air cross over, in between the gnawed trees.
It is extremely addictive because when I felt the game in pause to do some work; my niece started to play the game in an easy going and started scoring enormously, of course she didn’t give me the chance of playing the Flipping Beaver again. What a tragedy it is..!? Flipping Beaver Review

The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids

As a mother of two 4-yr-old twin girls, I started nurturing them properly from the first moment they were born just the same manner all the mothers will do on this planet.. Download The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids
My first puzzle game for them is The Woolies – Puzzle for Kids. I bought it for just $0. 99 to use it in my iPads. They are very attractive by the colors and fun loving characteristics.
Both of my kids love and of course I am very happy of The Woolies, because when they play The Woolies, they will sit in one place; if not it is a very hard job to make them calm to feed them.
So, I made up as a plan or a routine, that every time to make them to have food I’ll give them the iPads to play The Woolies. Some time, after they sleep, I myself have played it. After all, The Woolies – Puzzle for Kids is an awesome game for kids those are +3. The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids Review


Soulless is an app for gamers who love horror, intense fighting, and shooting, scary character and fabulous graphical engineering, quality games play on iPhone, iPad and even in iPod touch. Soulless Download
When I was telling, most of the people would’ve realized that, Soulless is not for the kids’ below 12, it is for +12 and definitely not for the faint hearted I can tell it as I have experienced it. The first and the foremost, I should appreciate the designers who developed the introductory image graphics of Soulless. Broken glass wall protruded by an evil zombie face and our four bold Space marine characters standing with their guns before it... I estimated that many souls were being put into for creating Soulless. So coming to the other feature, Soulless is available and can be enjoyed, its entire game for just $5. 99; and who won’t buy this awesome game to experience its extravagances, but sadly if some miss to do it, I can tell that there is no hope in their soul... ! Soulless Review

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tale of Tales

Tale of Tales is a wonderful and fun app for children. The app has been specially designed to boost the creative playing within the children. This kind of app is something which is very much required in today’s digital world where children are spending more and more times on the smart devices. The concept of this app is super amazing. Download Tale of Tales
It basically acts like a story maker where children can play with characters like fairies, gnomes, pirates and create a new story by blending all the characters together.
When I checked out this app so as to introduce it to my own son, I found it very much similar to the one I used to play with fake dolls, etc. the only difference is that the Tale of Tales allows your kid to climb one step ahead into the world of creativeness. Tale of Tales Review

Flight GYM

Flight GYM is an amazing and effective utility app that would be loved by people who are currently worried about their health. Download Flight GYM
Are you like me who has to sit for long hours on his desk and keep on working? Do you travel too much and spend hours sitting in one position in train, airplane seat or a bus?
If you’re in the category of those people who have to sit for long hours, you would be very much familiar with the kind of pain and bad effect you get through that and I know each one of us look for a solution. But the only solution for that is to exercise which seems to be too impractical in case you’re travelling in an airplane or nonstop bus. But having used Flight GYM, I can vow for the fact that you can still do exercise and make your body feel better (read healthy). Flight GYM Review