Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dragon Kingdom 1.5.0e

Dragon Kingdom is an incredibly engaging online strategy game which immerses you in a world of adventure filled with pirates, monsters, dragons, and more. Download app here!
In Dragon Kingdom, you and others around the world will all be building the best kingdoms possible. The game starts simply as you create your hero and get into a tutorial that will help you get the hang of things.
Even when the tutorial finishes, you will have helpful pop-up hints to give you the information that you need to get on your way.
The tutorial and in-game hints are very helpful, because while this is a simple game at its core, there is a lot of depth here. The help that the game provides keeps the game from overwhelming you and allows you to enjoy all of the features, instead of being confused by them.
Being a king isn't easy, and in Dragon Kingdom you will build lumber mills, farmhouses, a blacksmith's store, and many other places that will help your kingdom to become the greatest in all of the land. Dragon Kingdom 1.5.0e Review

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