Saturday, October 6, 2012

MissileSubTerror Wars

Missile Sub uses the two touch technology to control movement and fire missiles from a submarine at the same time. The general idea of the game is to destroy three waves of enemy boats and aircraft. There are a total of seven different enemy units which range from cargo boats to huge destroyers. Download app here!
New enemy units introduce themselves in each level increasing the difficulty as you progress. There are power ups and health crates that drop from cargo vessels to help in your mission to destroy the enemy forces.As the submarine you are situated at the bottom of the ocean and the enemy boats sail above. All of the enemy ships have the ability to fire back at you, so try to dodge the bullets and avoid getting hit!The aircraft and cargo boats travel at a faster speed and are harder to get as they move across the screen. Shields can be obtained by killing a cargo ship carrying the power up. It will put a bubble around your submarine, and whilst the bubble is active it will soak up damage and your health bar will not be affected. MissileSubTerror Wars Review

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