Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mega Bee HD

Mega Bee, is an arcade/adventure game in which you use your finger to control Busy, the bee who has been tasked to fly through the stages in order to rescue Princess Bee from Dragon Island! 
The gameplay is very simple and the content is suitable even for young children, although youngsters may find the concept hard to grasp.
The idea of the game is to navigate around the screen ensuring Busy collects the safe items – the specific item is dependant on which stage is being played – and avoid the nasty things that will lose you a life!
Opening up the app will take you to the home screen, which is bright with simple and child-friendly graphics. Three options are available: the store, the play and the small ‘i’ information button down in the left hand corner.
The ‘i’ button will display the credits and is not a tutorial. The store is a shop where you can spend in-game coins on power ups and new characters. The play button will take you to the game menu. The game menu has six stages, only three of which are available to a first time player: Backyard, Roadside and Desert Oasis. Mega Bee HD Review

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ninja Volley 2013

There are a lot of Ninja games out there for the iPhone and iPad. The games that have a Ninja theme are normally the jump, kick and punch kind of game. But now, there is a new game on the Google Play store and it is something entirely fresh. I am talking about Ninja Volley, a terrific 2D side scroller with a few new twists, and unique gameplay. Ninja Volley 2013 Game Download
I installed Ninja Volley on my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone, and it is a lot of fun. I imagine it will run well on most Android devices, if not all of them.
The game is part action, part role playing, part fighting game, and each player need to customise their Ninja's with attributes in order to be the best. As the name suggests, Ninja Volley is a volleyball game, it is unlike any sports volleyball game that you have ever played.
When first starting the game, the player is provided a main menu that provides several options, one of which is a player tutorial. I highly recommend that you take the tutorial because there are a lot of activities in this game to be aware of. Ninja Volley 2013 Review


If you trade in the stock market, then you are probably familiar with different ways that the stock market trends can be analysed to reduce the risk for any given transaction and maximise the yields that can be gained for a particular stock.
One such method of analysis used in the financial market is called Hurst Channels. OddsTrader App Download
Simply put, Hurst Channels is an analysis method used to track and calculate financial market cycles and their movement.
The actual mathematical principles for this are quite esoteric, having been conceived by the noted analyst J. W. Hurst. So there are many different views how to apply Hurst Channel analysis to current market cycles, and it can be confusing to keep track of it all, especially if you are on the go a lot, using your mobile devices to monitor the market situation.
A new app, called OddsTrader, bridges the gap between mobility and efficiency in monitoring the cyclical market trends. The OddsTrader provides an unbiased technical analysis for all US stock markets and over 50 stock exchanges worldwide. OddsTrader Review

iFile Download Manager

There are plenty of download managers available on the Apple iTunes store. iFile Download Manager App Download
I have tried most of them, and to one degree or another, they work satisfactorily for my purposes. The issue I have had with those download managers I have tried in the past is that I needed several different download managers to accomplish all my downloading tasks. Those days are over.
I have found a new app that does everything I need it to do. I give you the iFile Download Manager. This app is perfect in so many ways. The application runs on iPhone or iPad.
Let me run down the features for you and explain to you how it works. The iFile Download Manager features a remarkably straightforward and easy to use interface. You have several options to manage and work with the downloaded file content. iFile Download Manager Review

Bike Extreme Free

Get ready for some fun filled, Android app excitement! I just got this new game called BikeExtreme, a really fun game, with excellent graphics. The game is a motorcycle racing game, where you are riding and off-road motorcycle through an urban area. The game is free on the Google Play store. So let's take a walk through, and see how this game actually performs. Bike Extreme Free App Download
The first thing to note is that the controls are extremely easy to use. You have controls in the left and the right hand side of the android mobile device that you use to play the game.
The game itself is played in a landscape orientation, obviously to maximize the screen real estate on your device. Once you start the game, you press the Right arrow key to move the motorcycle forward, after which you will encounter a series of jumps and obstacles that will propel you into the air so that you can collect coins for points. Bike Extreme Free Review

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toad Slash

Toad Slash is a slash style game where the user has to score points by cutting the objects that jump into view. Toad Slash Download App
This game is designed for iPhone and iPad it will also work with iPod Touch. The game is Halloween themed and has scary music and a spooky outside scene with various ghouls and night time creatures flying in the background. Upon opening the game the main screen looks very interesting.
Credits are available by selecting the gravestone and sound can be turned on and off in the top right corner. Start a new game by clicking on the frog at the bottom of the screen. 
When starting a new game the screen will clear and the background will alter slightly, giving a full scene of a graveyard. Toad Slash Review

Saturday, January 12, 2013

iFile Browser

Cairo, Egypt - Beleela, an emerging mobile solutions developer, is excited today to announce the launch of iFile Browser onto the App Store. iFile Browser App Download
Compatible the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this practical mobile management utility gives users the power to access, organize, and edit any and all files and docs stored on their device as well as everything in their cloud storage accounts through a single intuitive hub!
The app lets users access remote storage accounts regardless of their native platform and boasts a universal file viewer too.
iFile Browser is currently available for download on the App Store for $2. 99 in the Paid Productivity category. Built around a straightforward user interface, iFile Browser can be linked with users’ iCloud and Dropbox accounts in seconds and look up their locally stored files as well.
Every file of any type that was linked once can be opened through the app, regardless of whether it’s normally supported by iOS or not. iFile Browser Review

Zombie Master

From the studios of Castle Master 3D, the alphaCloud release yet another fantastic thriller for its users. This master work is a solid game which will surely satisfy your appetite for zombies and human brains. Overall, the game is a mix of shooting and strategy genre. However, if you have ever played StarCraft or Gears of War you should get your hands on this brilliant game as soon as you can. Zombie Master App Download
Basically, one can say that this game is the mixture of these two games, other than that it also has several new and hot features. The plot of the game is similar to several apocalyptic movies.
Your will find your character in a future, not very distant from now, where a virus of an unknown origin has devastated human race and turned them into mindless freaks, Zombies! While the living dead roam around in the streets the humanity has gathered up a special squad which goes by the title “Zombie Master”. The main character of this game is a female and leader of this special squad. Zombie Master Review

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jetpack Jinx

Why go for a drive when you can go into the cosmos. Jetpack Jinx gives you wings. A new hit marvelous game Gum Interactive in which your player, named Jinx, has crashed and stranded on a weird and foreign planet. However, his major concern is his boss who does not know that he is not at the mother ship. Jetpack Jinx App Download
The objective of this game is to get him back to the starship before his boss; Shadowbot figures out that he is gone. So grab your jetpack and blast off towards your starship.
Jetpack Jinx is a very addictive and fun game where you are to fly through several exciting levels while making your way to back to your ship. There are many mystery prizes along the flight and a lot of bonus points to be scored.
Despite having all that exciting and fun features this game is available on the app store for free and that is not even the best part as you get to play this game not only free but without advertisements also, so how cool is that? JetPack Jinx Review

Roach Smasher

Squishing bugs. Squishing more bugs. Squishing even more bugs! This is essentially the premise of Cocky Roach HD. While you are squishing bugs, you also have to be careful not to break the glass for which the bugs are crawling on, i. e. your iPad screen. Roach Smasher App Download
If you try to squish a bug, and you miss the bug but instead hit your iPad screen, a small crack or hole will appear in the glass.
If you tap too many times, the glass breaks (not literally thank goodness) and game is over. I downloaded Roach Smasher app for free from the iTunes store, installed it and fired it up. Did it meet my expectations?
Or was this another app in the "does not get used much" drawer? Let’s find out if squishing bugs is fun or not. Ok, so the first thing to know, is that you need a fast tap finger. Tapping the screen on your iPad quickly and accurately is how you win in this game.
You start out on level 1, and as you squish more bugs and don't crack the screen, you level up to even more creepy crawlers. As those little critters come out, they eat heart shaped icons that pop up on your screen. Roach Smasher Review

Mark My Words

Mark my words, no no, you are not being lectured, Mark My Words is a fun new android app with quality graphics and wonderful app interface. Mark My Words App Download
After installing and opening the game all you have to do is tap twice to start playing the game, once on the tap here text and once on the play button.
As soon as you open the application the music playing in the background lets the user know the genre and the quality of the app they are about to experience.
The music is elegant and piano based and after you tap on play button, the next screen introduces you to the game interface, it is sort of like what is what and how to use the app. The game is not that heavy and laggy so it will not slow down your android even slightly, you can either pause the game whenever you want, using the button on the top right of the screen, or just hit home or back on your android and the application immediately stops. Mark My Words Review

Slots Social Casino

Hearing Cha-Ching sounds from your Android? Well installing the first ever social casino application on your android can do this to a person because Slots Social Casino offers various slots and poker games from real world casinos of United States. Other than being the world’s first real Vegas style, social 3D casino game with several wonderful featured packed in. Slots Social Casino App Download
All the games in this app are high quality and the best part is they are all completely free! Casino, the 3D HD app is a treat for the android lovers as this game is packed with 30 addictive games full of Pre-action, exciting game finishes and to top that of a winner game play. The overall graphics are quite attractive and the app is fully socialized, meaning not only that you get to play, invite and follow your friends from social networks, you can also make some new game pals.
As soon as you start the game the background music tells the user that this application was worth the download. Some of the slot machines might be locked and require the user to be on a certain level to unlock them, so all you have to do is to keep playing and continue unlocking those levels and if you thing you are good, why not rock that rankings chart or challenge some friends while you are at it. Slots Social Casino Review