Friday, March 14, 2014

Gem Zap

In a strange world mysterious gems are controlling time and space while you're flying with your Tesla coil equipped starship past the architecture of an ancient civilization. Gem Zap Download Move your finger or tap the screen to guide the electric arc of your Tesla coil to zap the passing gems.Instead to match 3, you have to zap 3 of the same gems in a row to get additional time. Zap 10 sets to reach the next level. Than further your starship gets before time runs out than more points you make.★ Zap 3 of the same gems in a row to get extra time★ Zap 10 sets to warp to the next level★ Fly as far as possible to get the high score★ Bonus levels★ Simple one finger control★ High voltage 3D graphics★ A different kind of endless flyer★ With an additional theme "Zap My Valentine" with lots of hearts to zap, including broken ones.

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