Saturday, October 6, 2012

Angry Yeti

Angri Yeti is a great arcade-style adventure game for Android devices with addictive gameplay and cute graphics.
In Angry Yeti, you take control of (you guessed it!) and angry yeti who has witnessed a group of fellow yetis getting captured by a group of evil researchers. Download app here!
The yeti, accurately named “Moody”, was sleeping nearby and away from the other yetis, but now has decided to respond to the call of heroism in order to rescue his comrades. That's where you come in, of course.
As soon as you begin the game, you will see the opening cutscene that gives you the background on Moody's predicament. The graphics are very sharp and have a fun, cartoonish feel to them that is certain to appeal to players of all ages.
Angry Yeti combines the always successful combination of cute, high quality graphics and fun, addictive gameplay to create a truly compelling package for Android mobile devices. In the game, you will roll on the snow-covered ground in the Tibetan mountains while on quest to find your friends. Angry Yeti Review

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