Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aircrobatics 3D

Aircrobatics 3D is a free game for Android devices in Google play. It is an arcade and action game with the motion control concept. It is a very simple game which you need to become pilots and control the flight or the airplane without being hit by various obstacles. Download Aircrobatics 3D
I can really recommend Aircrobatics 3D due to the basic concept in which all age groups can practice the motion sensor feature of this game.
It starts with very simple motions to prevent it from being smashed into walls, which are built in such a way that the airplane can pass the gapped walls. Nice and decent graphics with awesome music which is not too loud to scare the kids... But in the case of obstacles, Aircrobatics 3D can be improved by increasing the obstacles kinds to encourage more tension and the depth in it while playing. Aircrobatics 3D Review

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