Friday, February 8, 2013

Haloo - Live Chat, Dating

The one thing about social networking for dating purposes is that it's supposed to be social. I know a lot of people who have Facebook accounts, but they don't have too many friends, mainly because they're not getting out much, or they don't know whom to network with. Dating using social networking should be fun, easy and safe. 
What is needed is a way to integrate a social networking application for dating purposes and allow more control over how you communicate, while at the same time, giving you more options to meet people.
Well, the wait is over. There is a new app for iPhone called "Haloo", and it is designed for social dating, live chat, one-on-one or group chat and communicating with strangers in a safe and private manner.
Haloo Solves this problem by allowing you to lock down the information that is visible to complete strangers so that you can choose what information is shown, if any at all. When you first use Haloo, you are prompted to select if you are a male or female. Haloo - Live Chat, Dating Review

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