Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bingo Bash

Well the title already says it, the game is about bingo. Who doesn’t love bingo? I know I do. The game Is not hard to understand and very fun to play. The game is all about earning chips and with those chips you can play more games.
 The game is free for everyone but you can choose to make a purchase for chips to continue playing. Like I said you don’t have to purchase chips to keep on playing, I myself do not purchase money on it but still having fun.
If you do purchase chips than I would understand it, sometimes it is annoying that you have to wait and you just want to keep playing. The chips are not very expensive so I would understand. Earning chips to keep on playing is not that hard so you can decide for yourself, go earn some chips or buy them with real money.
Like I said you don’t have to pay its your choice to make. This game will be fun for everyone but then I really mean everyone, this game will be fun for children but also for people who are 60+. You have to understand that the game would probably to fast for 60 plus people but they would be able to enjoy the game.
If you have lots of friends but you don’t know with who you can play, connect via Facebook. You can see all friend who are playing the game and you can even play the game with them. Instead of playing with yourself you can play with friends and try to beat them. It is a lot of fun so why wouldn’t you. The pop-ups can be blocked but would not be necessary because you won’t get much of them.
If you connect via Facebook, you will be able to get free gifts from your friends which will help get you more chips. I would recommend to start the tutorial to get to know the game. It is not like normal bingo but its advanced bingo. To get to know all the rules you should use the tutorial. It is easy to see which numbers are drawn , because they let you show the 4 or 5 last balls they picked. So it is your own responsibility to check the correct numbers.
When you play the game you choose to play with 1 card but it will be clear that the chances of winning are smaller. So you can buy an amount of cards you like to make your chances of winning bigger. This app is also to be found on Facebook itself, so you can link your account to your android or apple device. It already has 4 million people who play the game and all of them seems to enjoy it like I am. I would recommend the game to people who likes to play games online with friends or strangers. Who likes to gamble for fake cash and people who wants to have a great time.

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