Monday, February 17, 2014

Pacdroid Apples eater

Have you ever played Pacman? If you’re a 90’s born kid, you would have surely played that game and I am sure you would have loved. It was such an addicting game. Wasn’t it? Download Pacdroid Apples eater
How about I tell you that there’s a better version of that very famous classic arcade game and it is specially made for your Android device? I know this question is enough to convince you to stop reading this and start downloading Pacdroid Apples eater  but still, I would like to share more about this game and also about my experience with this game. First of all, what the game is about? Well, the people who have never played or heard about Pacman (though it’s really impossible), that was a very famous arcade game where you had to eat up the circular things that came in front of you as soon as possible without getting lost. The challenge is to eat all of this stuff in one go. Pacdroid Apples eater Review

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