Saturday, February 23, 2013


The days of tedious Facebook status updates are over. Period. 
Now it is possible for you to create status updates that do more than leave it to the imagination of your Facebook friends what your mood is. I am talking about a new app for the iPhone and iPad, that lets you create unique and stylish Facebook posts.
The app is called Hollanote, and it takes Facebook posts into a whole new dimension by allowing you to scribble your note using different fonts and colors, different backgrounds and avatars.
The app is quite straightforward to use, and fun too. Basically, all you need to do is open the application, which connects to Facebook, and then you choose a font and note style, type in your message and then post.
It is that simple. There is also the possibility to take a photo using the app and then upload that to facebook. The fonts used in the app are pleasant as you would expect, after all, the objective of this app is to let you post messages that convey some some emotion combined with style. Hollanote Review

Photo Covers for Facebook

California based Sprite Labs today announces the release of Photo Covers for Facebook LITE for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. 
Photo Covers for Facebook lets users create uniquely enhanced Profile & Timeline Cover photos for their accounts in a few simple steps.
Offering flexible editing tools and diverse design templates that enable users to beautify their profile & cover photos, the app ensures user’s cover & profile photos stand apart from the crowd in grand fashion with ease.
The app offers flexible importing and editing tools in unison with an array of beautiful design templates which together enable users to deck out their profile and cover photos to be graphically in sync with one another and stand apart from the crowd.
Eminently flexible, the app allows users to either enhance their Cover and Profile photos with the help a large library of pre-designed frames or get creative and create their own looks via the app’s editing suite by pairing together and blending Timeline cover and profile photos together or in sync with one another in any imaginative ways they can come up with! Photo Covers for Facebook Review

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Clansmen, get your gear on and be ready to fight, because the Dark Lord is coming and he has no mercy. 
A new game for the iPhone, called DragonWarz pitches you against hordes of demonic warriors with only one thing on their mind, and that is to defeat your armies through 10 engaging levels of gameplay.
DragonWarz is a fantastic new strategy game that matches you up against a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) that reacts differently with each game played and each strategy that you might use to win the game.
The fact that the gameplay never gets boring is a good enough reason to get this game, but that's just the beginning. Let's briefly take a look at how this game is played. First, like all good strategy games, you are going to need an army.
In DragonWarz, you have the ability to command either a group of hardy swordsmen, a band of archers or a brood of dragons that love nothing more than to make barbecue out of your enemies. Troop units have their own fighting characteristics that make certain troop units fight better against other specific types of troop units. DragonWarz Review

Friday, February 15, 2013

4 Pics 1 Word What's The Word

There are a number of picture hunt games available on the Google Play store, you know the ones, where two pictures are displayed, and you need to spot the differences. 
This is good for those of you who are eating your carrots religiously, but that kind of game does nothing for the cerebral types among us.
That is changed, however, with a new game called What's the Word, a game that requires to you use not only your eyes, but also your brain. Let's take a look at how this game is played.
The game is uncomplicated to play and extremely addictive. This is the kind of game that you will want to play when you have time to burn. If you are a daily commuter, this game will make the journey to and from work fun.
Beware through, playing this game will cause you to zone out those around you, because it has a way of capturing your attention for stretches of time during every round. When you first start the game, you are presented with a grid of four high quality pictures that contain different kinds of subject matter. 4 Pics 1 Word What's The Word Review

Playrock beta

One of the things that are truly great about the future of mobile technologies is the ability for new and creative app designers to take advantage of all these new technological features on mobile devices to make new and innovative applications.
One such application, now available on the Google Play store as a free download, is one of these kinds of applications that change the way in which we use our mobile devices for gaming and social sharing.
The app name is called Playrock, and it is a multi-player gaming platform that allows you to share your gaming experiences with those who are in your local area or vicinity. There are of course, many online gaming centers that allow you to post your scores to centralised servers and let you track your rankings, but this approach is at best quite two dimensional.
What is needed is an engaging experience for app consumers and gamers, and the day has come for just such an experience. Playrock is first and foremost, a place to get together with other gamers and play games. Playrock beta Review

TV Quiz

Knight Rider, Starsky and Hutch, Hawaii-5-0 and even the Brady Bunch. Other than these being classic TV shows from the past, what do they all have in common? They might be the subject of your next TV Quiz, a new app available for the Apple iPhone on the iTunes Store. Now, I have to admit, I am somewhat of a sucker for anything that takes me back to the past.
Playing this free game from the iTunes Store keeps me coming back for more.
Let's take a look at some of the features of this terrifically entertaining game that requires you to correctly pick the TV show titles from the past. The game lets you start off with instruction that to win, you must "Name the TV show title for each question" Ok, now you know the rules. You are presented questions in one of several categories, Quotes, Characters, Scenes and DVD Covers. TV Quiz Review

1 Keyboard

Finally an app that does just as good a job with keyboard management, as my swift keyboard app that runs on my Android phone and tablet. 
The app is called 1 Keyboard and it will revolutionize the way you type out your messages and other texts. I was a little skeptical at first because I have seen so many different keyboard apps on the market, but this app genuinely impresses me.
Let's check out together, what makes this app special, and why I think you should get this app from the iTunes Store, for your iPhone or iPad.
The first thing you will notice when you start the app for the first time, is the prominent red button labeled "SOS". I thought to myself, well I better not press this because it might call the emergency line, but all I needed to do was read the manual :)  1 Keyboard Review

Friday, February 8, 2013

Haloo - Live Chat, Dating

The one thing about social networking for dating purposes is that it's supposed to be social. I know a lot of people who have Facebook accounts, but they don't have too many friends, mainly because they're not getting out much, or they don't know whom to network with. Dating using social networking should be fun, easy and safe. 
What is needed is a way to integrate a social networking application for dating purposes and allow more control over how you communicate, while at the same time, giving you more options to meet people.
Well, the wait is over. There is a new app for iPhone called "Haloo", and it is designed for social dating, live chat, one-on-one or group chat and communicating with strangers in a safe and private manner.
Haloo Solves this problem by allowing you to lock down the information that is visible to complete strangers so that you can choose what information is shown, if any at all. When you first use Haloo, you are prompted to select if you are a male or female. Haloo - Live Chat, Dating Review

Pop Rocks World HD

Singapore, Singapore - SwagSoft, a leading iOS applications developer, is excited to announce the launch of Pop Rocks World HD – Music RPG Game onto the App Store. 
Compatible with the iPad, this wildly inventive new role playing music adventure challenges gamers to go from unknown zero to global music superstar!
Players can perform at shows to gain experience and cash, customize their wardrobe to look the way they want, battle other players for fans and coins, and much more en route to becoming the next big thing!
In celebration of Pop Rocks World’s release, the game will be available for download on the App Store for $1. 99 in the Simulation and Music categories. Three special edition costumes and 70 diamonds will be given away to the first players who sign up by February 17th!
Afterwards, Pop Rocks World will be available for free but these one-time-only bonuses will be gone forever. Singapore based SwagSoft today announces the release of Pop Rocks World HD – Music RPG Game for the iPad. Pop Rocks World HD Review

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Music Ride

Racing and pumping to the tunes along a 3D race track, created by the rhythms of the music itself, this is realtime racing if I have ever seen it. 
A new free app on the Google Play store is now available, and it is called Music Ride. Music Ride is a good name for this application because at it's core, it is a fast paced racing game where the racing track is created by the different beats in the music.
When you first load the game, from the main menu, you are given the option to start the game, view the leaderboards or set your options.
When you press the OK button, the game will start with you placed in a futurist racing vehicle. The music will start, and the vehicle will move on down the race track. Your objective from the gameplay standpoint is to collect the different colored "Rhythm" crystals that allow you to rack up points.
Gameplay continues during the length of the entire song that is selected for the race. When the song ends, so does the race. The racing controls allow you to press on the screen, either left or right, to control the vehicle. Music Ride Review


Spread is a Social Networking application that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This program needs an internet connection – either Wi-Fi or 3G and requires iOS 5 or later. Spread is designed to bring people and their interests together. It enables users to connect with others who share similar interests and discover what is happening all around the world. 
As the user opens the application they will be confronted with an ever changing mosaic of images. This looks quite overwhelming at first, towards the bottom of the screen are two options –Login and Sign up.
If the user does not have a Spread account then they should choose the signup button to register. Creating an account can be done in two different ways, by inputting the information manually or logging in via Facebook.
It is important to remember that Spread is a social networking website. If you have already signed up on the website – it is possible to use the same account for this app. Once logged in the user is taken to the overview screen. Spread Review