Friday, February 14, 2014

Helidroid 3 3D RC Helicopter

I waited for this game for a long time – Helidroid 3, a perfect fun filled action arcade game that I would recommend any person for sure. Are you wondering why or do you doubt upon my recommendation? Download Helidroid 3
There is a big house which looks absolutely awesome because of the fine designing that have been done by the game designers and you’re on a mission to become a real and expert pilot. A fire catches up and you need to take water from the swimming pool of that enormous house and try to extinguish the fire. There’s a pile of objects which need to be removed immediately. You would need to make use of an electromagnet to move those objects. In case, you are a fighter type, you can also launch rockets. There are plenty of missions available in this awesome action game. Helidroid 3 Review

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