Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Online Board Game From ‘Useless’ Titled ‘Be Diced’

Russian developer Useless has just released an online board game dubbed as Be Diced. It is exciting, fun and engaging to play. Players will be involved in duel by choosing their favorite dice.

Be Diced is equipped with simple rules to enable even layman smartphone users to play and roll for the win. Two attempts will be given to roll the dice. In the first attempt players need to throw all the five dice and in the second attempt the dice becomes selectable ahead of the rolling. Combination results of both are counted for win. The player who will get the best results of both will be declared as the winner. It is to note here two victories will be announced in each match.

The game is filled with several exciting features like it offers multiple locations and there are dozens of different dice in it to play. The game is equipped with modern graphics and delivers realistic physics. More to all these, weekly ranking of the best players will be announced too along with prizes for them.

Launched on 3 September 2016, the Be Diced game is currently version 1.0 and is compatible to Android 4.0.3 and above for installation. It is 62MB in size and children above twelve years of age are allowed to play. It comes free on Google Play Store and is offered by the maker of some of the best free games for Android devices including "I am a Hero," "Extraspher" and "Easy Pixel Hunt."

The game offers some in-app purchases. In terms of permission from users it will read phone/device status and identity as well apart from viewing network connections and accessing full network.

As the game has been lately launched, there is just one user feedback on Google Play Store about it as '5 Star.' However, it will be easy to understand whether the game will be satisfactory as claimed by looking at the feedback of other games from Useless. The "I am a Hero" has average ranking of '4 Star' from more than 600 users and "Extrasphere" ranks '5 Star' from four users. Just two users have taken the pain of giving star ranking to "Easy Pixel Hunt" that averages as '3 Star.'

Hope Be Diced performs at least '4 Star' in near future as more and more players try the game. Do share your own views and of course feedback if played it with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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