Thursday, January 22, 2015


Instead of using Snapchat or a normal camera on your phone, you can now make a game out of it.
The USPLUS app is a game where 2 players make a photo of themselves or other things. The 2nd player needs to react on the photo to make a piece of art. The app is very original in the way they made it.
 I have never seen something like this app before and I think it is awesome. You can play different games with this app like challenging each other or going in pairs to make some kind of art. The app requires at least IOS 6.1 or higher which is a shame that older devices can’t use this fantastic app.
The people who will use this app is for the younger generation, it can become the new way of social media in the same way like Instagram. You can choose to make the pieces of art that you made to share on Facebook or Twitter or if it is to embarrassing or something like that you can share it via e-mail or in private with each other.
To use this app is not that hard, you sign up with a username and so does your friend or family. When the person you wanted to play with also signed up, you will send him a word. On this word he will give a response with a photo, when you see a photo of them you send 1 back that compares to theirs.
If you completed that it is called a pair. When you go on with the game you can develop more than 1 pair and that will end in a “set” which will be displayed in a column. After the “set” it will become a library and I think that you understand the meaning of how does this work.
It is a fun way to make photos of yourself with friends or others and share them. If you want to have some fun you just download the app because it is free. It only costs you 22 MB on your phone and it is definitely worth it. I think that this app is really awesome because you can make fun of and with your friends with a game. It has more meaning than Snapchat because behind this app there is a thought.
USPLUS is one of the apps that will bring you a fun time with your friends. I recommend this app to everyone with an Iphone/Ipad or Ipod touch because it is really fun to use it with your friends. It is free so if you don’t like it you can delete it from your phone.
If you have friends that use Snapchat or Instagram it would not be hard to let them use USPLUS because it is way more fun. The app is for everyone not only for young people, adults/ grownups can have a laugh too. The app can be used by everyone and that is so amazing about it. I am definitely going to continue this app and so should you.

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