Friday, February 28, 2014

Space Attack HD Free

Space Attack HD Free is an arcade action game which is currently available on the app store and is compatible with all kinds of Android devices. Download Space Attack HD FREE
The game is a new one in the market that has been released by Jatrix and is creating quite lot of buzz all around. That made me curious too. An arcade game making buzz! That isn’t especially common that when everyone is going through that ‘Flappy Fever’. But even then I decided to check out this game - Space Attack HD Free. As predictable from the name itself, the game is freely available on the app store which further added up to my will of downloading this game and giving it a try. Space Attack HD Free Review

Valluran Online

Valluran Online is a power packed action game which would take you to a wonderful adventurous experience. There was a great fire and after that Valluran has been led by big three. Download Valluran Online
In the Vallurans harbor in the south, a new mob arrives every day. The one who will survive in Valluran has to bring honor. You need to prove that you are yourself a worthy guild member and not just a rabble.
This is what the objective of the game is. You need to team up with a guild of your choice and obtain power over Valluran. You need to attack other guilds. Take up all the weapons and potions and get ready to fight against each of the members of other guilds and avenge the fall of your fellow beings. Valluran Online Review

Monday, February 24, 2014

Deep Ocean 3D Free

A smart phone doesn’t look sexy unless it has live wallpaper. I see no point of having phones with extra fast processors and big RAM if you don’t try things like live wallpapers. Download Deep Ocean 3D Free
But finding good live wallpaper which won’t slow down your phone or bug you is quite a difficult task. I have myself tried more than 50 live wallpapers on my phone and now, I got a one which I actually liked using - Deep Ocean 3D Free.
Apart from the fact that the wallpaper is completely free and available for all kinds of Android devices on the app store, this live wallpaper has a few more features which make better than the thousands of other live wallpapers available on the app store. The Deep Ocean 3D Free take you through a beautiful and soothing underwater world experience. You can actually explore the deep ocean on your phone’s screen if you have this wallpaper. Deep Ocean 3D Free Review

Speed Tesla Tank

Okay, I do accept that I got carried away by the snapshots of this game, but that wasn’t the only reason why I downloaded this game. Download Speed Tesla Tank
That wasn’t the only reason I loved this game. There are many features in Speed Tesla Tank which would force you to appreciate this game and keep playing. Speed Tesla Tank – so what’s the game is all about? You have been given access to one of the strongest tanks in the world – The Tesla Tank and it’s loaded with weapons like Tesla Gun, Cannon, Plane Rockets etc. What you need to do now is to run your tank, as fast as possible without hitting any kind of obstacles and destroying all the bad things. But be careful of the speed of the game would keep on increasing and increasing. Speed Tesla Tank Review

SlotTales Devils Triangle

Slot Tales Devils Triangle is one of its kind casino cum cards games which I came across in recent days. The objective of the game is to solve the mysteries which are hidden in the world of Devils Triangle. Download SlotTales Devils Triangle
There are lots of myths that have been gossiped around since a long time and you need to check their authenticity.
Apart from trying to solve those mysteries and find some really needed answers, you would be exploring the wrecks and can save the lost restless souls. As depicted by the name of the game, Slot Tales Devils Triangle provides you an enormous amount of gambling fun through a nice combination of slot slot. The people like me who have already played such games would love to hear that there’s another good one in the market. Yes, this is really a good one. SlotTales Devils Triangle Review

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Adventures of Mira

Sometimes all you want to play is a cute, fun filled game which would probably be developed for kids, but game is fun to play for everyone. Download The Adventures of Mira
Yes, of course I did download this game The Adventures of Mira for my cute nephew who was visiting me at the weekend. I wanted him to have some good time and presenting him with a new game seemed like a good idea to me. The reason why I chose The Adventures of Mira is the good reviews and attractive snapshots. You cannot really guess if the game would be good or not from the description, but the user reviews certainly help you a lot. The main objective in the game is to keep flying around and collect as much pollen as you can from the flowers. But beware! There are some hazardous obstacles which you need to tackle. You need to avoid birds, ladybugs, bats and squirrels. They would try to stop you, but you need to make sure that you continue on your quest to collect more and more pollen and make honey from your own hive. The Adventures of Mira Review

Calling Card Pal

Calling Card Pal is a utility app which is meant to ease down the hassles during calling card dialing. Download Calling Card Pal
Who doesn’t like the cheap and affordable rates of calling cards but the biggest drawback of using them is the dialing hassles. I seriously find it irritating to do that job and that makes me prefer the costlier option than this cheaper one to do my task. But this utility app which is now available on iTunes has come to my rescue. Calling Card Pal’s working is very simple. You just need to launch Calling Card Pal and do a one- time configuration. This includes entering your local access number as well as any pin number if asked. Then you can simply dial any international number directly from your keyboard or from the contact list in your phone. No access number or pin number would be required. Calling Card Pal Review

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Territory Wars

Do you want to enjoy an awesome multiplayer strategy game? A game where only three things matter:  tactics, strategy and the kind of risks you’re ready to take in order to accomplish your objective. Download Territory Wars
Territory Wars is one of my most favorite games these days. Easily available on the app store and compatible with all kinds of Android devices, the game has received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation.
Territory Wars is a turn based game where you can play either against your friends or some random opponent from any part of the world. There are different modes like Capital Mode, Boosted Tiles, Fog of War which you can alter easily and enjoy. You can also play against more than one opponent. The game starts with one green tile. You would be required to use the troops so as to attack the neighbor tiles. Territory Wars Review

Space Run 3D

Space Run 3D is an adventure puzzle game which has been set up in a space station. You have lost your memory and you do not know how you ended up in that place, but one thing you certainly know is that you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Download Space Run 3D
The space station has a number of rooms and equipments which you need to cross on your way out.
But crossing those rooms isn’t that simple since they have been filled with traps for you. This game is an excellent and exciting puzzle game which is now available on all kinds of Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store.
Space Run 3D seems to be a game that has been inspired by games like “Portal of Valve, ” etc. The challenge is to solve the puzzles in order to cross the rooms of that space station and get yourself out of it. Space Run 3D Review

Music Library

Do you like music? The best thing a music fan can have or buy is a discography which would contain the catalog of all the published sound recordings of a specific artist or within a specific music genre.
But acquiring such a thing created with complete perfection is quite a difficult task. I can say that from my personal experience.Download Music Library
Music Library is an app which is made available for Android devices by the Interactive Fantasy Team, which is by chance, the one from which I bought the first discography which I would consider as perfect and probably that’s what managed to build my trust in their team and I downloaded this app for this promised me with a number of discographies, finding which would have taken me quite a long time and yes, I would have had to spend money on each of them individually. Music Library Review

Friday, February 21, 2014


I am in kinda love with puzzle games and that’s why I tried one more game in such category and that game is Motivation. Just a few days ago, I downloaded the game and have been playing since then. Download Motivation
But wait, what the game is about? Yes, it’s a puzzle game, but what kind of objective do you have in this game and seriously, the name doesn’t even reveal a bit that it’s going to be a puzzle game. Am I right?
Well, I would certainly agree with the name theory for even I couldn’t guess that this would be a puzzle game until I read the description available on the app store. But this isn’t so with the actual game. This is only with the name. Motivation is in fact quite a simple puzzle game which needs you to do a very simple task. Motivation Review

Treasure Beach

Do you want to play another puzzle game? Puzzle games are fun, but only when they’re of good quality without any irritating bugs. Download Treasure Beach
If you are looking for such a puzzle game, try out Treasure Beach. This is a game which I recently downloaded and I’ve been playing this game since then. But what’s the game all about? What’s the objective of the game? As it can be guessed from the name, Treasure Beach is a game where you need to search for a treasure.
There are treasures and many ancient secrets that are buried in the sand of the world of Treasure Beach and you need to find those treasures and secrets. But due to a very hot weather, you need some energy and something to drink to quench your thirst. Treasure Beach Review

Zombie Moon - Space Marines vs Undead Zombies

If there’s one game that I would choose because of the excellent reviews, it would definitely be Zombie Moon. I have heard so much of appraisal about this game and that was the only reason I downloaded this action cum arcade game. I wanted to try it myself and see if it’s really worth the hype! Zombie Moon is a game which would be loved by Sic-Fi, Supernatural or Zombie fans. Download Zombie Moon
Even if you’re not one of them, even if you’re just like me, you might like this game too. Zombie Moon has a mystery buried in its surface. You have been sent out to investigate the abrupt journey of Overlord Als who lost control on a distant moon in the year of 2165. Yes, we’re talking about a time much ahead in future in this game. Well, this search expedition isn’t going to be easy since there are Zombies there. Zombie Moon Review

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Robot Doctor

Robot Doctor is a game any puzzle lover like me would love. Download Robot Doctor Android
You are supposed to step in the shoes of the doctor and try to help the several numbers of robots who have gone ill and need your sincere help. But how are you going to do that? You are required to control the nano bot so as to help your patients. There are 60 different and very challenging levels in the game which adds up to the fun.
Each of the patients that come to you asking for help tries to pit you against some unique glitches which you need to conquer. If you still crave for more difficulty in the game, go off the beaten path.
It’s not only extra difficult, but also fetch you some extra points. Isn’t that good? The game has very easy controls and the hand drawn graphics certainly catch people’s attention. I think they’re the reason why the gaming experience seems to be so unique and fun. Robot Doctor Review

Otto Karotto

Otto Karotto is a fun filled game available on iTunes with plenty of features which would be loved by children and according to me, it would be loved by some fun seeking adults. Download Otto Karotto
The game is filled with some really cool features and is an entertaining one overall. Otto Karotto is a reaction game where you need to protect carrots on your farm. There are 10 carrots overall and a very bad and greedy rabbit named Otto. Moreover, there’s a very nasty monster which is almost invincible and would quickly eat up all your carrots.
Once, he gets out, you’re surely losing all your carrots as it eats out three carrots at one time and leaves no chance for you to save yourself. In a nutshell, you need to save your carrots from those nasty thieves. Otto Karotto Review

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This to That

A few days back, I tumbled across this super exciting game which has gripped me in its magic and made me get addicted to it. Can you guess that game?  Download This to That
It’s a word puzzle game which may sound similar to the thousands of other word puzzle games but is in fact very different and challenging game. The name of the game is This to That which is available on iTunes and can be downloaded on the iPhone and iPad and the newer version is specially made compatible with iOS 7 because of huge demand. So what’s This to That is about? How to play this game? The challenge in this game makes it different from other typical word games. The objective is to turn a four letter word into some other word, but the challenging part is that you can change only one letter at a time to make a new word from the already present word and yes, you can use only valid words. This to That Review


It’s the era of e-learning these days. Even if you have just a toddler who needs to learn just the few letters of the alphabet or a few shapes so as to get ready to go to a pre-school, e-learning is there to help you out. Download JUJU
In fact, education related apps are the best option to teach your kids to do that.
When I realized that my cute little baby is growing up and he needs to be taught the few basic things like numbers, alphabet and shapes, etc. , I was quite worried because after a busy day in the office I hardly had any energy working on my baby’s education. During that time a colleague of mine suggested me about JUJU. Not many people can guess it by the name that what’s the app is about. Well, JUJU is the best way to teach your baby number, alphabet and shapes. JUJU Review

Flutter Fish

Flutter Fish is something which I would suggest if you ask me for a new action game. Don’t go with the cute fluffy fish figure. This one is really a nice action arcade game which is now available on Android devices. Download Flutter Fish
Playing this game has really been an astonishing experience for me. Truthfully speaking, I had considered this game to be another clone game of the flapping bird. Come on, you find similar game ideas every other day. 
They have become so common and the reason I downloaded this game was checking about gameplay and how much fun this game is to play. We all know of success story of Flappy Bird game. Can Flutter Fish game repeat success of Flappy Bird? Lets hope it will. Having played this game and experienced the fun and action of Flutter Fish, I would say that this game is certainly not a clone. Flutter Fish Review

Monday, February 17, 2014

Comics Head

Do you like to tell stories? Are you an aspiring writing like me? Do you like to share your daily experiences and thoughts with your friends? Download Comics Head
If you’re a creative kind of person who loves to socialize and always look forward to share new experiences, thoughts and pictures, you need one thing for sure i.e. Comics Head. Now you would be thinking what Comics Head is and why do you need it? Comics Head has been yet another self publishing tool that can bring up the artist in you even if you live in completely different world than an artist. It lets you create your own storyboards, presentations, collages, etc. which you can share with your friends and show off the artists in your (even if you’re not an artist). Comics Head Review

Valentine Crush Story

I can’t believe that I am writing this around Valentine’s day but I had to for this game is all about loving your valentine and gifting him something special. I won’t start with the very interesting description of what the game is all about. I would rather start with why I like to play Valentine Crush Story. Download Valentine Crush Story
I downloaded this game on my android device as I was impressed with the description of the game, the kind of concept it was based on and I did like the snapshots.
The graphics of this game are super amazing and the user interface is lovely. The game makes you get addicted because it gets better and better with every new level. All the levels are full of lovely surprises that anyone would love; whether a guy or a girl. Let me end up your curiosity by telling what the game is about. You have an adorable and beautiful valentine who wants you to prove that you love her a lot and she is expecting many gifts from your side. Valentine Crush Story Review

Pacdroid Apples eater

Have you ever played Pacman? If you’re a 90’s born kid, you would have surely played that game and I am sure you would have loved. It was such an addicting game. Wasn’t it? Download Pacdroid Apples eater
How about I tell you that there’s a better version of that very famous classic arcade game and it is specially made for your Android device? I know this question is enough to convince you to stop reading this and start downloading Pacdroid Apples eater  but still, I would like to share more about this game and also about my experience with this game. First of all, what the game is about? Well, the people who have never played or heard about Pacman (though it’s really impossible), that was a very famous arcade game where you had to eat up the circular things that came in front of you as soon as possible without getting lost. The challenge is to eat all of this stuff in one go. Pacdroid Apples eater Review

Friday, February 14, 2014

Helidroid 3 3D RC Helicopter

I waited for this game for a long time – Helidroid 3, a perfect fun filled action arcade game that I would recommend any person for sure. Are you wondering why or do you doubt upon my recommendation? Download Helidroid 3
There is a big house which looks absolutely awesome because of the fine designing that have been done by the game designers and you’re on a mission to become a real and expert pilot. A fire catches up and you need to take water from the swimming pool of that enormous house and try to extinguish the fire. There’s a pile of objects which need to be removed immediately. You would need to make use of an electromagnet to move those objects. In case, you are a fighter type, you can also launch rockets. There are plenty of missions available in this awesome action game. Helidroid 3 Review

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dog Sweetie

Dog Sweetie – what comes to your mind when you read this name in the games section of your app store? What kind of game it is? Is it good? What’s the concept? How are the graphics? Download Dog Sweetie
This game is not only perfect for the people who have longed for a dog raising experience, but is also a good one to try if you’re looking just for fun. After all, that’s what games are for. They ought to be interesting and entertaining and that’s exactly what Dog Sweetie is. 
Let’s start from the breed collection. You’re supposed to raise a dog by yourself in this game but which dog? What would the breed of the dog? There are more than 30 breeds of dogs available in the game, Yes, that seriously means you can choose your favorite breed of dog and raise it. Dog Sweetie Review

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Country Life

Country Life is a virtual farming app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the ability to build, manage, and grow your own farm. Download Country Life
Part love story, part 3D game, this game puts you in the shoes of young boy who goes out to the Thai countryside to prove that he is worthy of the love of his life, Tida. The game starts off with a short comic strip showing a dialogue between Tida and Derek, the character you play as. After the comic strip you are shown a fairly detailed tutorial about how to build your farm using the different tools and move Derek around the farm so he can interact with the field. You can move around by dragging your finger on the screen in the desired direction and choose the tool from the bottom on the bottom of the screen. By delivering the products as ordered, you will get money and fame as a reward. Country Life Review

Putter King Adventure Golf

The developer of this miniature golf app says that the graphics are high definition, and they’re not exaggerating. Putter King claims to test the player’s imagination and creativity while putting their golf skills through their paces in some exotic golf courses all over the world. Download Putter King Adventure Golf
Each hole will present you with a variety of obstacles that will stretch your reasoning and technique to their limits. The game has 24 wacky golf holes across three courses, and all the holes are in 3D. To help you, you can use a camera function to get a bird’s eye view of the hole, which will help you to plan your next move.
The game’s controls work well; a big slider along the bottom of the screen allows you to choose which one of the three starting points you want to tee off from. To aim your putt, move your finger around the screen and observe the lines of white dots that show where your shot will land. When you’re ready, you hit the ball by dragging a vertical slider down, then pushing it back up at the necessary speed. You must remember, though, that what really counts is how fast you follow the shot through rather than how far back you swing. Putter King Adventure Golf Review

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mega Bee HD

Mega Bee, is an arcade/adventure game in which you use your finger to control Busy, the bee who has been tasked to fly through the stages in order to rescue Princess Bee from Dragon Island! The gameplay is very simple and the content is suitable even for young children, although youngsters may find the concept hard to grasp. The idea of the game is to navigate around the screen ensuring Busy collects the safe items – the specific item is dependant on which stage is being played – and avoid the nasty things that will lose you a life! Opening up the app will take you to the home screen, which is bright with simple and child-friendly graphics. Three options are available: the store, the play and the small ‘i’ information button down in the left hand corner. Mega Bee HD Review

Pilo3 An Interactive Children's Story Book

We look for different ways in which to motivate our kids to want to learn new things and new ideas. Thanks to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, we can let our children experiment with their imagination and at the same time have fun.
A new app designed for both iPhone and iPad lets your children begin an interactive journey into the world of cooking. Pilo, a children's book character who is loved around the world are a soft and cuddly pillow doll who leads your children on an interactive adventure with each reading. Pilo3 is the next chapter in the popular Pilo series of apps and teaches your children fun things about cooking.  When you first start the app, it looks more like a game than an educational app, but it is more than just a game, it is fun for your little ones while teaching them new things. Pilo3 An Interactive Children's Story Book Review

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mail1Click - Secure Mail

As one who worries a lot about the safety and security of using the internet, I make sure that I take adequate caution and care before downloading an app and seldom access my personal accounts in a public net café.
This being said, I don’t use the typical gmail and yahoo app that comes with any Android or iPhone nowadays. Now that you know something about my lifestyle, you must understand the level of security the mail1click provides when I recommend it.
Having heard about it from friends (like me), I dint waste much time in browsing it and there I was happily downloading it. So what was it about Mail1click that attracted me? The free encrypted email service that this app provides is free and of course easy to use and interface. The encryption and decryption is done automatically and runs in the background without disturbing the normal phone usage. Mail1Click Secure Mail