Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jetpack Jinx

Why go for a drive when you can go into the cosmos. Jetpack Jinx gives you wings. A new hit marvelous game Gum Interactive in which your player, named Jinx, has crashed and stranded on a weird and foreign planet. However, his major concern is his boss who does not know that he is not at the mother ship. Jetpack Jinx App Download
The objective of this game is to get him back to the starship before his boss; Shadowbot figures out that he is gone. So grab your jetpack and blast off towards your starship.
Jetpack Jinx is a very addictive and fun game where you are to fly through several exciting levels while making your way to back to your ship. There are many mystery prizes along the flight and a lot of bonus points to be scored.
Despite having all that exciting and fun features this game is available on the app store for free and that is not even the best part as you get to play this game not only free but without advertisements also, so how cool is that? JetPack Jinx Review

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