Friday, September 28, 2012


PrintJinni is one-of-a-kind mobile printing app for Android operating system! Download app here!
You can wirelessly print photos and documents from your device to a wide range of printers. PrintJinni, designed and developed by Thinxtream, is a wireless mobile printing app for Android smartphones and devices, supported by Google Cloud Print.
With this high-quality app, you can print documents, photos and more, wirelessly from your Android device to a wide range of printers, MFPs and all-in-ones.
The design of the application is vivid and clear, with all the options illustrated visibly in the menu. App settings and printer management controls are also easily accessible, making it easier for people to access printing services via their Android devices.
The app is compatible to print emails, Microsoft Office documents, and PDF files. You can even print email attachments with this high-performance mobile printing app. Preview and print of JPEG images and files are also available with Print Jinni. PrintJinni Review

All Resort Search

All Resort Search is a great app for all potential travellers out there. As soon as I started to navigate my round this app I could immediately see how useful it could be. At first when I glanced at this app I could see that it was going to be useful for people planning on going abroad and trying to find a good resort to stay out. Download app here!
However as I delved deeper into this app I soon discovered it was a lot more. The app has in excess of 500 all inclusive resorts listed so you can go through them all and try to find one which will suit your needs perfect whether travelling for business or pleasure. It makes the whole process of trying to find somewhere to stay so much easier.
In addition to being find all inclusive resorts the app also has a great search engine which helps you to filter options down and wee what else the resorts have on to offer such as board rooms and meeting place, what services they have available should you wish to hold your wedding here, lists of fun things to do and entertainment on offer, food and drink etc. A highly informative, well designed app.  Very useful and a good time saving invention. All Resort Search Review

Big Cat Race

Big Cat Race is a new genre of exclusive and challenging outdoor fitness app, with improved audio-visual capabilities and unlimited fun. Download app here!
GenzPlay introduces a new genre of outdoor fitness apps for children, where they play the character in the game. It is an interactive cartoon game where the mode of play is running.
In a scenario where children are getting more addicted to video game consoles and internet games, Big Cat Race is a good way of getting them outdoors and indulge into a fun game, which is exciting, and ensures good health and stamina as well.
The lite version provides 10 minutes of play per hour and 20 minutes of play per day, and come with password protected award system for the parents. Now, children can compete with other cats in the world, increasing accelerometer precision and running speed.
It also has a GPS tracking system that makes sure that you are not cheating. This is an interactive outdoor game, which is easy to play with enhanced user interface. The controls of the game are based on your running speed. Big Cat Race Review

Alchemy Classic HD

This life is all about innovations and new creations. This is what has happened in past as well will continue to the future. Alchemy Classic HD is a game that provides you the place to do all your innovations. The game start with 4 elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth and the player have to combine them to come up with new elements. Download app here!
When playing this game we feel like doing the real chemistry to innovating new elements and thing. This not only about creating new elements even we can create plants, animals, machineries and even aliens.
This is a very addictive game where we have to play with the elements. The game gives only a brief quick guide, which is indeed brief. While go with the game we can understand how it has to be played. Not much guidance is given but it helps us to think and play the game because if the guide has more information we always try to depend on that.
When you start to create more and more combinations to make new elements the curiosity becomes more to go through the game. There really isn’t anything more to Alchemy Classic HD once you have learned how to mix elements and clearing the alchemy table, but that is where the simplistic gameplay shines brightest. Alchemy Classic HD Review

Parking Challenge 3D

Parking Challenge 3D earns good reviews with respect to vivid picture clarity, superior sound quality, and smart game level designs. Download app here!
Designed and developed by Dualcarbon, Parking Challenge 3D is the most challenging and exclusive apps, presented in 3D perspective. If you are fond of driving and love to take challenges, you will definitely love this game.
The app is all about driving and parking four different vehicles, having real-like physics, through multiple bends and turns, without bumping onto the pavement or other objects in your way.
This is the standard game mode, and if you are looking for something even more challenging, the Xtreme 4x4 mode is worth playing. This one-of-a-kind game has been designed to be extremely user friendly, with simple and intuitive control system, while delivering utmost excitement and challenge.
To play the game, use the joystick to steer left and right, and press the pedal to brake and accelerate. Using your joystick, you have to drive and park four different vehicles, from a standard car to a larger sized bus. Parking Challenge 3D Review

Fungus Shark Attack

Fungus Shark Attack is great fun to play and very light hearted. This is a brand new release and from what I can see from playing already is that it is going to be a very popular platform game. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch so far but in the future it may be developed for other plat forms too. Download app here!
As the player you have to guide the shark through a wide variety of different scenes in order to get him to his main goal which is reaching the octopus.
Along the way you will be faced with numerous challenges and obstacles and also be able to collect different bonus prizes and points. This is very straight forward game which is great fun to play. Because it is so light hearted it is suitable for players of all different ages.
The little fishes in the game are very cute and likable and the shark is quite funny at times. I had great fun playing this game. The graphics are very striking indeed. They are bold and very colourful and look almost cartoon like.
In addition to this the graphics are great, as is the game content and music. This is a great game suitable for the whole family. Fungus Shark Attack Review

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Elephant Toss is a very amusing game that tasks you with using your finger to do a ring toss game, with the catch being that you're trying to toss the rings onto an elephant's tusks. Download app here!
This game has a great sense of humor, which is on display via the game's opening cinematic, which shares the rest of the game's fun, cartoonish feel.
Your character will then get his chance to toss as many rings onto the target of the elephant's long tusks as he can.
While the game is very basic at heart, it is also very addictive and fun, with some added layers of depth. You throw rings by touching your character and then sliding your finger a little in the direction of where you want to throw.
How far you slide your finger determines the power of your throw, and the direction determines the angle. The controls are very responsive and allow for very high throws that momentarily leave the screen, as well as very low throws that skitter along the ground, and everything in between.
The game gets an added boost of challenge because the game has different wind conditions that require a different type of throw. On the bottom of the screen, it will occasionally have an arrow that indicates forward or backward along with a number, and that gives you an idea of how much more or less power you may need for a good throw. ElephantToss Review


Cryptica Lite is an ingenious puzzle game for Android operating systems that features plenty of content around its basic mechanic of moving blocks to specific squares. Download app here!
In Cryptica Lite, you have a very simple premise to start from: you have blocks with different tribal-looking symbols on them, and you want to maneuver the blocks so that they are on top of the spaces that have the same symbols.
However, where this game becomes really inventive is with the play mechanics, because the blocks all start out a certain number of spaces apart, and when you move one of them, you move all of them at the same time.
In other words, if your blocks are three spaces apart, when you move them right or left, they will stay that way unless one of the blocks physically can't move. Therefore, you have to use walls, blocking stones (which do not move), and other special items to keep some blocks in place while you move others.
It is a very simple hook that you will learn and be comfortable with immediately, but that provides for a really fun challenge at the higher levels of play. Game play is very simple. To drag blocks, you simply touch them and then move your finger in the direction that you want to move them. Cryptica Review

Clay Hunt

Clay Hunt Lite has a very simple control scheme that is a lot of fun and comes very naturally with just a minute or two of practice. Download app here!
On screen, you will see a rifle in first person that you can move around by placing your thumb on it and dragging it around. Then, you use another finger (preferably on your other hand for ease of use) and tap the screen anywhere to take a shot when you are happy with your aim.
It works beautifully and is a very user-friendly control scheme.
Also useful is the fact that the game essentially pauses automatically, since after you shoot a set of clay pidgeons, the game will not launch any more until you put your finger back on the screen, prompting a voice to yell “Pull!” and clay pidgeons to launch into the air.
This is useful for when you are playing and then have to stop momentarily without losing any points on your score. The game begins with a helpful tutorial, which allows you to get a handle on the game's fun mechanics before the difficulty really gets any harder. Clay Hunt Review

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android devices that is very simple at its roots, but can really give you a fun challenge once you get used to it and try the more difficult puzzles. Download app here!
The basic concept behind Block Puzzle is this: you have a large square or rectangle which you need to fill.
In order to fill it, you have a number of different types of shapes (sort of like what you have in the classic game “Tetris”, but with more shapes and a larger variety of sizes, too).
They can all fit into the rectangle or square if you place them a certain way, but it is up to you to figure out how they must be configured in order to fill up the space without going over the outline.
The game sounds very simple, and it is. However, there are multiple levels of difficulty to enjoy so that you will not get bored as you continue to master the game. The earliest level is novice, and it's a great one to start with, with puzzles that you can likely solve in a minute or two without much trouble.
This game is very easy to learn, but packs some challenge at the higher levels, and has enough content to entertain you for a long time. Block Puzzle Review

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass

Tracky GPS Navigation+ solves many of the problems that your regular stock navigation apps have in that it allows you to know where you are even when you are off the beaten path. Download app here!
For years, many active and adventurous people have wanted a GPS navigation program that allows them to have many of the features that Tracky GPS Navigation+ provides.
For instance, you can use your Android device to not only know your location, but also see your speed, altitude, and slope while you are out and about.
You can take advantage of the reliable track recordings with plenty of free online and offline maps and the search options you need to help you to keep track of your surroundings and whereabouts. Everything is easily accessible, with the bottom left grid button taking you to options such as maps, tracks, compass, settings, search, and an ability to record your track.
With the route recording capabilities, it is useful not just for off-roading and exploration, but also for distance runners who want to know more about the routes they run, as well. Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass Review

Poker Master Multiplayer

Poker Master Multiplayer is a very interesting and competitive online Texas Hold'em Poker game. Download app here!
All I can say about it is that this is one of the best free games that I have played on my droid yet. You have to create your free account when you first download it and then you are “IN”. For beginners, who have never played poker, it takes through a tutorial, which makes a person understand the game fully.
The best thing about this app is that it is free. However, you do need an internet connection to play it. The concept is simple. If you have played Texas Hold'em Poker, you know what to do.
The game starts like all online multiplayer games do. The option of number of players competing varies from two to eight players. Players are added randomly and the game starts. In each game, you see a random hand and a random hand state.
You have to use your skills to make an assessment and determine the best hand to win out of those that have been displayed. All players see the same hands and the player with the highest score wins, when the game ends.
The score is determined by the difficulty and odds of the winning hand. The game automatically pairs you with players of your level, so you have a chance to win. You can also play against your friends if they have also downloaded the game. Poker Master Multiplayer Review


uOutdo is a casual photo competition game, which lets you win valuable credits and amazing prizes free! Download app here!
A theme is presented as a base for competition. Players are then required to upload their photos related to that particular theme. The photo that gets most votes wins real prizes. This is the first game of its kind that pays players to show off their photo and creative talents.
As a member, you can create a challenge for others to participate in and participate in challenges that others have created. You can win coupons and even cash prizes for different sponsored competitions.
You get points for every activity, such as, commenting, voting and even for liking a post or a photo. The site rewards members for generating traffic on the site, which can be fun. Like many other apps out there, this one is also aimed at social networking.
You get credit points for many things, such as commenting, status updates and participating in competitions. You can share your photos posted here on Facebook and twitter, so that people can come over and vote for you. uOutdo Review

Monaco Slot Machine HD

If you are into casino games and love slot machine games, Monaco Slot Machine HD is the game for you. Download app here!
This is a simple, easy to paly fun slot machine game that pure entertainment. The idea behind is pure entertainment while you want to while away your time or want to have some fun with your friends with a slot machine that does not ask for money.
You can play to compete against a friend or play alone to see how many times you double your winnings. Making this game in high definition is purely for giving better graphic display on devices with larger screens.
To make it work, all you have to do is download it and you are ready to play a high definition slot machine with Monaco theme. You can play by tapping on the start button and see the reels roll. There are five reels and three rows, which makes the game more interesting than any other slot machine game on the market.
Monaco Slot machine has very simple controls. You just touch start button and the reel rolls. If you win, you get the option to play again or play the two free optional games that you have built in to Monaco Slot Machine HD. Monaco Slot Machine HD Review

100 Rooms

100 Rooms is one of the most popular games in the brain and puzzle category. Download app here!
This is one of the most addictive and challenging games, which can keep you busy for a long time. The basic concept of the game is to unlock doors and proceed to the next room. For this, you have to find a way to do that.
Every room has hidden items, you have to locate these items and find a way to use them, which leads to unlocking the door and you enter the next level. In every room, you will find some clues and items to pick.
Once you have those items you will have to determine how to combine them or perform a task to unlock another item. You will find arrows pointing in directions available for you to view the room. Once you check all the available views of the room, you will have an idea what you have to do with the items that you found and how to combine them with other items or use them with other clues.
The game has simple controls, which work through tapping an item to collect it or to enlarge a view. 100 Rooms Review

Dino Rocks HD

Dino Rocks is the great new release from the developers Sungift Games. Download app here!
This fantastic app is suitable for the whole family young and old. If you like puzzle games which present a challenge and require a lot of strategic thinking then this is the game for you. The most striking feature of this game has to be the graphics. Whoever created these graphics is a genius.
I was so impressed and to be honest the graphics in this game are some of the best that I have ever seen. They are bright, bold and modern.
At first they reminded me of a cartoon style genre but the more I played it felt like I was watching a Disney pixel feature length film. The graphics were that good. The game features a very cute little dinosaur.
The dinosaur is the games central character who you have to help travel around the prehistoric environment. There are several puzzles which need to the solved and the cute little dinosaur is at the bottom of the screen throughout. Suitable for the whole family I would certainly recommend this game. Dino Rocks HD Review

Go Go Woony

Go Go Woony is the latest release by the developers Extra Live. Download app here!
This game is great fun and from the start I could see the entertainment potential. The aim of the game is that the player takes on the role of a very cute deer and you must get the deer safely around the worlds as quickly as possible whilst accumulating lots of special bonus prizes and rewards and avoiding obstacles which come in the way.
The game is very fast and very challenging so you have to be quick of the mark and use your reflexes. The graphics are very quirky indeed. They are very bold and vibrant and have a great cartoon feel to them.
Whilst I would say the graphics would appeal to a younger generation of players they are still suitable for adults. They way the deer and other characters are portrayed are very cute so you cant but help fall in love with them.
If you like a challenge then this game is ideal as you have to pass numerous achievements whilst attempting to not only beat your own previous high score but that of other players too. One great feature which I really liked was the option of endless replay so you can keep trying over and over again to beat you previous score. Go Go Woony Review

Monster Toss

Monster Toss is a great little game which requires a bit of skill but with practice you will find this come easily and eventually you will be hooked on the game. Download app here!
The game features and very cute monster who has what I can only describe as a bucket head. As the player the aim is to try and throw as many things successfully into the monster head. This sounds easier than it is, trust me.
With practice however you will soon become a whizz and want to play over and over again.
On the top of the screen your score is clearly visible along with you best score so you can keep trying to beat your previous score and keep track of how far you have to go. Sometimes I would lose by one point and find myself shouting at myself but immediately I would be playing again and jumping around once I had beaten my all time best.
It really is that addictive! The monster interacts with you too. After throwing various items at the monster, if he likes what you have thrown he will eventually become a friend and be nice to you. It is very cute indeed. Monster Toss Review

Deluxe Track and Field

Have you ever dreamt of running the one hundred metres at the Olympics, throw the shot put or compete in the long jump? Download app here!
Deluxe Track and Field enables the user to take to the arena floor and compete with the best athletes for the fastest times and longest distances. As the application is opened all of the events are organised across the middle of the screen.
Use your finger to scroll through the choices and select your favourite event. At the bottom left corner is the player’s name, by default it is set to PlayerA.
Change this by tapping on the name and editing it to your athlete’s name. At the bottom right of the screen is a language select and the settings menu. There are a total of five different languages to choose from by tapping on the flag to scroll through the available options.
As each event loads the instructions will be given on how to control your athlete. There are three simple pages of instructions with pictures to explain clearly on how to control the character. All of the controls are at the bottom of the screen. Deluxe Track and Field Review

Spectral Souls

Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires is a tactical role playing game designed for all of the latest Apple technology. Download app here!
It is set in a fantasy world called Neverland, where humans and demons both exist. Wars have been fought for many years between both species, with varying results.
The magical year is 1053 and the humans have control of the planet, demons are rising from the shadows to destroy the villages and come to power.
Naiz, the character under your control starts the story by finding a ruined village, and goes to investigate. After a misunderstanding and a rough encounter, Naiz makes some friends who help him on his journey to discover who is behind the attacks.
Naiz goal is to stop the evil demons from destroying more innocent villages and taking control of the world! As the game is started a cut scene begins with a quick overview of the game and a brief introduction to the main characters.
The video game has a classic anime style to it with lots of bright colours and precise detail to the portraits and creatures. The main menu will be displayed after the animation and four options will be available. Spectral Souls Review

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monkey Bowl

Monkey Bowl is great action packed game, arcade style, which will keep you glued to your droid handset for ages.
The story behind the game is about game tester monkey who goes out to eat during his lunch break. You get to throw bananas at them to send them back. If you miss or are slow, they throw rocks and bombs at you. Download app here!
The game starts with a very cute intro, which kids simply adore, but the game itself is pretty challenging so I do not recommend it for toddlers, but kids can manage it well (mine did so can yours).
You can skip the intro if you want to start the game without viewing the intro and get to your game quickly. The aim of the game is hit monkeys that approach your banana stand. You get three kinds of banana crates to deal with the coming monkeys with different speeds and powers.
As the game progresses, you get to use the banana options. The game’s pace increases from few monkeys approaching at the beginning to a wild frenzy attacking you with rocks and bombs, which makes it really challenging to play. Monkey Bowl Review

Car Service

Car Service is a time-management game that allows you to build up a complete car service centre. Download app here!
Your job is to help Kate, the woman who just bought the car service station, to direct her customers to the correct parts of the services. There are five different car services to choose from and only a limited amount of time to organise all of the customers before they drive off.
It is fairly straight forward on the beginning levels, cars come one at a time and only a few options are available for you to choose from. Help Kate by dragging each car to the appropriate area and use the control panel to initialise the action.
When the job has been completed drag the car to the next area required. Finish by taking the car to the check-out booth to get payment from the customer. Each level has a different requirement to succeed; it increases in difficulty each time.
Before the level begins the app will show the goals for the level and the time limit that has been allocated. The level is completed when all of the goals have been accomplished within the timeframe. If the goals are not met the level is failed and the user will have to retry. Car Service Review 

Dizzy Bunny Wings

It is a cartoon style game that gives you control of a skiing bunny rabbit. As the rabbit you have to ski away from the big bad wolf, collect as many carrots as possible and use the terrain to gain high jumps and speed. When you open the application you will be greeted with a colourful screen, a pink rabbit and an evil looking wolf. Download app here!
It looks like a shopping trolley icon at the bottom of the page, as you can probably guess; there are also purchasable items in this section of the app. Now your character is setup and ready to go! To start the game press the play icon that has been chiselled out of the ice block on the main menu.
You will be given a choice of stages. To start with there is only a single stage available. More courses can be unlocked as you gain RP (Rabbit Points), this is the in-game points system. Spend these points to unlock new courses and other items in the shopping menu.
As the stage is selected from the list of available options the game will take you to the starting area. Your rabbit will be sitting on a large rock. To start, tap the screen. The rabbit will launch itself off the rock and start to ski along the surface. Dizzy Bunny Wings Review

Tiny Rider

Tiny Rider is an awesome flying game designed that tests your reaction time and accuracy. It is great fun for all of the family and is suitable for children and adults alike. The simple controls and cartoon style graphics make it very appealing to all players eager to take part in flying games. Download app here!
As the application is first opened the user is prompted to choose a type of aircraft they wish to start with. There is a choice of six aircraft, ranging from jumbo jets to bi-planes.
Each aircraft has a bonus, for example the jet has high speed. On the other hand there is always an adverse side effect, for example, large fuel consumption. As the player cycles through the planes they have to decide what they think is best, or just go for their favourite aeroplane!
If the player wants to buy a different aircraft at a later stage they can. All of the vehicles are available to purchase with in-game gold via the ‘plane’ tab in the store. Once the plane has been selected the app will automatically take you to the upgrade screen and award you with some in-game gold to spend.
Tiny Rider is a relaxing game to play and the top gamers can also compete via the scoreboard in the Game Centre. Tiny Rider Review

Star Splitter 3D

Star Splitter 3D is the newest addition to the list of fascinating games that can run on the Android based devices. This action arcade game surely deserves a place on every Android device, phone or tablet, because it offers exciting times beyond imagination, which will leave the players in a complete state of thrill. Download app here!
The features of the game brilliantly mixes all the aspects of the arcade and shooting games, and renders the best way to challenge the gaming skills of the player. The storyline of Star Splitter 3D is thrilling.
The game starts with the player being a space ranger, whose job is to protect humanity from the outer space invasions and threats. The space ranger receives mission orders from the secret agencies and mega corporations, who are trying to battle the alien attacks and saving humanity.
The main excitement of the game is the functions which are easy, but are hard and challenging to control. These controls require high amount of skills from the gamers, which is the main goal of Star Splitter 3D.
Incredible special effects hook the gamer, and oblige them to continue playing. Every character, spaceship, armor, weapon and the environment of the game is designed uniquely and masterfully to capture the interest of the players. Star Splitter 3D Review

Soldiers of Glory Modern War

Modern War is a graphical military game for Android devices that allows players to enter a world of military might where they can take over the world as a legendary commander. Download app here!
The game tasks you with building up your base so that you can complete progressively more challenging missions and even take on other players around the world. The game first has you select a location on the map where you will begin your military career.
With over 100 units to take advantage of, 60 buildings to use, 30 areas to check out and well over 300 missions to complete, this game can keep players engaged for days.
The first time you play, an in-game tutorial will automatically come up to help you out as you build your first turrets and get going. Turrets and other resources cost money, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen so you can quickly see how much you have to spend at all times. You can also fast forward the game, take screenshots at any time, or use the in-game menu if needed. The touch controls are very accurate and responsive.
A game like Modern War is perfect for a touchscreen device. Selecting units and placing them by dragging your finger works wonderfully, and the game's progressive increases in difficulty allow players to get used to the game's mechanics and strategies before being overwhelmed with hard challenges. Soldiers of Glory Modern War Review

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glass Tower 3+

In Glass Tower 3+, your goal is to break all of the game's blue blocks while preserving as many red blocks as you can. Download app here!
This is difficult because the blocks are stacked on one another, and breaking some can lead to others falling and cracking realistically. You want to achieve the highest score that you can, and broke blue blocks add to your score, while broken red blocks subtract from it.
Other blocks are introduced later to the game to add more strategy and fun, including black blocks, which are indestructible, and metal blocks, which are also indestructible and connected via a chain. Another block type which shows up and adds to your strategic choices is the green block.
As you play, the game's relaxing, almost futuristic music provides an ambient effect without becoming annoying or taking your mind off of what you are doing. Similarly futuristic, soothing voices congratulate you when you accomplish a perfect game or a new high score on a level.
It's a must download game for those who enjoy puzzles or who just want some quick enjoyment on the go. Glass Tower 3+ Review

Driftkhana Freestyle Drift

Driftkhana is a freestyle car driving game where players can drift around turns and do different stunts in dynamic fashion. Download app here!
The object in this game is not to score points or race around a course as fast as you can, but instead simply to have a great time.
Thankfully, this game gives you all of the tools that you need to do just that, with a huge open area that appears to be a long abandoned military base in the desert somewhere. There are many objects around that can be customized and moved so that you can do sweet stunts, such as ramps of different sizes, huge road cones, bouncy beach balls, and others.
This game obviously was the result of a lot of hard work by the developer, Rumbl Media. It certainly shows because of the game's very impressive graphics, incredibly realistic driving physics and visual effects, such as smoke from your tires as you drift around the course like something out of a Fast and the Furious movie.
You can even customize the amount of smoke and other similar effects to your liking. Making the experience even more cinematic and customizable are the multiple camera views that can easily be selected and changed on a whim by players to make the game more enjoyable for them. Driftkhana Freestyle Drift Review

Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom is an enchanting, addictive online strategy game that tasks you with succeeding in a world where flesh-eating dragons, greedy pirates, and fierce warriors fight to take what they want. Download app here!
In this fun game, you get to play alongside others just like you as you strive to build your kingdom to be the best you can be.
You start out by naming your hero and selecting a portrait for them (male or female are available) before embarking upon the creation of your kingdom.
This is a very deep game, but you will learn the ropes quickly via a well done tutorial that takes you through everything you need to know and rewards you handsomely for your efforts to get you going. Even after the tutorial is over, in-game hints will pop up at opportune times to help you with your next move from time to time or explain new events and game mechanics.
Your community maintains a balance of resources, such as wood and ore, which help you to build things and upgrade your buildings as you progress. The game is structured nicely with quests that are easily accessed through the game's Quest menu. Dragon Kingdom Review

Block Story

As soon as I began to play this game I was immediately struck by the stunning visuals. The graphics were absolutely out of this world. I was very impressed by the high quality of them. The colours were bold and vibrant and the graphics were so realistic that they created the feeling of actually drawing you into the game. They really are breath taking. Download app here!
The scenes created were outstanding. I was really impressed with the wide variety of landscapes which ranged from cliffs and mountains to beautiful forests.
Moving away from the graphics the game itself and content were equally impressive. I did feel the game could be put into the genre of other games on the market such as Mine Craft, however this game has more than enough about it to stand alone as a good quality enjoyable game.
If you like mission games which have a lot of challenges and strategic thinking required then you will really enjoy this game. The aim is to take part in numerous different missions in order to build up y our strength and armoury.
Once I started this game I could not put it down as the content was so vast. There was just so much to explore and not once did I find myself getting bored. I could have played none stop it was that enjoyable. Block Story Review

Xelorians Space Shooter

In Xelorians, you play as a pilot helming a hybrid spacecraft that is designed to help resist and prevent the imminent attack on Earth by the Xelorians, an alien species that mankind first came into contact with in 2037. Download app here!
After coming into contact with them during exploration, a war quickly broke out as the Xelorians were uninterested in diplomacy and took military action against our planet.
In this game, you are thrust into the conflict as the story evolves and you fight to save mankind from utter extinction. When you play Xelorians, you pilot your ship by simply placing your finger on the screen and moving wherever you want your ship to move.
Meanwhile, enemies emerge from off-screen at the top of the screen and come downward toward you, shooting bullets and missiles. You must evade them and their attacks as you counter-attack. Fortunately, your ship is always firing in Xelorians, so all you have to worry about is evading attacks and steering your spacecraft. Xelorians Space Shooter Review

SpotMe Payments

If like me you often have trouble keeping on top of your finances, working out what you have spent, who you owe money too and who owes you money then this app is great for you. As soon as I began to navigate this app I could instantly see how useful it could be and also in so many different situations. Download app here!
I have often been out with friends and during the course of the evening lent a friend some money to pay for a cab or additional drinks and then forgot about it the following day.
This app will immediately let you input that information so you can see and keep track of who owes you money and for what reason. The app does a lot more than that however. If you lend money from a friend or they cover a bill for you, then you can input how much this is, state which friend you owe money too and the reason why.
You can keep track on the amounts of money you are owed or see how much you out. One feature I was particularly impressed with was the fact that if like me you feel uncomfortable asking people to pay back money that they owe you then you can simply remind them with one of the great features on this app.
This is a fantastic little app which I for one will be using on a regular basis and certainly recommend it. SpotMe Payments Review

My Singing Monsters

As soon as I started to make my round around this app I loved it instantly and knew that this was one of those apps which I would soon become addicted too and not be able to put down. Immediately I was taken aback by the lovely cute little monsters which featured in this app. Download app here!
The illustrations are well designed and very appealing to young and old players alike. Rather than being scary monsters they are actually very cute monsters which you can’t take your eyes off.
The content of this app is basically that the player has to collect numerous different types of monsters all of which have to be well cared for. Monsters can also be bred so the player can have new ones too.
I really liked this about the app as it provided a really good element of surprise as I never knew what I was going to end up with. I was rarely disappointed and fell in love with the new little monsters which I had bred.
Each of the monsters sing and I found their singing talents absolutely amazing. The music just complimented the game perfectly. The monsters are situated on different islands and again the graphics are fabulous and well designed.
Overall, this is a fabulous little app which I would highly recommend. It is suitable for both young and old alike and has great graphics, music and content. My Singing Monsters Review

Mars Quest

If you are a fan of quirky retro games then you will love this. The game itself is a remake of a 1980’s game which was made for the C64. It was a very popular game back then so it is great to see a remake of it now. Download app here!
Immediately I was blown away with the clever graphics of this game. They stuck to the true genre of the original game with the graphics they used and I felt I really was playing an old school game. The graphics in addition to the writing used were very similar to that of the original game.
The aim of the game involves the player taking on the role of an astronaut, complete in space man outfit, and try to get him from stage to stage without coming to any harm. The game can be quite testing and in addition to trying to get a high score the player has to keep the astronaut safe by keeping out of the way of various different aliens and obstacles which try and get in his way.
In order to succeed the player will need to think quite strategically in order to succeed and progress to the next stage. At first I found the game quite manageable but as the game progresses going from stage to stage they started to increase in speed making them much harder. Mars Quest Review

Monday, September 17, 2012

Three Kingdoms Heroes

Three Kingdoms Heroes is an epic strategy game that allows you to use strategy and cunning to become the a hero and a legend. Download app here!
You play as a character who is lost in a time of turmoil, tyranny, and betrayal. Civil wars are common, officials are corrupt, and loyalty is low.
The public's morale is at rock bottom, and your character has come out of a life of seclusion and solitude in order to step up and replace the emperor who has just died.
Your goal is to introduce stability and leadership to a land that desperately needs it. Right away, you will notice the music of the game, which is epic and adventurous, foretelling the grand adventures still to come.
At first, you will select a country from three options- Wei, Shu, and Wu. Each has a special advantage in either productivity, mission capability, or battle, respectively. Then, you name your emperor and choose from over a dozen different portraits portraying both men and women to give your hero a face to go with the name. Three Kingdoms Heroes

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lexathon word jumble

Lexathon is an innovative, diverting word game that you can play and enjoy on your Android device. Xandar Mob has just released new version of great word jumble game. Download app here!
In Lexathon, you are given a simple task. Out of a 3x3 grid of letters (nine letters in all), you need to make as many words of four or more letters as you can, and as quickly as possible. However, the brilliant twist comes in how you must use the letters.
In Lexathon, you have sixty seconds to make as many words as you can. Fortunately, whenever you find a word that qualifies according to the rules given above, you earn an extra twenty seconds that gets added to the clock as it continues to run down.
Your round can end in only two ways. First, you can run out of time, if you go long enough without being able to add new words to your ever-growing list. Second, you can simply give up if you know you cannot think of any more words to make, but you do not want to simply wait for the time to run out. You'll have a great time comparing scores with friends and challenging others to beat your best efforts. Lexathon word jumble Review

Hello Kitty Coffee

Hello Kitty Coffee is a fun coffee shop and bakery game that includes the adorable Hello Kitty characters to maximize the fun. Download app here!
In this game, you want to have the best coffee shop and bakery possible so that you can improve your facilities and satisfy your growing number of customers.
The adorable, vibrant design includes lots of bright pastel colors and plenty of happy customers milling about that will always bring a smile to your face.
The delightful music only works to complete the effect, and this game will put you in a good mood whenever you play it. In the coffee shop, you make coffee and other drinks as well as baked goods for your customers to enjoy.
At first, you start off making basic coffee and cheesecake, but as you earn experience you can learn other recipes, such as juices and cookies. You easily use the user-friendly touchscreen interface to select the object (such as the coffee pot) you need and then choose to either insta-cook the item or let it take its time being prepared.
Hello Kitty Coffee is easy to play, but also enjoyable in that you can customize so many different things once you get started. In fact, once you get started playing this addictive game, you will simply not want to stop as you stick around to sell a few more juice drinks or bake a few more cookies. Hello Kitty Coffee Review


Unolingo is an exciting new spin on the well-worn crossword puzzle genre that will have players addicted within minutes. Download app here!
In Unolingo, you are presented with what appears to be a classic style crossword puzzle. In usual crossword puzzle fashion, some of the letters will already be filled in, while others will be awaiting you to fill them in.
However, that's where the similarities end and this game's brilliant innovations begin. See, in Unolingo, there are exactly 26 letters in each puzzle remaining to be filled in- one for every letter of the alphabet.
On the bottom of your screen, below the puzzle itself, you will see the alphabet laid out in good-sized squares that are easy to tap quickly with your finger. Some of the letters will be grayed out, indicating that they have already been used.
Unolingo is very easy to learn, but can be very challenging at the hardest levels for those who really like to work their brains playing word and puzzle games. At the same time, the easier levels are relaxing and can be a nice way to de-stress after a long day. Unolingo Review

New York Slot Machine HD

New York Slot is a fun and addictive video slot game for your Android device. Download app here!
This game takes you away from your current environment and transports you into a glamorous world where large prizes are waiting to be won. At its core, New York Slot is a simple game, but it is very polished and fun to look at, listen to, and play.
The game's screen is very easy to use, as there are large buttons for spinning, playing the double bonus game, changing your bet, or changing the paylines you are playing. The game gains added personality from a playing card mascot (the Ace of Spades) who hangs out at the bottom of the screen and reacts enthusiastically to your successes and losses.
Realistic sound effects and music make you feel like you're in a real casino, too, especially when you get a nice win. The game is very deep for a video slot game. The double bonus game triggers after any win, and allows you to earn even more money off of your winnings. New York Slot Machine HD Review

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Bubblin is one of those annoyingly addictive games that you start playing ‘just for five minutes’ and only realise the time an hour later. Download app here!
The game is designed to be played holding the phone face up using the inbuilt tilt function to move around the screen. The basic concept is to ensure your bubble dodges the red spikes and collects the blue bubbles.
To get top scores and achieve higher ranks you will need to buy (with in-game money) upgrades of various types. When the game is opened the main screen has five options.
A mute button, this can be used to turn sound instantly on and off, to adjust the sound level you will need to use the device controls, a help button, this gives a very quick overview of how to play the game and is recommended for first time users.
The game centre button connects you to the Game Centre, where your high scores will get posted; you can compete against other players for the highest scores to become the ultimate Bubblin champion! The fourth button is all about the makers, BIVIS Soft. This is a very good game to play for fun and will keep you entertained for many hours at a time. The graphics are simple, but effective and the gameplay is very smooth. Bubblin Review

'dillos HD

‘Dillos is a crazy puzzle game which makes you think outside the box. Download app here!
Match coloured armadillos (‘dillos) to the appropriate squares on a six by six board. Various obstructions will bar the way in each scene and make it increasingly difficult to complete each level with a perfect score. There are a total of fifty levels and each area has new and exciting features that increase in difficulty.
Collect ants in each zone to earn bonus points and extra achievements. ‘Dillos starts with a small animation of armadillos living underground; they suddenly hear unusual noises and go to investigate.
A new petrol station has been built on top of their home! The armadillos decide to gear up and get revenge by sabotaging the gas station. Constructo Corp does not stand a chance with you as their leader!
On the first few levels armadillos will stop at obstacles and fall down holes on the map. Occasionally obstacles need to be demolished; you can destroy 3 organic (trees or bushes) objects on every level.
The graphics are very impressive when starting each new zone; a complete 3D area has been designed for the game. The gameplay is over a 2D style map with very detailed animations. ‘Dillos has some very impressive music and the sound effects are amusing to listen to. 'dillos HD Review