Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zombie Master

From the studios of Castle Master 3D, the alphaCloud release yet another fantastic thriller for its users. This master work is a solid game which will surely satisfy your appetite for zombies and human brains. Overall, the game is a mix of shooting and strategy genre. However, if you have ever played StarCraft or Gears of War you should get your hands on this brilliant game as soon as you can. Zombie Master App Download
Basically, one can say that this game is the mixture of these two games, other than that it also has several new and hot features. The plot of the game is similar to several apocalyptic movies.
Your will find your character in a future, not very distant from now, where a virus of an unknown origin has devastated human race and turned them into mindless freaks, Zombies! While the living dead roam around in the streets the humanity has gathered up a special squad which goes by the title “Zombie Master”. The main character of this game is a female and leader of this special squad. Zombie Master Review

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