Thursday, May 29, 2014

Save The Blowfish

If you want to test your strategy and speed skills in a fun way, let me give you Save the Blowfish.
This is a really fun game that will keep you having fun all the way. Here´s the background of the game. There is this nice blowfish. The big bad gangster fish wants to eat him so he needs your desperate help. What is the main purpose of the game?: Keep the blowfish within the corals.
The small blowfish needs your help to stay inside the corals. How do you do this? Just swipe on the screen or touch the screen to make the blowfish move and keep him from moving away from the corals.

Artifice of Solitaire

Solitaire is perhaps the most famous game of cards which is played all around the world.
It’s an awe-inspiring piece of game where it tests your knowledge and patience. With the basic understanding of cards anyone can be a master of this game.
Designers of Artifice of Solitaire App were determined to take solitaire to the next level by training users, providing demos, making it available at finger tips and providing different types of solitaire.
I have seen my friends playing Artifice of Solitaire App, which inspired me to download it and check how engaging it was. Believe me Artifice of Solitaire App has some enticing mantras making me a fan of it.

Keith Kantor

Dr. Keith Kantor has been, for 27 years, an advocate of natural food and healthy living across the United States. He is the CEO of Service Foods, Inc. since 1994, which is the largest natural food company in the US. He has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science.
He has presented into many nutritional events and has been awarded with several distinctions, including a title of “Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist”. If you go ahead and check his website, you will realize that when it comes to health, wellness, and natural foods, Dr. Kantor has a thing or two to say about it, and when he does, you must listen. 


With NotesDeMusique, learn reading music notes (music theory) on a staff easily and have fun!
This musical educational game offers several game modes for you to discover or rediscover reading musical notes on a staff.

- 3 modes: Training, Game timed (finding the maximum score in a 1 or 2 minutes) and Survival mode
- 2 clef (Treble Clef and Bass Clef)
- 3 options (Treble Clef, Bass Clef and two keys randomly)
- 4 Octaves
- Play sound when the note is correct
- Vibrate
- Help
- Learn
- Option Reverse strings
- Option A/B/C Notation or Do/RĂ©/Mi Notation (in play menu)

- Save scores

Friday, May 23, 2014


Wordistic is a game produced by a game producer Mush Dev Studio. It is a one of a kind word game featuring superb sound in the background. If you are looking for a superb word game to keep you engaged all through the game, there is no better option than Wordistic. More so, this game can help you not only to make words but also to learn words.
The various features incorporated into the game such as online word definition, word suggestions, and real time word prediction can help you to learn new words with ease as you play it. In addition, the app keeps record of the word play you made with it in weekly, daily or all time formats depending on the setting you made. Wordistic Review

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki

Firma Studio storms to world once again with the Nun Attack Origins games. These wonderful games feature interesting storylines involving nuns and their fight against the world of evil.
The game is broken down into episodes each of which has amazing features. It basically involves four characters which are Eva, the sister of Guidance; Rosy, the sister of Deliverance; Olga, the sister of Protection and Mandy, the sister of Holiness.
A proper understanding of these characters is needed to understand the series of game and to easily play it. Eva, the sister of Guidance is specially gifted with Decoy with which she fights the enemy. Nun Attack Origins Yuki Review

BadBathroom beta

We have all been in one. A really filthy bathroom, one that totally violates the standards of cleanliness. The worst thing is that you sometimes find this in restaurants!
These types of situations are considered a felony and an establishment in such conditions is liable to sanitary regulations. Let me introduce to you an application that allows you to report a nasty bathroom online. I´m talking about BadBathroom, a beta application that lets you anonymously report a dirty or bad bathroom by uploading a picture to the app. BadBathroom beta Review

Rush for gold California

Who doesn´t remember California´s gold rush in 1848? Well, maybe you don´t.
Now there is a game that allows you to bring historical epic motives to this century. I am talking about Rainbow Games´s Rush for Gold: California. Get ready to have much fun in this entertaining strategy game that will keep you not wanting to stop. The main idea of the game is to have you build your own California town. So, if you’re ready for a little hard work, you are in for this game! Now get ready to fulfill your American dream. With stunning 3D graphics and 40 exciting stages, you will start getting your own gold treasure as you move on in the game. Rush for gold California Review

Astro Fighter Alpha

Don’t you like a game with a mission? My mind keeps triggering with - “Mission needs to be accomplished”. Astro Fighter Alpha App has the capacity to generate adequate interest in you wherein you dive with all your experience and expertise to make the “Mission Accomplished”. Assignment is to safely guide the Space Frigate Zeta through the heftily guarded Elrutian Quadrant.
Elrutians goal is to send wave after wave on their Epsilon Ramships to destroy you and rumble the Space Frigate Zeta. Let’s check on the functions which are so lucid that a kid can ponder and play. Astro Fighter Alpha Review

Heavy Truck Speed Racing

If you are looking for a Heavy Truck Racing app, then you are in the right place. Heavy Truck Speed Racing App will give the best of sensations you need in a racing game.
So please beware that this app will keep you busy till your battery drains out. Just to provide you more insight Heavy Truck Speed Racing App was developed by Gamayun Productions, who are the gurus of racing apps. They have around 10 racing apps in android Googleplay, which itself tells their base skills is “Racing”. Highly experienced and skilled team has put on their brains together, brought in all the lessons learnt and feedbacks from the earlier apps to give us this super special, obsessive Heavy Truck Speed Racing App. Heavy Truck Speed Racing Review


Mush Dev Studio, the developer of GeoSonic app is known for its creativity in app design but never has anything as amazing as GeoSonic app made its way into the Android market.
Android users have lots of edges over other smartphone because of this app. More so, iPhone and iPad users are not left behind in any way as GeoSonic is also available for the platform. This app can only be perfectly described with the word “creativity”. It is an app that brings together graphics, music and sound into a single piece in order to confer excellence. GeoSonic Review

Monday, May 19, 2014

Open Field Echo Sounder

If you are tired of the same old games that keep you sitting on a chair even when they offer edge-of-your-seat action but offer lot less than that, then this application is for you.
I am talking about Open Field Echo Sound. This great game combines digital with real world in an exciting way. The main target of the game is to race to GPS targets and it can be played anywhere in the world.
That is right, you merely go into an open field and based on sound only, you must locate GPS targets. Let me give you a little description of how it really works. You will find it pretty exciting. Open Field Echo Sounder Review


The popular board game that you played on the floor is now available on your mobile device. Carcassone is the tile placing board game in which you must build this southern French landscape by placing matching tiles.
This game, developed by Exozet, will deliver the greatest amount of fun within the board game. The virtual experience of Carcassone is simply fascinating, as you get much interactivity when playing against your friends online or with random players.
This game has the potential of keeping you on your phone with tons of fun. For those of you who love board games, this is the application to download. Carcassonne Review

Baidu Browser

The bad thing about most mobile browsers is that they use up a lot of phone memory, causing this one to crash and taking much time to load pages. There is, however, a pretty versatile mobile browser that gets the job done without using too much space.
I am talking about Baidu Browser.  Baidu Browser is a top notch browser developed by ranked among the top 3 search engine worldwide and among the top 5 websites. This mobile browser is one that will give you a great and fast browsing experience.
It is quick, light, smooth, and looks beautiful on your mobile phone. The browser incorporates loads of amazing and interesting features which make it quite exceptional and one of the best browsers for great mobile experiences. Baidu Browser makes browsing over mobile much more enjoying and interesting than with most other browsers. Baidu Browser Review

City Getaway

Allow me to present to you “City Getaway”, the fun and simple runner game. This is a game of a runner going through a city jumping over obstacles, but there is much more than meets the eye. It is sleek and simple, yet guarantees that you will get addicted to eat in very little time. The concept of the game is pretty basic.
It starts with this little guy running through the walls of several buildings. Your only mission is to tap on the screen to make the little guy jump. It is actually impressive how a simple concept can give you so much fun. City Getaway Review


Sometimes we find ourselves at important meetings, seminars, or even church services, when all of a sudden, our phone decides to go imprudent and start playing our very cool ringtone. Embarrassing moment! The best thing to do, of course, is to always set your phone on silent at these types of gatherings to avoid these impasses.
Well, how about not! Let me show you Persist Volume Control before you decide to trust your own memory into setting your phone on silence for every meeting you attend. From now on, forget about tapping on several buttons to silence your phone at important events. With this amazing app, you will only have to tap once on your phone and it will become silent. It is that easy. Persist Review

Friday, May 16, 2014

Colors Of The Mind

It is probably one of those times in which you have to make a tough decision that might affect your life for a long time. You are not sure what it is that you want exactly or what is your motivation for deciding things. We have all been there and know how tough that can be.
But what if I told you that, scientifically proven, there are ways in which you can bring your motivation from your subconscious and actually be able to analyze it and make conclusions based on it? Well, that and more is what you will get from this amazing app: Colors of the Mind. The colors of the Mind are a self-analysis application in the form of a game that will help you extract the information from your subconscious for you to apply it within your conscious being in order to make the best decisions in your life. Colors Of The Mind Review

Monday, May 12, 2014

DU Speed Booster Cleaner

One of the major challenges of cell phones is to keep up with the average user that requires a fast and reliable phone to perform from the most basic to the most complex tasks. One of the greatest problems is that most of the time a cell phone´s RAM (Read-Only memory) is packed with applications running on the backstage. In order for a phone to run smoothly, its RAM must be at least at 70%.
Let me present you the ultimate phone booster that speeds up your phone up to 60%. That is correct, DU Speed Booster will boost your phone and take it to the best of its performance. DU Speed Booster Cleaner Review

DU Battery Saver And Widgets

There are many applications out there that promise to save your phone´s battery to make it last longer. However, none of them will give you the versatility and power of DU Battery Saver & Widgets. This is not any battery saving app, it is THE battery saving application that will increase the functionality of your phone like no other to ensure that your battery lasts longer, much longer.
Let me tell you what is in the power of this versatile application. First of all, this application will ensure that you will be saving up to 50% of battery life. DU Battery Saver And Widgets Review


The basic functionality of Microsoft´s Office with the most important features can be now found in this versatile and comprehensive app: MyOffice. This is not only a Microsoft Office viewer, it is actually packed with many more feature that you will find very useful. This is Office right in your tablet or mobile device. With MyOffice you can create a document, edit it and work on it. It is all compatible with MS.
But it does not stop there. You will not believe everything MyOffice can do for you. So let´s get started. One of the things you will notice about this application is its sleek design and high functionality. myOffice Review

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ant War

Remember when you as a little kid had an ant farm and loved it! You are probably feeling nostalgic as you wished you could make one now, except that now you are afraid they will run away. Well, guess what? You now get a chance to make your ant farm and build it up, make it bigger, grow more ants; all without the fear of losing control!
I am talking about Ant War, a great strategy game that will captivate you and give you tons of fun. Start with a small ant farm in the backyard and build an empire of ants! So, as the slogan of the game recites, with Ant War you will build the ultimate colony. This game will get you hours of fun as you try several strategies to build your ant empire. Are you ready? I´m telling you, it is exciting. The purpose of this game is to make your ant farm grow. And how is that done? By harvesting more ants. There are several ways to do so. So you are going to start by selecting which is going to be your ant type. Ant War Review

Royal Hearts 2

This game is fun. Royal Hearts 2, by Jovasoft Casino, is a nifty app that is one of your better ‘while-away-the-time-while-I-am-waiting’ in the grocery or DMV check-out line.
Playing this game is a great way to relax when sitting at your desk decompressing between assignments while your desktop or laptop is idling.
The game is a five reel video slot machine that would be called, in casino parlance, a ‘win machine’. A win machine is one that pays out, RTD or Return to Player, at a significantly higher rate than most of the slot machines in any solvent casino. The ‘Taste’, frequent payouts to keep interest, is strong in Royal Hearts 2. There is no skill needed that I can discern in order to win, win a lot. It is a perfect pastime, with many bells and whistles, but cool. I love it! Royal Hearts 2 Review

Restaurant Expense Manager

This is the app you have been waiting for! Keep your expenses on the cheek all the time with the Restaurant Expense Manager.
With this application you will be able keep track of the amount you are spending on food and many more features you will not believe. Restaurant Expense Manager is a very easy and fast application that provides with a commonplace for all your restaurant bills. Its very intuitive inter phase collects all the information and provides you with the best data analysis for you to check. If you are thinking that this is the kind of service you could get by just using a calculator and some log book, think again! This application is not just a calculator, it is so much more than that. So much more! Let me bring it down for you.Restaurant Expense Manager Review

Kosmik Revenge

On Broadway, when an old show is restaged, it is called a ‘Revival’ as Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Of Mice and Men. What does one call a reworking of a classic video game; a video game that arguably did much to influence the video game industry and gaming during the late 1970’s through 80’s? 
Whatever term we eventually settle upon, Kosmic Revenge by ‘Real Tech VR, fits that description. That is what this well-crafted app is, a re-introduction of the great, 1978 video arcade game, Space Invaders as conceived by the brilliant Tomohiro Nishikado and with a touch of the 1979 video arcade game, Asteroids thrown in for a double dose of nostalgia and entertainment. The major difference I noticed was that when shooting at the ‘aliens’ and I would hit my own fortifications during the fury of battle, there was no damage to my barriers unlike the original game where one could destroy all of one’s protection. Kosmik Revenge Review


Please allow me to introduce you to a very useful app called Graycode. As you might know, Gray code is a binary numeral system in which two successive values differ only in one bit.
Changing two successive numbers to give the right combination is a must for engineers and scientists. So if you need to be changing binary numbers in the Decimal, Binary, Hex, and of course, Gray code, this is an application that will become your handiest tool. You know the problems associated with natural binary codes. This is that if, for example, applied to a mechanical or electrical switch a natural binary code will hardly allow switches to change in a synchronous way. Graycode Review

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Snap Challenge

Playing cards is a universally fun game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you have always enjoyed card games and consider yourself the fastest hand in the west, or wherever you are located at… then you will definitely love Snap Challenge. Snap Challenge is a fun and multiplayer game suitable for everyone. Get ready for some card game fun with this fast and fun game.
Once you have installed the app you will be asked to put in a username to enter the game. Before you get hands-on to the fight, it is suggested you get some practice first. Do so by tapping on the “Practice Game” button at the bottom. If you are not sure what you need to do, the concept of the game is actually very simple. Oh, but is it fun! It is basically very similar to the traditional card game “snap”. Snap Challenge Review

Thursday, May 1, 2014


"oO" is a minimalist indie "dodge-em-up / runner" arcade game.
In oO you control a ball as it moves around the circumference of interconnected circles. Tapping the screen shifts you from the interior to the exterior and vice versa. Features: Simple, addicting, mind-bending, with awesome ambient music. oO iOS Download  oO Android Download