Monday, March 10, 2014


Soulless is an app for gamers who love horror, intense fighting, and shooting, scary character and fabulous graphical engineering, quality games play on iPhone, iPad and even in iPod touch. Soulless Download
When I was telling, most of the people would’ve realized that, Soulless is not for the kids’ below 12, it is for +12 and definitely not for the faint hearted I can tell it as I have experienced it. The first and the foremost, I should appreciate the designers who developed the introductory image graphics of Soulless. Broken glass wall protruded by an evil zombie face and our four bold Space marine characters standing with their guns before it... I estimated that many souls were being put into for creating Soulless. So coming to the other feature, Soulless is available and can be enjoyed, its entire game for just $5. 99; and who won’t buy this awesome game to experience its extravagances, but sadly if some miss to do it, I can tell that there is no hope in their soul... ! Soulless Review

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