Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Betfair Sports Betting Game

This is a superior betting app. I've personally used several betting and gambling apps and this is the best one by far in my experience. It has virtually every sport being betted on today.
Basketball, Football (the American version & the rest of the world), Horse Racing, Tennis, etcetera and so on is all here to accept your wagers.
The interface is the biggest upside with the app versus other betting apps. Everything is clear and precise. Big letters, big buttons. You aren't going to make an error with this app. Any bet is clearly listed with the current odds and you will go through a confirmation process when you make your actual bet. As for the visual appeal of the app this is part of the difference with other betting/gambling apps. I
ts beautifully laid out although with the amount of information on any given page with all the betting options and odds one could feel a little overwhelmed by so much information on certain pages. The betting process is simple and largely self explanatory. You just click on the sport you want. Click on the event and odds you want. Decide how much you wanna wager. The lowest bet is $1. Than confirm your bet and good luck.
You are all done and your net worth might be increasing in a few hours or days. One of the above and beyond perks of this app is that you can watch various live videos of events. You can watch anything from Football and Basketball to Horse Racing and Tennis and even lesser known events like Darts. You can't really beat a perk like that on a betting app that is already better than the other competitor apps out there. All in all this is a extremely useful app for anyone who will be betting on a daily or weekend to weekend basis. The setup on this is just a superior set up to the clunky designs of other betting app options.
You will easily save yourself a lot of frustration with this app with frequent usage. A person who just occasionally places bets on their favorite teams/athletes will find this app useful in that everything is setup about as simple as possible with checkpoints to avoid errors. I have unfortunately made betting errors with other lesser apps with poorly designed interfaces and let me tell you nothing is worse than rooting for the other team or guy you planned to be rooting against due to this design flaw.
There are plenty of options to load money to the account to get you started and to withdraw money once you build up your betting bankroll. Its worth noting that right now there is a £20 free bet for all new customers once you make a deposit so you got a £20 no lose situation if you have never used Betfair before and I'm a betting man so I can tell you you can't bet those odds.

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