Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Adventures of Mira

Sometimes all you want to play is a cute, fun filled game which would probably be developed for kids, but game is fun to play for everyone. Download The Adventures of Mira
Yes, of course I did download this game The Adventures of Mira for my cute nephew who was visiting me at the weekend. I wanted him to have some good time and presenting him with a new game seemed like a good idea to me. The reason why I chose The Adventures of Mira is the good reviews and attractive snapshots. You cannot really guess if the game would be good or not from the description, but the user reviews certainly help you a lot. The main objective in the game is to keep flying around and collect as much pollen as you can from the flowers. But beware! There are some hazardous obstacles which you need to tackle. You need to avoid birds, ladybugs, bats and squirrels. They would try to stop you, but you need to make sure that you continue on your quest to collect more and more pollen and make honey from your own hive. The Adventures of Mira Review

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