Saturday, October 13, 2012

Future Mayhem

Future Mayhem is a fantastic arcade style side scrolling shooter for Android devices. Download app here!
In Future Mayhem, you are transported into the distant future, specifically to the year 2842. In that time period, large cities are controlled by powerful organized crime groups, which control the huge metropolitan areas from the relative security of their massive underground bases.
You do not play the hero; that would be too predictable! Instead, you are the main enforcer of one of the powerful gangs, and you have to settle a conflict.
See, the other gangs are disrupting the operations of your gang, which cannot be allowed to happen. As a result, you are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the problem for once and for all.
This is the compelling storyline that you are immersed in when you play Future Mayhem. Fortunately, the gameplay is just as good as the story itself, as you will find yourself moving around the detailed, futuristic levels and blasting away enemies with powerful weaponry. 
Your touchscreen device becomes a controller as the bottom left of the screen is used as a directional pad and the bottom right gives you three small, but accessible buttons that provide access to your small gun, large gun, and grenades, as well as melee attacks. Future Mayhem Review

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