Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Do you want to play a simple and easy to play game? Obviously, it should be fun and entertaining too. Right? LilyMaster is one game which I would recommend you to try if you want a gaming experience like that. There are times when we are too bored with the normal and popular running games, strategy games and board games. At such time, we need something different and it sounds a bit unbelievable but games like LilyMaster really do their job of entertaining and pleasing us very well. There is a beautiful garden in your new gaming world where each plant is very important and precious. The plants are being attacked by bugs. You need to stop those cruel and dirty bugs before they eat those plants out and devour your beautiful garden. LilyMaster Download

Tuner Pal

The people who love music instruments and spend a good long time with them seem to have become lucky these days for there is a very special and helpful application for them that has hit the Google Play. Have you bought a new string instrument? Tuning is the first thing you need to do. May be you are just a beginner and you don’t know how to tune it but you cannot start practicing unless your instrument is tuned properly. The name of the app is Tuner Pal. How many times have this happened that a friend of yours tries your instrument and being an amateur, he plays the instrument so badly that you have to tune it up again? Tuner Pal Download

3 Stars in Birds

Are you a fan of Angry Birds and similar games? If you are, there is one app which is currently now available on google play with its latest version that would support the new android Jelly Bean as well. The app is 3 Stars in Birds Plus. Many of you might already be familiar with this app. If you already know about this app, you would obviously be waiting for the new version desperately. But what if you have never heard the name of this app? A few seconds before, you didn’t even know that this app ever existed. If you are one of that people, you must know what this app is actually meant for and why this game is such a necessity to the people who play games like Angry Birds. 3 Stars in Birds Download

Ski Park Create Your Own Mountain Resort

Do you want to try a new city builder game? Ski Park HD is a very new game which is available for both iPhone and iPad and allows you to build a beautiful resort along with many tasks and hidden objects that you would need to discover while you play. You have been given a land surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees. Now, you have an opportunity to build a beautiful and popular ski resort. Along with a normal resort, you can also build commercial sites and parks which would obviously attract more visitors. As soon as you start the ski lift, you would be flooded with hundreds of tourists who would not only help you to gain profits but also help you to gain extra points. Ski Park Download

Save the Snail HD

The poor, fragile, helpless and small little snails need your help. They have lost their way and need to move along with tackling many threats to their very life. It is not possible for them to save their own life. So, you my friend need to Save the snail HD. This is the name of the very new and interesting puzzle game available at the iTunes store for free. This lovely new game concept asks you to help the snails in three ways – first, you need to help them avoid the dangerous traps that would come in their way. Second, they need to be protected from the super hot and burning sunbeams. This can be done by covering them with different objects. Also, you need to hide them and keep them safe for there are rocks falling on them which would crush them to death. Save the Snail Download

iZombie-intelligent zombies

Do you want to get a reading experience that you have never had before? If you are an avid reader and don’t want to miss out a wonderful reading experience through Sync Reading, iZombie is one app that must be there in your phone for sure. Available for both iPhone and the iPad, the app is counted among the top apps in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Colombia. And one fine day when I was doing the same, I found this app- iZombie. I must say I actually didn’t get what this app was actually for in the first look but still I downloaded the app because the name sounded very interesting to me. iZombie Download


Are you a fan of word games? You just cannot bear being challenged by words. All you want to do is to flaunt your excellent vocabulary and word power. If you are a person of such type, there is one game that you must try. Can you guess the name of this amazing and one-of-its kind game? It’s PipeWords. May be you don’t get fascinated by word games. In that case, you can still play this game as a puzzle game. The actual mission of the game isn’t solving the puzzles of words; the mission is to solve the plumbing problem in the factory by using your word power. You need to build a path consisting of pipewords from the faucet in the factory to the drain. PipeWords Download

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Squaregatory is a new arcade and entertainment game from Intrepid Kid, LLC. This type of game is compatible with a lot of devices which is what you can make you relax with its amazing features and applications. Squaregatory Download
The game supports the GameCenter feature for leaderboards and achievements. It is a great game that has a sophisticated twist of physics and gets the game back to its elemental roots.
All you have to do is to tilt the mobile device you are using with the support of the accelerometer, glide a small cube from point A to point B, as you would coax an ice cube on a flat surface. And then you can move your game strategically and then break down the cubes which leave the screen. Squaregatory Review

Spell Collapse

Do you want to try a different game? How about trying a word game? We, the iPhone users, have always been very keen to try out new and different kind of games. Spell Collapse Download
Obviously, we all are fed up of the games like running, strategy etc and all we need at such a time is a new gaming concept. Well, word games aren’t new but Spell Collapse would provide you an extremely different experience, thereby fulfilling your thirst for something new and exciting.
Based on an awesome idea along with a very well planned execution, this game would be loved by anyone and has proved to cause addiction. Once you enter the world of this game, you would find it really very difficult to stop yourself from playing spells collapse. Spell Collapse Review

Zoner Photo Studio - Edit & Go

A photo editor app is a must have on any smart phone. All those lovely pictures you have shot all the day, needs just a few edits before it goes online on the social networking platforms or before they are developed or used as wallpapers on your phones and desktop screen. Zoner Photo Studio - Edit & Go Download
But is editing your photo that easy? There are a number of changes that a photo might need and finding all of them in a single photo editor app is really very difficult.
Do you want a photo editor that would meet all of your needs and allow you to edit photos in an easy and fun way? A professionally designed interface that would give you exactly what you want with your photos – Zoner photo studio, a new and very powerful android app which is inspired from the desktop photo editor from Zoner. Zoner Photo Studio - Edit & Go Review


Do you like to play mind games? When it comes to the mind games, there is one game which has always been the most popular and most intriguing and addictive since the beginning – Sudoku. Sudoku Download
90 out of 100 people in a survey said that they could not help themselves not playing the Sudoku when they see the unsolved puzzle in front of them.
That’s how Sudoku is – it’s addicting and interesting plus it is one of the most challenging games ever made to test the ability of your mind. Have you ever thought of getting an app in your smart phone that would let you solve the Sudoku puzzle whenever you want? You would need to get a newspaper to find a daily Sudoku puzzle. Sudoku Review

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun Runner 3D

Fun Runner 3D is a next gen running arcade style FREE android game inspired by temple run. If your looking for a fun waste of time Free Runner 3D is perfect for you. Have a ton of easy, fast paced, fun by running down randomly generated tunnels trying to get as many gems as you can without falling off. This free fun running game is all you need to keep entertained. Fun Runner 3D Download

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Are you fed up of those boring running, racing and shooting games? Even strategy games become intolerable sometimes. Right? I love playing games but I get bored with the same kind of games. CuBlitz Download
So, I keep on looking for something new and different. That’s how I found – CuBlitz. Have you ever played puzzle games? Yes, I know, it seems like puzzle games are made for small children but this game is a fully fledged proof to make you wrong because CuBlitz is a strategic puzzle game which is very interesting and fun to play and addictive as well.
Also, it’s not at all boring like other puzzle games available in the market. Though, it’s very easy to pick up how to play this game but scoring points is actually very difficult with new and tough challenges at each stage of the game. CuBlitz Review

Saturday, August 3, 2013

mX Great Britain

Do you have an iPhone? Obviously, your phone would be loaded with tons of amazing apps and games downloaded from the app store but there is one kind of app that a person cannot afford to miss out – a travel app. mX Great Britain Download
No matter how much you travel, an app like MX Great Britain - Official Travel Guide to UK with offline maps (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool... ) is very much necessary because it’s not only a travel guide, it provides you much more than that.
This featured app on App Stores of countries like UK, USA, Canada is one of the most popular and complete travel apps I have ever come across. mX Great Britain Review

AndroMoney Expense Track

Manage your finances in an easy way using Andro Money (Expense Track). How many times do you whine about your untracked and unplanned expenses in a day? AndroMoney Expense Track Download
We, especially, people from age group – 20-30 years spend a lot of money which we are unable to track and hence get into financial troubles. I remember, my mom used to shout at me at the end of every week when I was unable to explain that where did I spend my pocket money of that week.
I am sure this happens with lot many people. Even if you have your own job, you need to manage your expenses and know where you have spent all your hard earned money. AndroMoney Expense Track Review