Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Roach Smasher

Squishing bugs. Squishing more bugs. Squishing even more bugs! This is essentially the premise of Cocky Roach HD. While you are squishing bugs, you also have to be careful not to break the glass for which the bugs are crawling on, i. e. your iPad screen. Roach Smasher App Download
If you try to squish a bug, and you miss the bug but instead hit your iPad screen, a small crack or hole will appear in the glass.
If you tap too many times, the glass breaks (not literally thank goodness) and game is over. I downloaded Roach Smasher app for free from the iTunes store, installed it and fired it up. Did it meet my expectations?
Or was this another app in the "does not get used much" drawer? Let’s find out if squishing bugs is fun or not. Ok, so the first thing to know, is that you need a fast tap finger. Tapping the screen on your iPad quickly and accurately is how you win in this game.
You start out on level 1, and as you squish more bugs and don't crack the screen, you level up to even more creepy crawlers. As those little critters come out, they eat heart shaped icons that pop up on your screen. Roach Smasher Review

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