Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bike Extreme Free

Get ready for some fun filled, Android app excitement! I just got this new game called BikeExtreme, a really fun game, with excellent graphics. The game is a motorcycle racing game, where you are riding and off-road motorcycle through an urban area. The game is free on the Google Play store. So let's take a walk through, and see how this game actually performs. Bike Extreme Free App Download
The first thing to note is that the controls are extremely easy to use. You have controls in the left and the right hand side of the android mobile device that you use to play the game.
The game itself is played in a landscape orientation, obviously to maximize the screen real estate on your device. Once you start the game, you press the Right arrow key to move the motorcycle forward, after which you will encounter a series of jumps and obstacles that will propel you into the air so that you can collect coins for points. Bike Extreme Free Review

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