Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes

Though there are a lot of games in the App Store but the new Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes is really a wonderful game.
It is interesting and full of fun to act as the commander of Tiny Defenders of 34 kinds. You have to fight against the unrelenting, violent but humorous Slimes of 26 types.
I like this game genre quite a lot, and is great to play on iPhone or iPad devices. There are 50 great levels of this game and you have to make strategies for Fog, Day, Rain, Night and Grass land maps. You can enjoy the beautiful beach at Lava Sand and order the guard to look after the Ghetto town.
Unlike, other games, it is full of events and each level has variety of features. The game is more than just fighting; it has puzzle work as well. If you like to earn minerals or coins, you can answer the unknown words. Tiny Defenders Vs Slimes Review

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