Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ninja Volley 2013

There are a lot of Ninja games out there for the iPhone and iPad. The games that have a Ninja theme are normally the jump, kick and punch kind of game. But now, there is a new game on the Google Play store and it is something entirely fresh. I am talking about Ninja Volley, a terrific 2D side scroller with a few new twists, and unique gameplay. Ninja Volley 2013 Game Download
I installed Ninja Volley on my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone, and it is a lot of fun. I imagine it will run well on most Android devices, if not all of them.
The game is part action, part role playing, part fighting game, and each player need to customise their Ninja's with attributes in order to be the best. As the name suggests, Ninja Volley is a volleyball game, it is unlike any sports volleyball game that you have ever played.
When first starting the game, the player is provided a main menu that provides several options, one of which is a player tutorial. I highly recommend that you take the tutorial because there are a lot of activities in this game to be aware of. Ninja Volley 2013 Review

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