Monday, March 10, 2014

Flipping Beaver

Flipping Beaver! It made me flip and fly at the same time. Awesome quality, adorable character, improvised graphics, attractive and addictive theme, moreover very simple to play. Download Flipping Beaver
Yeah, when I first played this game it felt the same way of playing Flappy Beaver but when the stages being won it felt the other way. The Flipping Beaver was so adorable and smooth with improvised fabulous graphics.
Though it is a simple game, precise tap timing will make the beaver to suspend in the air cross over, in between the gnawed trees.
It is extremely addictive because when I felt the game in pause to do some work; my niece started to play the game in an easy going and started scoring enormously, of course she didn’t give me the chance of playing the Flipping Beaver again. What a tragedy it is..!? Flipping Beaver Review

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