Thursday, October 18, 2012


The story starts…The monsters that roam the world have tried to survive peacefully without any type of conflict. Download app here!
It has a unique and gripping twist to the classic defence style game that is currently on the market. It has good sound effects; the gameplay is simple and appealing with good graphics and details. There is a good storyline to follow that reveals itself as the player progresses into the game.
They accepted that humans do not like them and live in rural areas to avoid confrontation. Slowly the amount of monsters living in the world begins to diminish due to humans capturing the harmless critters. The monsters retreat further to their small lair, where there final hope of survival lies - The egg of the unborn Monster King!
It is your job to help the monsters defend the egg and let it hatch so the Monster King can help regain control of the land. As the game starts it will run through the basics with a tutorial. This will initialise at the start of the game or when a new feature becomes active. MonsterTower Review

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