Monday, March 10, 2014

Shuffle Match

Shuffle Match is an outstanding memory game, which motivated me by its very challenging memory puzzles. Yesterday, I really got drilled in my chemistry class and as usual started to play the same old running in the forest and fruit cutting game... Download Shuffle Match
But I got bored of those too, and started surfing in Google Play to make myself entertained by its huge collections of games.
At the start, it went easily with the kiddish memory concept and ended up to its extreme memory challenge intensity. Damn it!! Even after sacrificing the last two hours of my class, I still can’t win this game... Actually the truth is, a mistake is mine. I challenged my gangs that, I’ll win the hard play mode of Shuffle Match rather than selecting easy play mode. I'm still trying to get it right. So, there is no harm in Shuffle Match but in me. Awesome memory game to play and to have the silent thrill, your mind is going through with it. Shuffle Match Review

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