Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dog Sweetie

Dog Sweetie – what comes to your mind when you read this name in the games section of your app store? What kind of game it is? Is it good? What’s the concept? How are the graphics? Download Dog Sweetie
This game is not only perfect for the people who have longed for a dog raising experience, but is also a good one to try if you’re looking just for fun. After all, that’s what games are for. They ought to be interesting and entertaining and that’s exactly what Dog Sweetie is. 
Let’s start from the breed collection. You’re supposed to raise a dog by yourself in this game but which dog? What would the breed of the dog? There are more than 30 breeds of dogs available in the game, Yes, that seriously means you can choose your favorite breed of dog and raise it. Dog Sweetie Review

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